19 Best Free Face Morph App for Android

If you think being constantly active on social media is not your cup of tea, this might interest you. Did you know that certain apps can help you morph your ordinary photos into a weird celebrity or animal pictures? You can use any photo face morphing app to make creative GIFs, funny videos, and more. Here are the best 19 face morph app free that will help you do so in just a few seconds.

20 Best Free Face Morph App for Android

Best Free Face Morph App for Android

This article puts forward the top and most loved face morph apps of all time. You can use them to pull a prank on your friends and family without costing a fortune. Continue reading till the end to know more about them.

1. Face Swap Booth – Face Changer

face swap booth playstore

Face Swap Booth offers several pro editing tools that help you achieve perfection with each photo you morph. Apart from this, you can use filters, swap only a particular facial feature, or morph the entire picture with just a few taps. Here is what else you need to know about the app:


  • Face Swap Booth comes with an auto face detection feature for on-point editing.
  • You will have to pay $4.49 per item to make use of all its features.
  • You can overlap your face onto another photo as many times as you prefer.
  • You can access the free version with limited features.
  • Face Swap Booth runs perfectly on Android.

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2. Face Swap Live

face swap live playstore

If you want to mix and merge your photos with celebrity face morph, you must try Face Swap Live. It allows you to experiment and get creative by swapping faces in real time. Apart from this, you can use this photo face morphing app for free to create fun videos as well.


  • You can buy this app for $1.99.
  • You can use Face Swap Live to make photos talk.
  • This app is useful for both image and video formats.
  • It is available for Android users.
  • Face Swap Live offers fun filters and stickers to get your imagination going.

3. B612

b612 playstore. 20 Best Free Face Morph App for Android

B612 is one of the OGs among the other face morph app free. The app was launched in 2014 and since then has been a favorite of users worldwide. Although the name is a little unconventional, B612 houses a plethora of interesting features which other apps may not provide.


  • You can use B612 for free.
  • It is available for Android and iOS users.
  • B612 lets you get creative with attractive and unique filters.
  • You can also experiment with custom makeup looks.
  • B612 offers various video editing tools to make them stand out in the crowd.
  • You can also create your own filters with B612 and share them with your friends.

4. Face Morph

face morph playstore

If you are an Android user and looking for a good app to create fun photos, Face Morph might be a good option. It is easy to use and lets you get creative with different filters and face morph actions. You can either swap your face with a celebrity or prank your siblings with an animal face. Either way, it is fun.


  • It is 100% free.
  • Face Morph is available for Android users.
  • Face Morph offers an automatic face detection feature.
  • You can use this app for both images and videos.

5. Cupace

cupace playstore. 20 Best Free Face Morph App for Android

Created by Picmax, Cupace is another great option to consider if you want to get creative with your photos. With its Cut Mode, you can zoom in and out, select a specific area to cut, and paste it beautifully on another picture. Moreover, this face morphing app free makes editing seem like a piece of cake even for beginners.


  • Cupace is available for Android users only.
  • Cupace offers fun stickers and fonts to make your morphed photos more interesting.
  • You can use the Cupace face gallery to add different faces to your ordinary pictures.
  • This app contains too many ads.
  • You can share your Cupace creation on social media platforms with just a few taps.

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6. Snapchat

snapchat playstore

If there is something that this tech-savvy generation absolutely adores, it is Snapchat. This person-to-person photo-sharing app lets you record videos and click pictures using its extensive collection of filters. Apart from this, you can also share your live location on the map and see where your friends are currently in real time.


  • It is available for both Android and iOS platforms.
  • You can download and use it for free.
  • Snapchat lets you keep updated with your friends by maintaining Snapchat streaks.
  • You can use different fonts, filters, and stickers to make your images/videos exactly how you imagined.
  • You can also subscribe to creators on Snapchat and watch and interact with their stories.
  • Snapchat lets you play fun and easy games online.

7. Zooface- GIF Animal Morph

zooface gif animal morph

With a collection of extensive pet and animal pictures, Zooface lets you swap one thing for another and create interesting morphed images. Here you can experiment with your ordinary photos to make something one of a kind. This easy-to-use face morphing app free is fully fledged with these features:


  • Zooface is available on Android.
  • You can save your morphed creations as GIF animation or videos.
  • Zooface lets you export your morphed images directly to the camera or directly share from the app.

8. Animal Face

animal face playstore

From tigers, lions, and cats to horses, wolves, and dogs, Animal Face lets you morph your face with scary and cute animals. It offers endless options that help you boost creativity and make interesting transitions.


  • You have fun stickers and filters to make your boring photos quirky.
  • Its erase and draw tool give more control over how you want to edit the picture.
  • Animal face also offers custom hand-drawn frames in various styles and colors.
  • It is 100% free.
  • Animal Face is available for Android users.

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9. Reface

reface playstore. 20 Best Free Face Morph App for Android

As the name suggests, Reface lets you revamp your face in pictures with cool editing and fun filters. With a 4+ rating and hundreds of positive ratings by satisfied users, Reface emerges as a great option in the list.


  • You can create realistic face swap images.
  • Reface lets you swap your real face with fairies, animals, etc. in videos and images.
  • You can experiment with live gender swap and face swap.
  • Reface offers multiple filters to enhance the overall appearance of your photos.
  • It is available on Play Store and App Store.

10. Beauty Face Plus

beauty face plus playstore

Beauty Face Plus does not limit itself to full-face morphing. Instead, it pays close attention and lets you get detail-oriented. Using an ordinary base picture, you can morph it with animals, birds, and cartoon characters. In other words, you can be anything you want with this photo face morphing app.


  • Beauty Face Plus offers filters, emojis, and different frames to add extra charm to boring pictures.
  • You can experiment with different features including face morph, part face, split effect, and face blend.
  • It houses a vast collection of 40+ animal eyes for precise editing.
  • Beauty Face Plus lets you import your creative creations directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

11. FaceApp

faceapp playstore

If you think looking old in your early twenties is next to impossible, FaceApp is here to bust your myth. With its creative features and filters, you can make your photos look as young or as old as you want. Not only this but this app free comes packed with features such as:


  • FaceApp contains numerous color effects, hairstyles, and makeup looks to transform your photos into something new and different.
  • You can change the background of your photos using FaceApp.
  • It is one of the highest-rated face morphing apps with impressive features.
  • You can minimize or enlarge facial features, add a beard, put on weight, swap genders, or stick to basic face morphing with FaceApp.

12. Banuba- Funny Face Swap & Cam

banuba playstore

If you want to do something more than mixing and merging different faces together, you can try Banuba. Apart from editing, this face morph app free is a great option to change your voice in a video or try your hand at AR games.


  • Banuba lets you become a superhero, cute animal, scary cartoon character, or classic painting within seconds.
  • In-app purchases can cost anywhere between $0.99 – $179.99 per item.
  • Banuba also offers an emoji maker which lets you express your actual mood through the power of fun emojis.
  • You can also try tons of amazing and trending filters to capture every minute of your life.

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13. FacePlay

faceplay playstore. 20 Best Free Face Morph App for Android

FacePlay is a popular AI art generator that takes the editing game to the next level. This unique app turns your anime dreams into reality. Here you can edit your photos and turn yourself into anime characters with just a few taps. Apart from this, here are other features of this photo face morphing app:

  • You can get it for free on Android.
  • In-app purchases on FacePlay are around $2.49 – $29.99 per item.
  • You can use FacePlay for both images and video formats.
  • FacePlay offers exotic locations, authentic old-school clothing, and other props to make your images unique and a treat to the eyes.

14. Multi Face Blender

multi face blender playstore. 20 Best Free Face Morph App for Android

Multi Face Blender is another good option in this list. It comes with standard photo editing app features such as face morphing, erasing, and resizing. You can use this app to swap one face with another and create half human half animal pictures.


  • You can play with different aspects including brightness, contrast, saturation, or hue for detailed editing.
  • Automatic face recognition helps you edit pictures with utmost detailing.
  • Multi Face Blender is available for free for Android users.

15. Celebrity Face Morph – Transfo

celebrity face morph transfo playstore

With Celebrity Face Morph- Transfo, you can swap your face with a popular celebrity or animal. It is a beginner-friendly app that does not require any prior Photoshop skills or expertise. Instead, select your base photo, import another photo, and get ready to conduct tons of experiments. Here are other commendable features of this photo face morphing app:


  • It lets you blend multiple faces into one seamlessly
  • Celebrity Face Morph comes with face warp, face morph, face swap, and face mixing features all in one.
  • This face morph app free is equipped with automatic face detection.
  • Celebrity Face Morph is 100% free.

16. FaceMagic

facemagic playstore

If you think pouting, showing a peace sign, or winking is out of fashion, FaceMagic lets you create Instagram-worthy photos. Now you can ditch boring selfies for crazy and funny images. FaceMagic is a great option that lets you swap faces in a video. With fun features and filters, it makes face morphing more fun than ever.


  • You can create funny short videos to share on social media platforms.
  • It is an AI-based face swapping app that swaps your face on videos, gifs, photos, etc.
  • FaceMagic also offers gender swap features for extra fun.

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17. Face Changer 2

face changer 2 playstore

Face Changer 2 is one of the best and oldest face morphing apps. It is packed with numerous filters, stickers, emojis, and whatnot. Accordingly, you can add silly accessories, and fun backgrounds, or morph one facial feature with another.


  • This photo face morphing app allows users to take a selfie or import one from the phone’s gallery to edit and morph as per their wish.
  • You can click a photo on the spot, use the stock photos, or import something from the gallery to edit and morph on Face Changer 2.
  • Face Changer 2 offers more than 600 stickers for all situations.
  • You can add makeup, text, or make a copy using the clone tool.

18. Faces: Funny Face Changer

faces funny face changer playstore

With Faces Funny Face Changer face morph app free, you can put your face in hilarious memes and GIFs. It is beginner-friendly and saves you from wasting time on high-tech editing apps. Instead, you can be creative with how you want to edit the photo and share it with your friends.


  • You can make funny GIFs and short videos with Faces Funny Face Changer.
  • Faces app lets you create inspiring quotes.
  • You can also make animated Ecards for different occasions such as Christmas, Hanukkah, or wedding invitations.
  • You can download it for free on Android.
  • In-app purchases on Faces Funny Face Changer can cost anywhere from $2.06-$42.94.

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19. Face Morphing Blender – Video

face morphing blender video playstore

Face Morphing Blender Video is another great addition to this list. It helps you morph different photos and create a masterpiece with just a few taps. Moreover, you can make someone look way old or young than they are using filters. From seamless blending to morphing and editing, Face Morphing Blender Video takes care of everything.


  • Face Morphing Blender Video offers several video editing tools.
  • You can create morph videos in HD.
  • It is available for free for Android.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What free app can morph faces?

Ans. You can use any of the above-mentioned apps to create fun and exciting morphed images within a few minutes.

Q2. How can I morph photos online?

Ans. If you want to morph photos online, you can use a face morph app from the ones listed above.

Q3. What app can you use to morph two faces together?

Ans. If you want to create quirky morphed images by combining two separate photos, you can go ahead with a face morph app.


We hope that this guide on the best free face morph app for Android was helpful for you were able to choose the right one for you among the above list. Please mention your queries and suggestions if any in the comment section below.

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