Notion Cron Calendar App Review: Pricing, Features, and Download

Find out if this acquisition can challenge Google Calendar!

For a long time, Notion users have wanted a calendar system that works seamlessly with their notes and databases. Finally, it happened with the introduction of the Cron Calendar.

This new standalone app is designed to integrate with all your Notion data, making it the go-to app for all your needs. Read on for a detailed Cron Calendar app review to explore the new features and learn how to set it up.

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Cron-Notion Calendar Features Review

Notion Calendar is here to solve the hassle of managing several apps at the same time by combining both work and personal calendars. You can find and link all the important Notion documents to your meetings directly within the Calendar, without having to switch to another app. Let’s dive into the specifications of this new application:

  • You can check all your work and personal commitments in one spot by viewing all your calendars in Notion without switching between tools.
  • Also, you can block time on your work calendar for personal events by clicking on your calendar in the sidebar.
  • Notion Calendar automatically adds dated events from connected databases, helping you keep track of your to-do list.
  • Creating a new event is easy, just double-click on the time and date in your calendar. You can add participants, set up a Zoom or Google Meet link, specify the location, and attach any relevant documents and links.
  • Notion Calendar is user-friendly, and you can navigate it even faster with shortcuts.
  • You can also explore a variety of templates in the template gallery.
  • Also, you can sync Notion Calendar with Google Calendar to merge your personal and work schedules into one app.

How to Download Notion Calendar on Mac & Windows

Follow the below steps to download Notion Calendar on Mac and Windows:

1. Open the official website of the Notion Calendar app.

2. Click on Download and select Windows & Mac from the options.

select Download for Windows or Mac

3. On the new page, again select Download for Windows/Mac.

4. After the file is downloaded, open it and install it by clicking on Run.

5. Now, sign up using your Google account and select your purpose for using the calendar.

Download Cron Calendar on Mac & Windows

That’s it! Now, you have all the notion app features along with the calendar in a single app.

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How to Download Notion Calendar on Android and iOS

The Notion Calendar app for Android has not been released yet but it will become available soon. To set the calendar on iOS, follow the below steps:

1. Go to the App Store and install the Notion Calendar app.

2. Sign in using your Google account.

3. Provide the necessary access and you’re good to go.

Notion Calendar Pricing

The best thing is that Notion Calendar is free and available to everyone. You don’t have to pay a single penny to use all the advanced features of this Calendar. For more details, read our guide on Notion Free vs Paid: Which is Better.

Notion Calendar Drawbacks

Cron and the initial release of Notion Calendar have a drawback that they lack support for many commonly used tools. The application is initially available on Mac, Windows, and iOS, with plans for an Android release in the future.

Notably, it does not integrate with Outlook, excluding a significant portion of businesses that rely on Office tools. While Cron and Notion Calendar were designed with tech professionals using Mac and iPhone in mind, this might not cater to the majority of business users.

Notion Calendar vs Google Calendar

Some of the differences between the Notion Calendar and Google Calendar are

1. Cost: Google Calendar and Notion are free for personal use.

2. Customization: Google Calendar is like a digital version of a regular calendar. On the other hand, Notion is more like a digital hub where you can do many things, such as taking notes, managing tasks, and more, similar to a bullet journal.

3. Functionality: In Google Calendar, you can schedule tasks like events and mark them as done. Notion goes beyond this by letting you customize your to-do list. Each task is linked to its page, where you can add sub-tasks and assign categories. It gives you more flexibility in organizing and managing your tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Does Notion have a calendar app?

Ans. Yes, Notion recently launched a calendar app.

Q2. Is the Notion Calendar free?

Ans. Yes, the Cron and Notion Calendar is completely free.

Q3. What are good Notion Calendar alternatives?

Ans. Two notable Cron Calendar alternatives are HyperCal and Rise Calendar for creating meeting notes in Notion from the calendar.

Q4. Does the Notion Calendar sync with Outlook?

Ans. No, it does not integrate with Outlook, excluding a significant portion of businesses that rely on Office tools.

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We hope this article gave perfect insights into the Cron Calendar app review. If you have any doubts or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section.

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