7 Best GPU Temperature Monitor Tools

To ensure longevity GPU temperature monitoring is an important step. Overheating can reduce the performance of your GPU and cause the whole system to shut down. There are several ways to monitor the temperature of your GPU.But, why is it important to monitor your GPU Temperature? To ensure the longevity of your GPU, monitoring its temperature is an important step. High temperatures can wear and tear the fans which can lead them to heat more and cause the system shut down. This will harm the life of the graphic card. It is also advised to monitor your GPU temperature while gaming as you will know when your PC is overheating and you can take a break from the gaming session. In this guide, we will explore the best GPU temperature monitor software. 

7 Best GPU Temperature Monitor Tools

7 Best GPU Temperature Monitor Tools

Monitoring GPU temperature while gaming can help you ensure the longevity of your GPU. If you are asking the question what is the best GPU temperature monitor tool then the answer lies below.

1. Open Hardware Monitor

Open Hardware Monitor is an old-school-looking software but it is as reliable as modern-looking software. You can keep the GPU temperature checked and much more like adjusting the fan speed, and keeping your RAM in check. If you are up for spending some extra bucks for extra electricity you can use those RPMs and play games smoothly.

Open Hardware Monitor homepage | best gpu temperature monitor

2. Speed Fan

Speed fan is another old-school GPU temperature monitor software that is a reliable solution. Apart from just monitoring voltage, temperature, and fan speed, this tool can also help to reduce the noise and adjust the RPM of fans.

Speed Fan homepage

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3. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner claims to be the most used graphic card software. It is the best software to monitor the performance of your GPU while playing a game including the GPU temperature. You can also use it to change your in-game settings or fan speed.

MSI Afterburner homepage | best gpu temperature monitor

4. HWMonitor

HWMonitor is another tool that is quite old but incredibly reliable. In addition to monitoring the GPU temperature, it can also help you keep a check on voltage and the fan speed of other hardware of your PC like the hard drive, CPU, and motherboard.

HWMonitor homepage

5. AIDA64 Extreme

AIDA64 Extreme is easily one of the best PC hardware monitoring tools available. You can monitor almost every hardware component of your PC. It is simple and advanced at the same time. It gives a real-time update of more than 250 sensors it supports. Monitoring GPU temperature is one of the 250 sensors it supports. You can also stress test your CPU and GPU for throttling and overheating.

AIDA64 Extreme homepage | best gpu temperature monitor

6. EVGA Precision X1

EVGA Precision X1 is the same as the MSI Afterburner except that it also supports NVIDIA GPUs. The GPU temperature monitor software is in the middle of the home page (first page). It also supports logging temperature data to a file.

EVGA Precision X1 homepage

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HWiNFO does more than just monitor the GPU temperature. It provides real-time hardware info. It uses the PC’s built-in temperature sensors and gives the results instantly. It also offers another feature where you can monitor the temperature of each core so you can easily and more precisely detect the high-temperature issues if there are any. You can also set alerts for overheating which will make you a step ahead of the problem. HWiNFO is all free to use.

HWiNFO Homepage

What GPU Temp is too High?

High temperatures cause thermal throttling or even a crash in extreme cases. The ideal temperature range is somewhere between 60 to 80 degrees for most PCs. It is also said that keeping the temperature under 90 degrees Celsius is safe for your PC. however, the safe ranges depend on your GPU model and its capabilities. A high GPU temperature starts at 95 degrees Celsius for most GPUs. Crossing this temperature is dangerous and can reduce the life of your GPU if continued at this temperature. Also, it can cause thermal throttling to start.

GPU Temperature Monitor Windows 10

The users of Windows 10 and newer Windows versions can monitor their GPU temperature from the Task Manager as follows:

1. Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys together.

2. Switch to Performance Tab as shown.

3. The GPU temperature will be displayed as shown in the picture below.

Monitoring GPU temperature through Task Manager in Windows 10

This is one of the easiest ways to check the temperature of your GPU at any given point in time. But if you want to monitor the temperature while gaming and also want to put alerts then you can the above-mentioned third-party apps.


GPU temperature monitoring is a must for heavy users of PCs. It will ensure longevity and smooth performance of your even while doing longer gaming sessions. In this article, we answered the question of why is it important to monitor your GPU temperature, the best GPU temperature monitor tools, and other related questions. We hope that we have cleared your doubts and if we did please give us your feedback in the comments below.

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