Fix Hulu Error 5005 in Windows 10

Hulu is a video streaming platform that runs on subscriptions for American viewers. From recent TV shows to online content, it streams on-demand video services. Since its 2007 debut, the streaming service has gained popularity among Americans and even Japanese viewers. Just as in the case of other media that stream live content, Hulu can also face some issues while playing certain media. Many users have complained about getting error 5005 Hulu saying your network disconnected during playback. If you are someone facing the same issue on your Hulu screen then you have come to the right place. We have a perfect guide for you that will help you fix error 5005 with easy and effective methods. So, let us begin by solving Hulu playback failure 5005 error and bring Hulu to stream effortlessly again.

Fix Hulu Error 5005 in Windows 10

How to Fix Hulu Error 5005 in Windows 10

While issues with an internet connection have been found to be one of the prominent causes as stated by the prompt error message during playback, there are a couple of other reasons too that can lead your Hulu app to this. These reasons are mentioned below:

  • Technical issues with Hulu
  • Server downtime
  • Problems with system settings
  • Browser cache or cookies
  • Outdated version of the browser

Hulu error 5005 is usually encountered when there is a playback issue on a PC. Also, in most cases, the error has been found to be reported on PC and Xbox One. Considering it, we have gathered some most attempted fixes for PC users that are mentioned below step-by-step:

Method 1: Troubleshoot Internet Connection

As error 5005 Hulu states that there is some problem with your internet connection, it is important to check your network first. You need to make sure that your internet connection is functioning faultlessly, and to do so you should follow the recommendations that are given in the Hulu Help Center which state:

  • Internet speed needs to be 3.0 Mbps for Hulu Streaming Library.
  • 8.0 Mbps is required for live streams on the app.
  • 16.0 Mbps is required for viewing 4K content.

Once the given speed recommendations are met, you can try to run Hulu and check if Hulu playback failure 5005 error has been resolved.

Method 2: Verify Hulu Server Status

The next method that can help you with Hulu playback failure 5005 is checking the server status of the streaming platform. There have been times when Hulu has shown server issues and if there is a general problem like this one then you can check the Down detector server status page for Hulu.

Check Server Status of Hulu

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Method 3: Restart Hulu App

If internet speed is not a problem for you then you must try closing the app to resolve Hulu playback failure 5005 error. Restarting helps in fixing slow streaming as well, so, you can try it by simply closing the application tab on your PC and then launching it again after some time. You can also try logging in to your Hulu account again to make sure that the error is resolved.

1. Launch the Hulu application on your PC and click on User icon.

Note: Check if you have received any alerts. In case an issue is found, follow on-screen instructions to fix it.

2. Now, click on Log out from the menu.

Click on Log out. Fix Hulu Error 5005

3. Next, confirm Log-out option.

4. After some time, open the official Hulu website in your browser.

5. Click on LOG IN at the top right corner of the screen.

Click on LOG IN

6. Enter your credentials to Log in.

Enter your credentials. Fix Hulu Error 5005

After opening your Hulu account, check if Hulu playback failure 5005 error still persists.

Method 4: Restart Browser

Another solution to fix Hulu playback failure 5005 issue is to restart the browser that you are using to run the Hulu application. It is a simple method but has helped many users to run Hulu without any error, so, you can try the same using the steps given below.

Note: We have shown Chrome browser as an example.

1. Close the browser on your desktop that you are using to stream Hulu.

2. Now, reboot the PC.

select restart from dropdown menu and click ok to restart. Fix Hulu Error 5005

3. Then, hit the Windows key, type chrome and click on Open.

open Google Chrome. Fix Hulu Error 5005

Now, stream Hulu to check if it is working fine now.

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Method 5: Clear Browser Cookies and Cache

If restarting the browser did not help you with playback failure on Hulu then clearing the browser cookies and cache can help you in settling this issue. This error can result from a corrupt browser cache and cookies which when cleared can help in resolving the problem. You can clear all the cookies and cache using the steps given below:

1. Launch your web browser.

2. Now, click on the three-dotted icon at the top right corner.

3. Navigate to More tools and click on it. 

tap on More tools and select clear browsing data. Fix Hulu Error 5005

4. Next, click on Clear browsing data…

5. Here, select the Time range for the action to be completed.

6. If you want to delete the entire data, select All time and click on Clear data.

Note: Ensure that Cookies and other site data, Cached images, and files are selected before clearing the data from the browser.

select the Time range for the action to be completed

Once cookies and cache are deleted, you can stream Hulu again on your browser to check if the issues have been resolved.

Method 6: Update Browser

The next reason that can be behind error 5005 Hulu is an outdated browser. Therefore, it is important to update your browser to the latest build available using the following steps:

Note: The steps given below are for updating the Google Chrome browser.

1. Open the Google Chrome browser.

open Google Chrome. Fix Hulu Error 5005

2. Click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner and click on the Settings option in the list displayed.

click on the Settings option. Fix Hulu Error 5005

3. You can see the Nearly up to date message in the About Chrome section if chrome is updated and click on the Relaunch button.

Note: If there is an update available, you will be prompted to update Chrome.

Update Google Chrome. Fix Hulu Error 5005

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Method 7: Change Date and Time Settings

If the date and time settings in Windows on your PC are incorrectly configured while you are streaming Hulu, it can also cause an error code like 5005 which is a playback error. You can set the date and time on your system by following the steps below:

1. Press the Windows key, type Date & time settings, and click on Open.

Open Date and time settings

2. Ensure in the Date & time settings window that the correct Time zone has been selected.

Time zone. Fix Hulu Error 5005 in Windows 10

3. Now, toggle off Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically options.

make sure Set the time automatically and Set the time zone automatically options are toggled off

4. Next, click on Change under Set the date and time manually.

Change the date and time by clicking Change. Fix Hulu Error 5005 in Windows 10

5. Now, set the correct Date & Time, and then click on Change to save the changes.

change date and time. Fix Hulu Error 5005 in Windows 10

Method 8: Change DNS Settings

DNS is an important tool in networking. It helps in connecting your system to the website by using the IP address of that website. In case the DNS server that you are using is resulting in slowing down your PC then it is important that you make changes to some DNS settings as it can probably cause error 5005 Hulu on your PC. You can tweak these settings in three different ways with the help of our guide 3 Ways to change DNS settings on Windows 10.

Change DNS address

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Method 9: Reinstall Hulu App

The last step that can fix the playback issue on your favorite streaming application is by reinstalling the app all over again. This might be the last resort for fixing the error but is without a doubt a very promising solution to the problem. You can follow the instructions given below to install Hulu again on your system to fix Hulu error 5005.

1. Hit the Windows key, type apps and features, and click on Open

type apps and features and click on Open in Windows 10 search bar. How to Fix Origin Error code 327683:0

2. Search for Hulu in Search this list field.

Search avast software from the list. Fix Hulu Error 5005 in Windows 10

3. Then, select Hulu and click on the Uninstall button shown highlighted.

click on Uninstall

4. Again, click on Uninstall to confirm.

5. Restart the PC after uninstalling the app.

6. Visit the Hulu Microsoft Store page.

7. Click on Get in Store app to open it in Microsoft Store and click on Install option.

Click on Get in Store app

Once the app is reinstalled, launch it and check if Hulu playback failure 5005 issue has been resolved.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why does Hulu keep showing error messages?

Ans. Repeatedly seeing an error message while trying to stream the app is that there are some issues with the device you are streaming it on. Also, other reasons like weak internet connection and issues with the hardware of the device can be behind the error message.

Q2. Why does Hulu keep pausing on my device?

Ans. The most common reason behind Hulu pausing again and over is location restriction.

Q3. How can I restart Hulu on my device?

Ans. It is quite easy to restart Hulu, you need to close the application and then turn off your device for a few minutes. Once done, you can turn your device back on and then stream the application.

Q4. Why does Hulu have so many errors?

Ans. Just like any other technical app, Hulu also shows some errors which are usually related to a bad internet connection, issues with the streaming device or browser, or issues with the app itself. You can simply restart or reset your Hulu app to get rid of errors like Hulu switch profile error or Hulu error 5005..

Q5. When I try to access Hulu why does it show the error?

Ans. Encountering an error while accessing Hulu is generally related to a playback fault. This is usually due to issues with the streaming device or the app itself. You can reinstall the app to get rid of the problem or restart your device.


Hulu is a great platform to watch new web series, recently aired TV content, and online content in general. It has become one of the most streaming platforms because of its amazing features. However, multiple errors occurring while accessing the app can ruin the fun of it. We hope that our guide helped you in some or another way to resolve error 5005 Hulu on your system. If it did, then let us know which one of the methods was successful in doing so. For further queries and more suggestions, contact us by leaving a comment below.

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