15 Best Free File Hash Checker Tools

Verifying and ensuring that everything is kept in place is always beneficial. Especially when communication is based on pertaining documents, it is best to verify that the values are not altered and are genuine. For this purpose, we use tools called File Hash Checker to see if the file has original content. This can be also used to see if the file is infected, and is hence called a malicious hash checker. It has become a prime concern to all people and this can easily let you understand the integrity of the file or you can perform a file hash reputation check. In this article, we will be discussing various methods and tools, and a supportive tool for one of the common formats, which is SHA256 hash checker.

15 Best Free File Hash Checker Tools

Best Free File Hash Checker Tools

Here, we have shown the list of best tools for file hash reputation check in detail.

1. File Hash Checker

File Hash Checker

File Hash Checker is a Microsoft app that is used to calculate file checksums with MD5, SHA1, SHA256, and SHA384 hashing algorithms.

  • Verify if two hashes match by comparing the generated checksum against the previously validated checksum.
  • Integrate WebView control with the corresponding web address in the input box.
  • Navigate, compare, and validate files at a single app instance.

2. SecurityXploded Hash Generator

SecurityExploded Hash Generator. 15 Best Free File Hash Checker Tools

Hash Generator is an easy-to-use comprehensive hash generation tool and is a SHA256 hash checker.

  • Hashing algorithms include MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, Base64, LM, NTLM, CRC32, ROT13, RIPEMD160, ALDER32, HAVAL256, and Whirlpool.
  • Export a complete list of hash values to a text, HTML, XML, or CSV file for future verification.
  • The limitation is that single-file hash generation is only possible.

Methods to copy the text to the app to perform the malicious hash check:

  • Copy a portion of text to find the hash for the specific text.
  • Drag and drop the file into the generator and it automatically calculates the hash.
  • Add and use the Hash Generator option to the context menu to create a file hash in File Explorer.

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3. Nirsoft HashMyFiles

Nirsoft HashMyFiles. 15 Best Free File Hash Checker Tools

A product of Ever-present software developers, NirSoft HashMyFiles is a small, portable, and probable hash generator that allows batch hash generation.

  • Simple and straightforward to use as you can just load a list of files, set it to work for finding hash, and receive hashes for the entire list.
  • Hashes displayed include MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, and CRC32.
  • Manually enable Explorer content menu but cannot load back hashes into the program to re-check files.
  • Includes general file information for hash algorithm and can export data to a txt, HTML, XML, or CSV file.

Methods of adding a file to HashMyFiles to perform malicious hash checker.

  • Add a HashMyFiles entry to the context menu for easy access, that is, you can find the hash of the file from the location on the Explorer.
  • Add an entire folder, single or multiple files (inclusive of subfolders) for hashing.
  • Add running processes and wildcards with custom folder depth for hashing.

Other options in the tool to file hash reputation check include:

  • Basic command line arguments for general computation.
  • Other functions include always on top, extra file information, uppercase text, and sending hash to VirusTotal in the Options menu.
  • The Mark Hash in Clipboard option in the Options menu compares a hash in the clipboard with the files. All matched files are marked in green.
  • The Mark Identical Hashes option shows the same files in different colors.

4. OpenHashTab


OpenHashTab is slightly different from other tools in methods of operation.

  • It just adds a tab to the context menu and allows you to generate hashes by right-clicking on the file. That is the File Hashes tab is added to the Properties window. This is an alternative to the drag-and-drop function to transfer the file into the program
  • Generates hashes for MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, and CRC32 by default. Additionally, you can add up to 22 additional hashes including RIPEMD, BLAKE, and Whirlpool.

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5. QuickHash

QuickHash. 15 Best Free File Hash Checker Tools

Being an open-source hash generator, QuickHash is suited for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit platforms), macOS, and Linux platforms. Hash formats accepted include MD5, SHA1, SHA3 (256 bit), SHA256, SHA512, xxHash64, Blake 2B (256 bit), Blake 3, and CRC32.

The checking options of this fully featured hash generation include:

  • Hash an entire folder, single and multiple files, to hash a document line by line.
  • Compare two individual files, an entire directory, or files in an entire disk. This can be done by clicking on the Compare Two Files button, adding the files, and clicking on the Compare Now button. It has to be noted that comparing files in a disk can take a long time owing to the size of the files.

6. MultiHasher


With a wide array of hash generation and checking tools in a single package, MultiHasher is an ideal option.

  • Along with several hashing options, this integrates the malicious file-checking database of VirusTotal.
  • Drag and drop a single file or entire folder for hashing for a text string.
  • Generate hashes in MD5, SHA1, SHA256 (SHA256 hash checker), SHA384, SHA512, and RIPEMD-160 formats.
  • If the file hash is known, you can easily verify file integrity or perform a file hash reputation check, even if the hash types are mixed and the type of the hash is not related.
  • If a malicious file is found in the malicious hash check, you can inform about it to the VirusTotal using the VirusTotal query. For this purpose, select file hash from the list, click on the Tools option, and click on the Query VirusTotal option.

Note: For using the Query VirusTotal feature, it is necessary to use the VirusTotal API key which is generated while signing up for a free VirusTotal account

7. 7-Zip

7Zip. 15 Best Free File Hash Checker Tools

As a quick file hash checker, you can use the software, 7-Zip. The output hashes include CRC32, CRC64, SHA256, SHA1, and BLAKE2sp.

1. Right-click on the file, move the cursor to the Open with option and click on the 7-Zip option in the adjacent menu.

2. Select the CRC SHA option followed by the * option to find the hash.

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8. IgroWare Hasher

IgorWare Hahser. 15 Best Free File Hash Checker Tools

IgorWare Hahser is a small, portable, and easy-to-use freeware tool that can be used to calculate SHA1, MD5, and CRC32 checksums for a single file.

  • The output is downloaded as a RAR file and requires WinRAR or 7-Zip software to extract it.
  • For every instance, a single window is opened, and hence multiple operations cannot be performed.

Methods to add the file for file hash checker:

  • Browse for the file using the Browse button.
  • Drag and drop the file into the window.
  • Add a context menu entry and click on the Generate Hash option. Right-click on the file and click on this entry to find the hash value.
  • Copy and paste a certain portion of text into the box to generate a hash for that portion.

Useful settings of the Options menu in this malicious hash checker include:

  • Copy and save the hash result of the file.
  • Load the hash file into the program and check against another file.
  • Keep the program on top.
  • Make the hash values upper case.
  • Auto calculation after drag and drop.

9. HashCheck

HashCheck. 15 Best Free File Hash Checker Tools

HashCheck is open-source software that can be integrated into the file properties window, that is, a tab named Checksums would be added. The 85 KB installer registers HashCheck.dll on the system, making the resource very light. The Hash values in this hash checker will be for CRC32, MD4, MD5, and SHA1.

Other features and improvements in the original code while performing hash reputation checks include

  • Multithreading support.
  • Calculate selected checksums and add extra translations.
  • Sign the files using the installer digitally.

10. HashTools


Software developer BinaryFortress, a developer of shareware applications like DisplayFusion and ClipboardFusion, has developed this portable program called HashTools.

  • Add an individual or multiple files, or even an entire folder, and click on the appropriate hash type at the bottom.
  • Hash types supported include CRC32, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, and SHA512.
  • Add Hash with HashTools entry to the context menu.
  • To create CRC32 checksums and save them in the SFV file, click on the Create SFV button.
  • Right-click on the file and copy the hash or path to compare them with other hashes copied to the clipboard.

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11. ComputeHash 2.0

ComputeHash 2 0

ComputeHash 2.0 is a small and simple tool with no advanced features. This requires .NetFramework2 and works using the Windows context menu.

  • Hash formats supported are MD5, SHA1, SHA256 (SHA256 hash checker), SHA384, and SHA512.
  • Save checksum to the clipboard or save values to a text file. Selecting the Uppercase checkbox might make the values easier to read. Use the uninstall.bat file to remove the file from the tool.

12. VirusTotal

VirusTotal. 15 Best Free File Hash Checker Tools

VirusTotal is a third-party free analysis service or website to check the integrity of the file. This is created for the Information security community and you can easily find out the method or search engine used to analyze at the top of the result. Simply upload the file to the tool to calculate the hash automatically.

13. Solarwinds


Solarwinds is a free tool to get instant visibility into user and group permissions based on individual user and group membership. It quickly checks the user for group permissions for files, network, and folder shares.

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14. GtkHash Tool

GtkHash Tool page

GtkHash is a tool exclusively suited for Ubuntu and you can generate or verify checksums of various algorithms via GUI or Graphical User Interface.

  • Hash algorithms supported are MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, Whirlpool, Tiger, RipeMD, and HAVAL.
  • To install the tool from Github, use the following command in the Terminal, as given sudo apt install gtkhash

15. Hash Generator

Hash Generator. 15 Best Free File Hash Checker Tools

Hash Generator is a chrome extension with an easy-to-use utility for developers using PCs of cryptographic hashes. The method to use the extension for file hash reputation check is as follows:

The method to malicious hash checker value using OpenHashTab is as described.

1. Download the app from the website, install it on your PC, and launch it using the search bar.

2A. Click on the Browse button to search for the file.

2B. Drag and drop the file from the location to the tool.

2C. Select the text option and paste the copied portion of the text of the file.

2D. Open Windows Explorer using the Windows + E keys together and navigate to the particular file. Right-click on the file and click on the Properties option. Move to the File Hashes tab and you can see the hash values.

3A. Select the hash from a list of 16 different hashes and click on the Generate Hash button.

3B. If you would like to see other algorithms, click on the Settings button, select the hash type, and click on the OK button.

4. Click on the Compare a file… option to compare the hash value of a file to another file.

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File Hash Checker in Mac OS X Platform

For checking the integrity of the file in a Mac OS PC, you have to use Terminal commands. This checks the hash value or MD5 checksum of the file.

1. Click on the Applications app, move to the Utilities tab, and click on the Terminal app.

open Terminal from Utilities MacBook

2A. Type the following command and press the Enter key to check the hash value.

<hash algorithm> <filepath>/<filename>
  • For MD5 hash algorithm, md5 /Users/Downloads/file.txt
  • For the SHA1 algorithm, use shasum –a 1 /Users/Downloads/file.txt
  • For the SHA256 algorithm, use shasum –a 256 /Users/Downloads/file.txt
  • For the SHA512 algorithm, use shasum –a 512 /Users/Downloads/file.txt

For instance, to check the file named file.txt in the Downloads folder, type the following command.

2B. Use the following command to check the hash value for the MD5 algorithm of the file.

Downloads % md5 file.txt

File Hash Checker in Linux Command Line Platform

If your PC uses any OS of the Linux distribution, you can refer to this section. The commands given here are exclusively for the Ubuntu platform.

1. Open the Terminal from the main menu.

Ubuntu linux terminal

2. Type the following command to change to the corresponding directory with the file and press the Enter key.

cd <folder name>

For instance, if the file is in the Downloads folder, type the following command.

cd Downloads

3. Type the following command to find the hash value of the file and press the Enter key.

<hash algorithm> <file.zip>
  • For the MD5 algorithm, use md5sum
  • For the SHA1 algorithm, use sha1sum
  • For the SHA224 algorithm, use sha224sum
  • For the SHA256 algorithm, use sha256sum
  • For the SHA384 algorithm, use sha384sum

For instance, to find the hash value of a file named file.zip in the MD5 hash algorithm, type the following command.

md5sum file.zip

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Best File Hash Checker Android Apps

If you would like to check the hash value of the files on your Android phone, you can install the following apps from the Google Play Store app.

Option I: Hash Droid

Hash Droid. 15 Best Free File Hash Checker Tools

Hash Droid is used to find the hash value of the file by fetching it from the Internal Storage. The formats supported are:

  • MD Family- MD2, MD4, MD5,
  • Aldre32,
  • CRC32,
  • Haval128,
  • Ripemd Family- Ripemd128, Ripend160,
  • SHA Family- SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512,
  • Tiger, and
  • Whirlpool.

Option II: Crypto-Encryption Tools

Crypto-Encryption Tools

The Crypto-Encryption Tools app has a combined interface with host tools and utilities that can be used to find the hash value of the file.


The article explains the various file hash checker and the methods to perform a file hash reputation check. Please take a few seconds to tell us if the article has confirmed your expectation in the comments section and let us know of your suggestions and queries.

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