15+ Best Google Keep Alternatives for 2024

Take notes beyond Google Keep!

As someone who jots down even all their ideas and thoughts, and prepares to-do lists daily, having a dependable note-taking app is a must. 

Although Google Keep has long been a popular choice for users who seek a simple yet effective app, as the needs and preferences of users evolve, so too does the demand for alternatives that offer better features.

We are going to help with that. In this blog, we have curated a list of the best Google Keep alternatives for Android, iPhone, and Windows to cater to all your note-taking requirements. Let’s get into it.

best Google Keep Alternatives for 2024

Best Alternatives to Google Keep

Up until now, you may have been using Keep Notes to manage your class notes or discussions during office meetings, and whatnot. While it’s user-friendly, other apps out there offer more features and customization options.

On top of that, many times users have found that their notes on Google Keep are not syncing properly, which is why they want to switch to a different tool.

So, we have compiled a list of some of the top alternatives, each with some distinct features.

Apps Rating Availability Price
Todoist 4.8 Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, web $4.99-$6.99 monthly
GoodNotes 4.8 Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, and Apple Watch & WearOS $9.99 yearly
Workflowy 4.8 Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, web. $4.99 monthly
Simplenote 4.7 iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, web $19.99 monthly
Microsoft OneNote 4.7 Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, web Free

1. Todoist

todoist homepage

Todoist is a well-known progress tracker and task manager app that offers powerful search filtering options that allow you to easily locate specific tasks.

One of the best things about this tool is that it features a two-column layout with a simple user interface for both web and desktop platforms. In the right-hand column, you can organize tasks using colored labels and additional details like the corresponding project name. Meanwhile, the left-hand column provides various options for categorizing tasks.

It also provides a native mobile app with a similar interface, though each column has its own view.

Another notable feature of Todoist is its ability to facilitate task collaboration and sharing among users.

2. GoodNotes

GoodNotes | Google Keep Alternatives

GoodNotes is an ideal choice for people seeking to take handwritten notes and manage them. What’s particularly impressive is that it accurately recognizes every stroke and allows for freeform writing akin to pen on paper. So, you can use it to write notes with your stylus.

It facilitates easy markup of PDFs and enables the creation of folders and subfolders for streamlined note organization. 

You can easily search for specific keywords or phrases within your handwritten, typed, or even PDF text notes.

Additionally, the app also includes a Spell Checker and Word Complete feature for both typed and handwritten text.

3. Workflowy

wokrflowy homepage

Workflowy is where you can capture, organize, analyze, and share essential tasks. As an alternative to Google Keep, it arranges your notes hierarchically which allows for an unlimited number of nested items within each topic.

Similar to Reddit’s comment threads, you can expand and collapse outlines in Workflowy. It’s easier to focus on overarching ideas or finer details.

What separates this app from conventional note-taking tools is its Kanban board feature, which helps you track progress on specific subjects or tasks with precision.

Moreover, it offers transparent lists with subitems, titles, and descriptions for enhanced organization. You can even incorporate hashtags and mentions to further categorize your notes.

4. Simplenote

Simplenote homepage | Google Keep Alternatives

Simplenote stands out as one of the most lightweight and user-friendly note apps available for Android devices. Its simplicity makes it easy to use without confusing people with unnecessary features.

Key features of this app include note tagging, backups, synchronization, and note sharing, all available with a free account. Also, it offers a passcode lock feature to protect your content from unauthorized access.

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5. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote

Alternatives to Google Keep are incomplete without Microsoft OneNote, especially for Windows. It also supports a wide range of touch devices, those with digitizer pens or styluses, which makes it incredibly convenient to jot down handwritten notes.

Due to its highly responsive ink, it is often preferred for writing. Although the app is a part of Microsoft’s suite of products, it can also be used independently on Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

You can create and use templates with Microsoft OneNote, label your tasks for quick identification, and also unleash your creativity through design.

Its powerful editor enables you to clip videos, images, and GIFs while sharing your notes with others.

6. Notion

notion homepage | Google Keep Alternatives

Notion is a one-stop solution for you to think, write, and plan. You can capture ideas, oversee projects, or even organize a mechanism to carry out their duties as they see fit.

As students, you can use this app to collaborate, share files, and interact through comments in real time. Moreover, it features several different templates offered by the concept.

In order to contribute material online, the program interfaces with a variety of apps. Some apps and websites make it simple to automate workflows.

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7. Zoho Notebook

Similar to OneNote, Zoho Notebook uses an organizational system that allows you the flexibility to create notebooks for various topics or projects, within each one. 

You can generate individual notes containing text, images, audio recordings, and sketches, facilitating versatile content creation.

One distinctive feature of the app is its Cards system. Rather than employing a traditional file hierarchy, notes are treated as distinct cards that can be organized and grouped within notebooks.

8. Bear

Bear stands out as an exceptional note-taking application that features a sleek design and intuitive interface to simplify capturing and composing notes.

It offers a variety of visually appealing themes, typography options, and even a Dark Mode that will help you during late-night study sessions with ease.

Moreover, it supports Markdown for formatting text with which you can add style and links effortlessly using custom shortcuts.

You can search for text within photos and PDFs across single or all notes. Additionally, you can insert sketches into your notes alongside text, photos, and attachments.

9. Standard Notes

Standard Notes is an open-source, cross-platform, and fully encrypted notes application that ensures maximum security for your life’s notes, ideas, and work.

As one of the best alternatives to Google Keep, it securely and smoothly syncs personal notes across various devices.

It is very lightweight compared to similar apps. Moreover, its file versioning feature enables you to access prior versions of projects or files, which is helpful when required.

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10. ClickUp

ClickUp is an excellent platform for crafting detailed papers, structured wikis, and collaborative checklists. Going beyond basic note-taking, it has features like auto-save, version history, real-time editing, and sharing options.

It stands out for its simple integration of information from other apps and text formatting capabilities using ClickUp Slash Commands.

Moreover, the app offers Focus Mode for you to concentrate on important sections of a document and threaded comments. You can involve team members in discussions by highlighting specific text lines and assigning them to others.

11. Edworking

Edworking serves as an ultimate platform focused on remote work. It streamlines task and project organization by providing a quick overview of your to-do, pending, and completed tasks.

By using the quick task feature, you can always edit each task you create, labeling and providing explanations or guidelines to help your team grasp the work at hand.

12. Obsidian

Obsidian is a powerful note-taking and knowledge-management tool that can help you and your teams organize their thoughts, ideas, and data.

You can manage your knowledge and interconnect their thoughts, notes, and information flexibly and dynamically. Additionally, you can create tags, search their notes, and customize the user interface according to your preferences.

It also seamlessly integrates with other tools such as Markdown, Git, and LaTeX.

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13. Nimbus Note

Nimbus Notes is a versatile app with a ton of features. You can use the app’s text editor, markdown support, photo and video integration, PDF attachments, web clipper, and built-in scanner.

Additionally, it enables users to create multiple workspaces, enhancing organization and productivity.

14. Evernote

Evernote is recognized for its reliability and functionality. Notable features of this app include the ability to create notes directly from the notification bar, save webpages using the Webclipper feature, and secure notes with a passcode.

You can also invite friends and collaborators, capture and save images, and enjoy various formatting options for text and voice notes within the app.

15. Trello

Trello is a project management tool that provides you with a clear view of who’s doing what and what needs to get done.

While its main purpose is to provide teams and managers with visibility into workflows, Trello also serves as an excellent alternative to Google Keep for individuals seeking effective daily task management solutions.

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16. Upnote

UpNote offers extensive features and an excellent user experience. It is compatible with all platforms, including iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android, and helps you stay focused on the essentials.

You can personalize your notes with elegant themes and notebook covers. It also offers the option to secure notes and journals for added privacy and security.

17. Notejoy

Notejoy helps businesses communicate, and create project roadmaps, blog articles, call scripts, onboarding materials, and other things.

Additionally, it promotes active participation across projects. You can customize syntax and keyboard shortcuts, create checklists, share code snippets, and upload images via drag-and-drop functionality.

18. Notability

Notability offers features for annotating PDFs and sketching. You can create hand-crafted notes using GIFs, websites, or images, customize their appearance, and arrange them as desired.

It’s a great tool for students using Windows to write, work on group projects, and more. As all sections within a note are consistent in this app, it ensures clean note-taking.

19. Inkdrop

Designed for Windows 11, Inkdrop is particularly powerful for using Markdown. To get started, you sign up for an account on the Inkdrop website, install the desktop and smartphone apps, and you’re ready to start writing. Organizing your notes is easy with features like notebooks, statuses, and tags. 

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Google Keep vs Microsoft Onenote vs Evernote: Which is Best for You?

To help you understand the differences choose one between Google Keep, OneNote, and Evernote, we’ve prepared a detailed comparison table outlining their various features and functionalities.

Apps Rating Features Compatibility Price
Google Keep 4.1 Notes can be color-coded for easy visual organization and identification.

Users can add labels and tags to notes to categorize and organize them effectively.

Includes a powerful search function that enables users to quickly find specific notes using keywords or filters.

Android version 5.0 and up Free to use
Microsoft Onenote 4.7 Add information from web pages to One Note.

Tape any session or set of notes by selecting Insert and then Record Audio or Video.

Handwritten notes can be transformed into typed text.

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and web. Free to use
Evernote 4.4 Available 24/7 on any device without an internet connection.

One can access future events, notes, meetings, and other information by linking their Google calendar.

You can use this tool to find out where the notes were made.

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, web. $7.14 monthly

We talked about some of the best alternatives you can use instead of Google Keep and now the choice depends on what you need and how you like to work.

If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to TechCult for more informative blogs.

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