9 Best Free Reverse Email Lookup

Contacting by email is not only a formal source but has also become a casual way to be in touch with people. You might be already used to receiving multiple emails every day. While some of these are actually important, others are nothing but a hoax. Getting an email from an unknown address or a suspicious email address can put you in a dilemma quite often. But not to worry anymore, because we have got you covered with some of the best free reverse email lookup tools that will help you out in knowing all about these suspicious email senders. In our guide, we will not only uncover some of the prominent reverse email tools but everything about what are these, why you need them, and their pros will be covered in the upcoming paragraphs, and also about Google reverse email search for free, so let us start right away with knowing so.

9 Best Free Reverse Email Lookup

Best Free Reverse Email Lookup

A reverse email lookup is a form of data enrichment tool that helps users to figure out some important details about the email sender. This information is extremely helpful in informing users about everything essential and also in determining if the email they have received is fake or trustworthy.

The information that the reverse email lookup tool provides includes:

  • Email sender’s first and last name (if any)
  • Full address
  • Phone number
  • Social media accounts
  • Photos

All these details are exceptionally useful in knowing all about a specific email sender.

Why is Google Reverse Email Search Free Used?

Apart from the beneficial use of reverse email lookup service in knowing all about a suspicious email. It is most commonly used for the purpose of marketing, background checks in case of hiring people, and routine risk analysis. Let us look at its use in detail:

  • Use in Business: One of the major reasons for using an email lookup tool is to check the background of employees or potential employees while in the hiring process. This is to make sure that the company has not received an email because of cyberstalking. So, in this regard, it is quite a handy tool for professionals.
  • Marketing: Another great use of the email lookup tool is made by marketers who often collect email addresses from potential clients. While many give genuine email addresses, some might provide fake ones or non-existing emails. In such a case, the tool comes out to be very useful in saving the marketers time and effort.
  • Risk Assessment: It is always the best option to look out for fraud when you are in a business. An email lookup tool does just the same in preventing your business from cyber-attacks and from any kind of fraud by a thorough risk analysis of the user’s email address.

What is the Perks of Using Best Reverse Email Lookup Tool?

While we have briefly figured out the reasons for using an email lookup tool. It is time to uncover some of the advantages that this tool comes with.

  • Qualified marketing leads
  • Helps develop the business by looking up to people with the same interests, making them approachable.
  • Benefits email marketing campaigns by increasing engagement
  • Helps in the recruitment process
  • Increases link opportunities, search visibility, and social media sharing
  • Provides protection against scam emails and phishing attacks
  • Confirms identity of social media friends
  • Verify an online seller or buyer
  • Helps in reconnecting people

What Does an Email Lookup Contain?

An email lookup contains a set of information that is quite beneficial. With an accurate search, you can know a lot about the personal and professional details of the person in question. Let us have a look at the information that email lookup can provide you with:

  • Owner detail is the primary piece of information that you receive with email lookup. It involves basic information which is associated with the email concerned.
  • Another part of the information that is received is social media presence. You can get hold of social media accounts and activities on them by the person.
  • If the data is compromised from the email that is being looked up, email lookup tools inform the user about it.
  • Other details including phone numbers, photos, and address are also uncovered with an email lookup tool.
  • Apart from all this, all the activities associated with email across the web are provided in the results.

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How to Choose Best Free Reverse Email Lookup Tool

Now that you are aware of almost all the aspects of the reverse email lookup tool. It is time to know the most important thing and that involves the best way to choose the perfect reverse email lookup tool. So, let us look at some of the important points that need to be covered to use your first email lookup tool:

  • The first point that needs to be given utmost importance is the need for an email lookup tool. You need to be aware of its use for customers, business personnel, or for marketing.
  • Another point that needs to be ticked off the list is to know how often you would need the tool. If the answer is almost every day, then you can even spend a few bucks and buy a subscription plan for one of the trusted and used tools from the list below.
  • The next point that is important is the accuracy of the result. While for some accurate & detailed results are absolutely essential (for marketing), for others, it might not be an issue.
  • Always make sure to use a legitimate and right tool for you which is legal for all the purposes that you intend on using it for.
  • One of the less talked about but again, an important area to cover is the fast delivery of results. While some tools provide instant results, others can even take a couple of days.
  • The last point that needs to be considered is the need for extra information.

Top Free Reverse Email Lookup Tools

Now that you are aware, reverse email lookup tools are not only personally helpful in many ways but are great for professional purposes too. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of the best reverse email tools to look up all the information about the sender with just a few clicks. These tools are extremely reliable. So, let us begin with our very first tool:

1. Google Search

Google Search

Google is undoubtedly the world’s most used search engine. You can do Google reverse email search for free. It is also one of the fastest and most convenient approaches to finding someone. As Google has access to almost all the data on the web around the world. It becomes really easy to find details and the whereabouts of a particular person.

  • It is an extremely easy-to-use reverse email address lookup tool.
  • It lets you simply type the email address and search for the results.
  • In case, the email sender has registered with websites or forums, you can easily find that person’s name and more details.
  • You can also add quotes at the start and end of the email address for more accurate results with the help of this method.
  • Quick results are one of the many pros of using Google Search.

2. Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms. 9 Best Free Reverse Email Lookup

Another suitable tool that can be used for reverse email lookup social media is the social media platform itself. Be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, all of these act as amazing sources for providing information about people. Accounts on such platforms carry details about a person’s education, job, date of birth, location, and a lot of other personal stuff which is quite helpful in identifying a person.

  • It has the ability to find more information about a person.
  • The probability of finding a person is higher.
  • It is easy to use tool amongst many.
  • No other tools are required, having a social media account would suffice.

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3. CocoFinder


CocoFinder is another commonly used and famous tool that is used for finding the identity of a person. The tool helps you in finding the email address for any domain. With over 300 million email addresses from all over the world, CocoFinder is a perfect place to start with best reverse email lookup. It is as easy as using Google search with minimal information. You can check out more features of CocoFinder in the list given below:

  • CocoFinder helps in finding the email sender’s first and last name, social media profiles, photos, phone number, current location, and more.
  • It is a super accurate tool.
  • This tool is perfect for all search purposes.
  • Basic features are free to use.
  • For advanced information on the platform, a fee is applicable.
  • It can also be used to check the information about your contacts.
  • It is a preferred choice to use as a tool to save email addresses from deleted domains and internet addresses for use in the future.

4. Email Sherlock

Email Sherlock. 9 Best Free Reverse Email Lookup

Email Sherlock is a Google reverse email search free service that helps to identify owners of unknown Gmail accounts or other email addresses. Just like other reverse email lookup tools, Email Sherlock also provides information about a person’s name, location, address, and photos. The platform is majorly used to analyze clusters in large email databases which further helps in email-based investigations. It helps to identify sensitive or classified information.

  • It is extremely easy to use Email Sherlock, simply enter the email address and press Search Email.
  • It helps in providing information on social sites linked to the email address as well.
  • The tool works by searching for the reputation of the email on social networks and other sources available publicly.
  • Also, this tool provides classified information.
  • It provides protection from fraud.

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5. ContactOut


ContactOut is another addition to the list of best reverse email lookup. This easy-to-use service uses the Chrome extension which helps you to go straight from a LinkedIn profile to email and phone conversations. As the whole concept of ContactOut is based on a LinkedIn profile and installed extension. All you have to do is to visit that profile and the sidebar will help you in providing that specific person’s contact information and official email address will be provided to you. Let us look at some more features of ContactOut:

  • ContactOut allows you to save your leads to the dashboard.
  • Data enrichment tools in ContactOut allow you to add contact information to LinkedIn URLs, email lists, and company domains.
  • It is the preferred tool for large volumes of data.
  • This is a great tool for reliable and triple-verified information.

6. Hunter


Hunter does the dual work of free reverse email lookup and email campaigns. This platform has a built-in email finder, email verification process, and domain search which helps you in notifying about the email sender and their whereabouts. Other features of Hunter include:

  • The tool provides a free plan to its users with multiple features.
  • Other features of Hunter include email validation searches, email pattern insights, and the ability to save or delete a suspicious email.
  • One of the disadvantages of Hunter is that it does not provide social media lookups.
  • Expensive subscription plans are another con of the platform.
  • Only professional email addresses are accepted on Hunter.

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7. VoilaNerbert

VoilaNerbert. 9 Best Free Reverse Email Lookup

VoilaNerbet is an email finder and lead generation tool meant for salespeople and other professionals. The tool helps in finding accurate email address information. As mentioned, the tool is extensively used by sales teams to reach out to reliable leads and is thus best reverse email lookup for marketing purposes. Other features of VoilaNerbert include:

  • Link building is one of the perks of VoilaNerbert.
  • Contact building is helpful in Content Marketing, Business Development, and PR with the tool.
  • With VoilaNerbet, users get a 98% success rate.
  • One catch with VoilaNerbert is that you only have 50 free leads on signing up on the platform.

8. Apollo

Apollo. 9 Best Free Reverse Email Lookup

Apollo is another common tool that is frequently used by many companies to find email addresses from LinkedIn searches. With just one click of a button, you can get all the lead database and save it for later use. This chrome extension had made the list of Google reverse email search free because of the easy-to-use ability that makes finding people via email addresses very convenient. More features of Apollo include:

  • It provides 150 credits per month for the free plan users.
  • It presents users with fresh and accurate data.
  • This is one of the best sales engagement tools.
  • It offers a simple email finder that finds the most accurate result for the email address.

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9. Pipl


Pipl is a reverse email lookup social media software that helps in quickly and accurately locating the address of the person in interest. It also provides details about the person’s profession and social information which cannot be found with every reverse email lookup tool on the market. Let us explore some more features of Pipl:

  • It provides accurate data.
  • It collects data from multiple and countless independent sources and then provides the user with appropriate results.
  • This tool provides protection against fraudsters and identity breaches.
  • One of the downsides of Pipl is that you have to add country code manually.


While we have provided you with legitimate, reliable tools, and free reverse email lookup tools list. There are many costly, inaccurate, and low-safety email lookup tools that need to be avoided for your own good. We hope that we have been able to help you in many ways possible, all given above. If you have any queries or suggestions, leave them in the comments section below.

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