57 Best Free BeenVerified Alternatives

Many of you might have used BeenVerified app before for your personal requirements like searching for people, get-togethers and dating requirements, etc., but what about other apps? There are plenty of other apps which you may consider as an alternative to BeenVerified app according to variant requirements and many of them are specialized in various tasks. In case all of this makes sense to you, today this article will help you out by suggesting some of best BeenVerified free alternatives that may assist you further with various other tasks. But before proceeding to the list of sites like BeenVerified, let’s know the work process of BeenVerified app.

57 Best Free BeenVerified Alternatives

Best Free BeenVerified Alternatives

BeenVerified is a background check firm that offers consumer-initiated criminal background and people search services on its for-profit website as well as through its mobile app Background Check App. In addition, the business released new mobile applications such as NumberGuru, a reverse number lookup app, and a registered sex offender monitoring app that employs augmented reality to locate sex offenders. BeenVerified will search its database using the details you filled in and provide you with thorough information on the individual. Users no longer have to go through the hassle of manually searching for information in government offices thanks to the program. It’s vital to remember that BeenVerified only gathers open data. However, it continues to include information from several other sources, including the FBI, courts, and financial institutions. Following are the pros and features provided by the application to its users:

  • Simple searches produce thorough reports.
  • It has top-notch customer service.
  • Plan and pricing that is simple to afford.
  • Both membership packages offer a variety of advantages to the consumer.
  • It offers the highest-caliber mobile applications.
  • Use is rather simple.

Now that we’ve ample information about the BeenVerified app, let’s get to its alternatives. Following is the list of sites like BeenVerified.

1. Whitepages

Whitepages official website

Whitepages is a service provider of online directory services, fraud screening, background checks, and identity verification for consumers, businesses, and big corporate houses. Without any doubt, Whitepages is one of best BeenVerified free alternatives one would go for.


  • It has a large amount of database. Whitepages provides its services and huge data through ten mobile apps, seven web properties, 411.com, multiple webs, etc.
  • Whitepages is one of the best people-finding websites to keep tenant checks on record with proper details.
  • Whitepages works for both the IOS & Android app.
  • It’s a safe site working from last so many years and therefore it has several million customers who access this site.

2. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate official website. 57 Best Free BeenVerified Alternatives

Instant Checkmate is an instant checkmate public records search service that gives you the power to maintain online background checks instantly. It is another perfect entry in the bunch of sites like BeenVerified.


  • It researches background demographic data, criminal records, and all other types of public records.
  • The service provided by Instant checkmate is legal but it isn’t exactly a consumer reporting agency, rather it provides overall records of a person.
  • One can immediately access the addresses, real age, arrest records, criminal records, etc., making it another of the best people-finding websites.
  • It provides a wide range of searches and provides accurate data.
  • It is very easy to access and flexible based on company needs.
  • Checkmate is available to both Apple and Android users.

3. Spokeo

Spokeo official website

Spokeo provides the basic search results which are absolutely free of cost making it a competitive app amongst best BeenVerified free alternatives.


  • It includes information details about the city, state, people, age, relatives, and location of the person.
  • Spokeo is amongst the best people search websites as the company gives access to 12 billion public records. Spokeo empowers users with correct up-to-date intelligent data about the People.
  • It is the best for locating years-old friends, relatives, family, and loved ones.
  • It is very good and easily accessible & it offers basic search results for free.
  • It maintains billion of records of the corporate industry & can present absolute reports in seconds.
  • It maintains all the old historical records, criminal records, etc.

4. US Search

US Search official website. 57 Best Free BeenVerified Alternatives

Another seasoned business is US Search, which has a pretty simple user interface that enables you to look up people by their names alone. You can also consider it as a good choice when searching for sites like BeenVerified.


  • All you need is the person’s name to use the excellent trial option it offers. The findings are more precise the more filters you set (state, zip code, etc).
  • It’s a well-established app that provides all the valuable inputs required for the problem.
  • It gives very fast results.
  • US Search has pretty good one-time price packages.
  • It is an easily accessible and trustworthy site.

5. Truthfinder

Truthfinder official website

Truthfinder is an extremely important and versatile service that provides a wide range of different background checks, and a variety of public databases and is capable of extracting data from criminal records, business records including social media & more. The site qualifies pretty well in the list of best BeenVerified free alternatives.


  • Truthfinder tool has a few extra interesting self-monitoring tools to check that others may look up to you. Besides, it provides verification, sampling, screening, background verification, and pre-employment screening services.
  • It has a self-monitoring capability.
  • It acts as a factfinder that investigates the criminal history, phone numbers, emails, property ownership, and educational background history very efficiently.
  • Truthfinder helps you to search for a specific person so you can search for your lost ones.
  • It works on both Android and iOS and makes it easy to access the information of anyone who is a bit away beyond the city or even country limits.
  • Truth finder is one of the best people-finding websites in India as it provides the most accurate reports.

6. Pipl

Pipl official website

Pipl is a fantastic option for organizations because it provides efficient and simple searches. It very well goes in the list of sites like BeenVerified.


  • You can discover anyone’s contact information and social media accounts by starting with a free trial.
  • Even an API service is provided by the business.
  • It’s a great boon for Research companies & corporate sector.
  • It has a high amount of accuracy, and almost every detail extracted is always true.
  • Pipl is one of the famous search engine sites and millions of people access it.

7. Intelius

Intelius official website

Another sites like BeenVerified is Intelius. It provides information services including background checks, property search, and reverse phone lookup making it a hit amongst best BeenVerified free alternatives.


  • Intelius has supported several charities and non-profits over the years.
  • The app also makes it easy to know about your family & friends according to your need. Intelius is liked and used by millions of users as it searches millions of available public records very quickly hence it is a legitimate, accredited business with an A rating.
  • Intelius searches are all private and completely confidential, users feel a sense of great safety here.
  • It provides 7 days of free cancellation so users can take their own decisions.
  • App also helps in finding criminal records as well.
  • Intelius is a reputable and secure way to find people.
  • It gives single report and subscription options.

8. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders provides a variety of people-finding services and has access to data on over 250 million Americans from over 6,000 different data sources and 120 billion public documents. It can be considered if you’re looking for sites like BeenVerified.


  • Although background checks are the main service promoted, there are other choices as well.
  • For buyers wishing to transfer homes, you may utilize an address lookup to discover not only who may have lived at a house but also the history pertaining to the property.
  • Searching through court records for everything from traffic tickets to arrests and other things is another option. You may do this by accessing a database of criminal records.
  • Before you even pick up the phone, you may identify callers by doing less time-consuming tests like a reverse phone lookup.

9. Peekyou

Peekyou official website

Peekyou is also one of sites like BeenVerified. It is a kind of online white pages site that helps you to reach your online networking pages, photos or websites, etc.


  • It’s a people search engine site that helps you discover the important people in your life.
  • It helps in many ways by searching for publicly available URLs, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Websites, social networking profiles, pictures, etc. It is a very popular people search service provider.
  • Peekyou is a free people search engine site that provides you an opportunity to locate anyone easily and also you can get details of their social media profiles and web links.
  • The free search allows you wide access to find social links, photos, work history, and contacts.
  • It can be one of best BeenVerified free alternatives one would opt for.

10. CheckPeople

CheckPeople official website. 57 Best Free BeenVerified Alternatives

Do you wish to track down a former classmate? Are you concerned that your neighbor could have a criminal history? Or are you looking up potential sites like BeenVerified? So there’s no need to search any further. CheckPeople uses public records to provide you with all the information you require. Millions of users have benefited from the service since its founding in 2013, which has made it easier for them to decide what to think of the individuals they come across in their daily lives. The following are the many sorts of background checks CheckPeople provides and how they might be helpful to you:

  • People SearchFinding someone is simple when using the people search feature on CheckPeople. You only need to provide them with the very minimum of information, including their first and last names.
  • Reverse Phone Lookup – There are several advantages. If you are aware of the names of some of their friends or family members, as well as their current location, you may improve the search results and locate the appropriate person more quickly.
  • Types of Information Available – A lot of information about people can be gathered with the help of CheckPeople’s background check and address verification check features. Like their contact information and location history, Phone Lookup, marital status and relatives, blog posts, websites, hidden social media profiles, criminal records, court records, warrants, and sex offender details, financial records. Users of the Arrest Records feature can view a person’s full name, the date of the infraction, and the specific violation for which they were detained. And if you’re curious about what your friends have been doing, you may find out more about their military service, employment history, and even educational background.

11. InfoTracer

One of the numerous people-finding websites that are now offered on the web is InfoTracer. It is a well-versed choice for users who would be searching for some of best BeenVerified free alternatives.


  • Its affiliation with the Accucom Corporation’s public background information retrieval services, which also includes businesses like CriminalPages, Everify, and InfoPay, is what really sets it apart from the competition.
  • The business is proud to stand for the progressive principles of the Freedom of Information Act.
  • To create and deliver an in-depth InfoTracer report to each customer, it searches through more than two billion records.
  • This service is incredibly user-friendly and saves you from having to spend hours watching YouTube tutorials to figure out how to do a background check.
  • The website aims to deliver educational information. As a result, there are plenty of detailed instructions on the site for finding people and using the information.

12. ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch is the most popular people search engine in the world, especially if you’re searching for some sites like BeenVerified.


  • You can find individuals you know using their names, addresses, emails, or tags. It assists you in using the internet to locate individuals.
  • ZabaSearch locates anybody you want to meet, whether they are famous, close friends, or just fascinating.
  • The software compiles people’s data from across the world and makes it searchable using a combination of search engine algorithms and user updates.
  • ZabaSearch locates a variety of data on people, including blogs, web pages, images, and videos. It keeps you informed about the individuals you care about. There are many people you wish to monitor.
  • To receive updates faster every time you come, ZabaSearch makes it simple to bookmark a group of users.
  • If you prefer not to check in, you may just sign up for an email alert, an RSS feed, or even receive information through your preferred social network.

13. EpicVin

Nowadays, practically everyone considers purchasing a vehicle. But how can you be certain that the vehicle you want to purchase wasn’t involved in an accident, was not harmed by water, etc.? You can solve this problem with EpicVIN‘s assistance. This app also qualifies pretty well being among best BeenVerified free alternatives.


  • You may learn the vehicle’s actual mileage, the number of previous owners, information from insurance companies, if the car has been stolen, and the extent of the damage thanks to their report.
  • This is not the whole list of what Epic Vin indicates in reports. The app also makes the bold claim that it offers affordable, high-quality VIN checks to prevent customers from investing time and money in a vehicle they don’t fully understand.

14. FindPeopleFast

FindPeopleFast employs a sophisticated set of algorithms to validate the identities of the individuals you search for online, so you can be certain that the specific searched name returns the same specified name you are looking for and nobody else. It is yet another one of sites like BeenVerified.


  • Every time a search run is performed, it is also wired to return extremely accurate results.
  • The platform uses public records and will, as a result, provide all publicly accessible information about the person, including any prior criminal convictions they may have had.
  • You should be able to quickly get relevant results with just your first and last name. There is no doubt about this because of how simple it is to use.
  • Although the search is intended to produce highly precise results, it may be even more focused by providing information about the person other than just their name.
  • Along with their age range, this also provides where they live.
  • Applications like FindPeopleFast make it simple to find individuals for dating and other personal purposes.

15. 411

411 app official website. 57 Best Free BeenVerified Alternatives

Whitepages data is provided by 411 app services, enabling individual searching online as well as phone, address, company, and background checks. This service is a shiny candidate when talking about best BeenVerified free alternatives.


  • You may use it to look out for anyone’s contact details who resides in the US.
  • To start a search, just type in the entire name along with the state, city, and ZIP code.
  • With Whitepages, the most dependable online directory, you can find people, phone numbers, and addresses as well as obtain background check reports that contain criminal & arrest histories and other public records.
  • Every month, more than 30 million users use Whitepages to hunt up additional difficult-to-find contact information, conduct reverse phone & address lookups, obtain mobile phone numbers & current addresses, and obtain background check reports.

16. SocialCatfish

The finest resource for internet security is SocialCatfish. Verify phone numbers, search for people, track down connections, and find out what information about you is available to the general public. You may access social networks, relatives, photographs, and much more information to offer you peace of mind and enable secure web browsing with only the entry of a phone number, email, name, username, or image. You can be assured about it being a good choice from sites like BeenVerified.


  • Phone numbers – When you don’t have caller ID, find out who the phone number belongs.
  • Reverse Image Search – Find picture matches and the individuals who are in the photos, including celebrities, using reverse image search.
  • Property Lookup – Search for information on properties, sales dates, and ownership details.
  • Unclaimed Money – Find money that is entitled to you but that you have forgotten about using unclaimed money.
  • Email Search – Discover profiles and public data with just a phone number.
  • Username/Social Media Search – Discover social media accounts, pictures, and much more.
  • Privacy Lock – Find and track your online information with Privacy Lock to be secure and see what other people are seeing of you.


In terms of online user searches, SPYTOX is the leader and the best of best BeenVerified free alternatives.


  • Over 275 million individuals nationally have complete personal information available, including cell phone numbers.
  • One of the top-ranked domains for human information, SPYTOX gives solutions to over 3 million queries each day.
  • The greatest tool for determining who is calling you is reverse phone lookup. If you know the phone number, you may use SPYTOX to conduct a reverse lookup to find the owner’s name.
  • For the most up-to-date owner information, SPYTOX scans both the deep web and its own internal databases. It’s quite simple to use SPYTOX.

18. Anywho

Anywho is an internet resource that allows users to look up locations, people, and even companies in any state. It is one of the finest sites like BeenVerified.


  • When looking for someone, you may check the white pages as well as the yellow pages in your native state.
  • Additionally provides a phone number lookup service. Anyhow, it’s an internet phone book that AT&T owns.
  • You may hunt up an old buddy or locate ways and routes via unfamiliar places using Anywho.
  • You won’t encounter any intrusive pop-up ads on the website anywho.com since it is quite straightforward. It’s simple to use this website.
  • With only five categories—yellow pages, white pages, zip codes, reverse lookup, and maps—the main page is simple to navigate.
  • All nearby companies, maps, addresses, and locations can be found here.

19. SentryLink

SentryLink has been assisting businesses with security since 2001. It’s due to the trust it has gained in all these years which makes it a great choice amongst best BeenVerified free alternatives.


  • Fast delivery is provided for criminal background checks, driving records, and identification confirmation.
  • Additional corporate services are offered by it, such as different payment plans, team configurations, and toll-free customer assistance.
  • The app’s nationwide criminal history check reveals sex offenders, convictions, and criminal histories in a single search.
  • The majority of their candidates will receive their results in 1-4 business days, with the majority receiving them immediately. Protect both yourself and your company.
  • No contracts, setup fees, or other costs are present. If you only need one report or many, only pay for what you actually need.
  • The app has built a reputation as the top pick for companies and individuals around the nation for nearly 20 years because of its affordable costs and top-notch service.

20. That’sThem

The finest people search engine since ZabaSearch is That’sThem, which is completely free and also one of the greatest sites like BeenVerified.


  • By leveraging bits of knowledge you already have about someone, That’sThem assists you in finding folks.
  • To discover a person’s name, street address, phone number, or email address, That’sthem scans billions of records.
  • That’sThem also offers an advanced people search that enables you to discover someone by birthdate, company name, IP address, car VIN number, or social network ID in addition to the searches already mentioned.
  • That’sthem gathers individual personal contact information from a variety of commercial and public data sources.
  • Public records, court records, map locations, social media profiles, company records, car records, subscription data, white pages listings, and consumer data are just a few of the sources of personal information that may be discovered in the ThatsThem database.
  • An individual search may take several seconds to complete on ThatsThem.com due to the sheer volume of personal data records it looks through, but there is an incredible quantity of free information available there.

21. UniCourt

Unicourt. 57 Best Free BeenVerified Alternatives

To access normalized court data for business growth and intelligence, analytics, machine learning models, process automation, background checks, investigations, and underwriting, UniCourt offers Legal Data as a Service (LDaaS) through APIs to AmLaw 50 firms and Fortune 500 companies. Users from around the world may consider this site to be a potential choice among best BeenVerified free alternatives.


  • For the Legal Data API, case research, case tracking, and other specialized features, clients rely on UniCourt as a reliable partner to provide the basic infrastructure.
  • The app’s APIs have been incorporated with issue management systems, CRMs (Salesforce), platforms for investigations and research, data lakes, and other real-time reporting tools.
  • The United States and India are home to UniCourt’s international activities.
  • A wide range of clients, including law firms, legal support companies, litigation funders, financial institutions, insurance companies, news organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, nonprofits, investigators, and consumers, also have access to legal data from federal and state courts through this service.

22. Names And Facts

Names and Facts is one of the sites like BeenVerified which provides the best quality data about Americans that are currently available online. The company was founded by a group of experts that are concerned about data openness and uniformity.


  • The app provides a one-stop shop for all your queries, thanks to industry-leading partners and the patented AI technology that underpins the Names and Facts search engine.
  • The app applies Big Data technology to the background report industry and combines accuracy and speed to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the search subject in less than a minute.
  • Names and Facts is a people search directory that is completely free. No credit card is necessary.
  • To access information such as names, ages, phone numbers, residences, emails, relatives, and neighbors, you may conduct a free person search.
  • You may easily generate a thorough background report if you believe you need additional details on a certain search subject. Background check reports can include information on criminal histories, housing histories, financial data, wages, assets, bankruptcies, marriage, and divorce records, judgments, DUIs, sex crimes, social networks, dating profiles, images, and much more.
  • All publicly available information in the digital cosmos is instantly available to you with Names and Facts.
  • The person you are looking for won’t learn about your search since it is absolutely private.

23. MyLife

MyLife automatically creates a MyLife Public Page for each individual based on data it collects from public records and other sources. If you are looking for some of best BeenVerified free alternatives, this can be one of a kind.


  • A person’s age, previous and present residences, phone numbers, email addresses, employers, educational background, family members, political affiliations, a brief biography, and a section for personal reviews that invites other MyLife users to rate one another can all be listed on a public MyLife profile.
  • MyLife states that it offers public background information on more than 325 million people.
  • Public pages may be changed or deleted upon email or phone request without cost.
  • On the website, users may perform a search for any American citizen and view their automatically produced public page.

24. PeopleLooker

Not only is PeopleLooker quick and effective, but it is also trustworthy and a great preference from sites like BeenVerified.


  • Almost all of your searches are combined by PeopleLooker to ensure that you always get the most recent information available, even if the accuracy of your results will rely on the data that are readily available online. This implies that you will be informed so you may update your report if the information you found on your subject changes or new information is discovered.
  • PeopleLooker keeps things clear-cut and uncomplicated. Simply enter the first and last name of your topic (along with the state, if you prefer) and click search.
  • A report including all the pertinent information found will be compiled by the search engine once it has combed through billions of records.
  • A preliminary search may be finished in under two minutes, and your report will be available for download in about five.
  • PeopleLooker offers a 7-day trial for just $1.00 and has simple, clear pricing.
  • The functionality is the same whether you join up for a one-month or three-month subscription. It ends out to be 30% less expensive to pay for three months up in advance.

25. SearchQuarry

Hundreds of pages of free information are available on SearchQuarry to assist you with virtually anything relating to public records, including background check details, court records, VIN data, vehicle history reports, and much more. There are a lot of reasons why this app is a strong choice for the ones looking for best BeenVerified free alternatives.


  • You may locate the public information you’re seeking on the app’s several sections devoted to each state and major county.
  • By giving you the most accurate, current information, the app also aids in your learning.
  • The daily database updates are accompanied by ongoing monitoring of real-world issues such as the most recent data breaches, risk mitigation techniques, and other pressing issues.

26. Choice Screening

Choice Screening offers a comprehensive range of background screening services, including online Form I-9, drug testing, criminal record checks, and more. These features make it a competition in the list of sites like BeenVerified.


  • You may learn about the best items to use on the website, which also provides you with information on the genuine state of this sector.
  • To offer the finest available, the website regularly reviews its items.
  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and upholding the strictest privacy and security regulations are the main priorities of choice screening.
  • In addition, it uses a consultative approach to assist you to choose the finest background check solutions, providing you the assurance that you’re obtaining the data you need at a reasonable cost.
  • To develop them as capable enough to offer the greatest client service. Choice Screening also invests consistently in the education of its own staff.

27. Spy Dialer

Using the online program SpyDialer, users may discover the source of unidentified phone numbers anonymously. This app may as well be one of best BeenVerified free alternatives section.


  • The entire procedure is really simple. All you have to do is go to the website, input the phone number you wish to find for free, and press the search button.
  • You are prompted to select a search option from Name Lookup, Photo Lookup, or Phone Spam on the next page.
  • The best choice for you to select is the most pertinent one. It extracts and shows the Name linked to the phone number when you click on the Name lookup.
  • Selecting Photo Lookup allows you to obtain the social media image associated with this number.
  • The SpyDialer database is searched for phone spam offenders using the phone number.

28. CompuFACT

An HRIS, ATS, and payroll solution that interfaces with existing systems is what CompuFACT program is all about. It was specifically created and customized for each client, just like other sites like BeenVerified.


  • It is possible to arrange background checks and drug tests using the standalone program or by integrating it with the existing HRIS, ATS, or payroll systems.
  • To protect their personnel, it enables businesses to do background checks on criminal activity and drug use.
  • By supplying the essential pre-qualifications, cutting-edge technology makes performing background checks simple and enables applicants to complete their own applications electronically with just a few basic pieces of identifying information.

29. Background Examine

Tenant solutions, employment screening, drug testing, motor vehicle reports, I-9 and E-verify solutions, and e-signatures are all provided by Background Examine. Users can count it in with the other best BeenVerified free alternatives shared with the list.


  • It offers thorough studies that look at renters’ credit scores, criminal histories, previous residences, and eviction histories for landlords and property managers.
  • Background Examine is less expensive than rival services like BeenVerified.
  • The company’s criminal check looks at national databases and registrations of sexual offenders.
  • A worldwide watch list is also accessible through Background Examine.
  • Landlords have the option of forgoing the full packages and going with a credit check plan.
  • The platform has ATS integration capabilities.
  • Additional services provided by Background Examine include e-signature, job screening, and drug testing.

30. TenantAlert

In every tenant screening package offered by TenantAlert, a credit report and score are included and provided. No minimum order quantity is necessary, nor are there any setup or monthly costs and it is rightfully one of the sites like BeenVerified.


  • The payment is up to you! Alternatively, the app might ask your potential tenant to make a payment before processing your payment. It just needs the name, email address, and address of the rental property from the potential renter, and the results are displayed right away.
  • Following your potential renter’s consent, tenant screening reports are immediately unlocked.
  • Equifax, TransUnion, or Experian credit reports are available. Numerous criminal and eviction records from throughout the country are included in the reports. Up to $10,000 in legal costs and missed rent are covered by the LeaseGuarantee.
  • Each report comes with a free online rental application and live customer assistance.
  • Available upon request are international business reports, company credit reports, employment verification, and landlord verification.
  • Obtain defense from monetary damages, court costs, and lost rent.

31. Nomadic Ratio Reverse Lookup

Finding the identity of an enigmatic caller is made easier with the help of the Android software Nomadic Ratio Reverse Lookup or just Reverse Lookup. This app also possesses the potential to be one of best BeenVerified free alternatives in its app category segment.


  • Reverse Lookup may locate a masked number by quickly searching via numerous public directories.
  • If no legitimate results are discovered, it will even search user-generated directories.
  • After finding the caller’s information, the user has a number of options, including viewing a map of the phone’s registered location, adding the caller to a contact list, blocking future calls from this number, searching Google and other search engines for more information, and copying the information to the clipboard for use in other applications.
  • It is challenging to hunt for mobile phone numbers because there is no public directory of them. In most cases, reverse lookup can reveal the carrier of a number.
  • What kind of security ramifications would it have if you could use a stranger’s phone’s GPS to find them? Fortunately, this is not possible. Reverse Lookup only returns the areas where the phone number’s initial registration was made.

32. Asurint Background Screening Solutions

Technology and data are used at the beginning of every Asurint search to establish a clear knowledge of the depth and scope of the search trail. It is also a good consideration in the list of sites like BeenVerified.


  • When enabled, the app’s multi-county searches allow users to conduct searches across many counties in addition to the more conventional requests made by businesses.
  • The NCIB background check, which generates results utilizing Asurint’s in-house national criminal database, is their most thorough offering.
  • Data on criminal offenses from courts and counties around the nation have been combined to create this.
  • Your criminal history check can be completed using the following categories of database entries. Information about prisoners who are currently incarcerated, have been released, are on parole, or are on probation, as reported to the DOC by state institutions.
  • Client reports do not include DOC records. They serve as reference files and pointers for more research, but they are also part of the NCIB data.

33. NumLooker

NumLooker official website

Using the website NumLooker, you can look up public records without revealing who you are. It can also be a good choice for the ones looking for some of best BeenVerified free alternatives.


  • Both its people search and phone number search capabilities are well recognized. Because of this, this application is the best option for looking for unlisted phone numbers online.
  • To find public information, there are several options at your disposal. There are four search options: phone number lookup, address lookup, and people finder. You may thus find any kind of information you need here.
  • This platform’s completely free nature and lack of registration requirements are its most surprising features.
  • It entails the capability to visit the website, get what you need, and then depart.

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34. Socketwire Reverse Lookup

Manually looking for a number is simple with Socketwire Reverse Lookup. It can also be considered when searching for sites like BeenVerified.


  • Only individuals should use this software for personal purposes. It’s not necessary to log in or subscribe.
  • The limits of this program are similar to those of other reverse lookup services.
  • The availability of information on these sorts of numbers is constrained because there is no public mobile phone directory or prepaid phone directory.
  • It is intended for usage with U.S. phone numbers.
  • The statistics returned by this app are those that are made publicly available by phone carriers.

35. inVize ID

InVize ID is a reliable, simple method for confirming a person’s identity and running a criminal background check.


  • You can collect, capture, and submit. The inVize ID application gathers demographic information, prints fingerprint scans, and then electronically transmits this information to the relevant background check authorities.
  • A dynamic variety of needs ranging from use cases for commercial entities to those for national defense may be supported by InVize ID’s more sophisticated setups.
  • Image quality and sequence checks, where necessary, are included in quality metrics.
  • It’s quick and simple to switch between card scanning and live scanning because all compatible scanners may be connected to your computer at once.
  • You can electronically submit the data to a clearinghouse once you’ve gathered demographic data and scanned fingerprints.
  • Over 100 distinct transaction types are supported by inVize ID, which enables electronic submission to several clearinghouses.

36. Star Systems

The ClearID and ClearContact features, which make it simple to verify and manage your contract workers, are supported by Star Systems Solutions screening and thus it is a trusted site amongst best BeenVerified free alternatives.


  • With the first communication center for temporary workers in the business, the new suite combines face recognition and identity-matching algorithms.
  • With a strong emphasis on compliance and timeliness, Star Systems gives users access to the most accurate, comprehensive, and all-encompassing background screening data available.
  • For all of your business’s testing requirements, Star Systems offers a comprehensive selection of drug and occupational health screening options.
  • To help with your issues implementing a drug-free workplace, Star Systems provides interactive, online training sessions for employees and managers.
  • Quick Response (QR) codes can be used by candidates to register for drug tests using the mobile elements of the system.
  • To make hiring contract workers simple, the app also provides face-match technology and on-the-spot certification.

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37. ScreeningCanada

Use ScreeningCanada, Canada’s most reliable background check platform, to expedite screening if you’re looking for other sites like BeenVerified.


  • Background screening in Canada’s one-stop shop is 100% compliant and API-first.
  • You can find the greatest talent. To hire the appropriate individuals first, process candidate data more quickly than rivals.
  • Also, you can avoid danger for your business. While being completely compliant with Canadian law, ensure worker safety with trustworthy data.
  • Additionally, it enhances the way you work. To proceed with expansion, let automated adjudication and paperless API connections handle the labor-intensive tasks.
  • Apart from this, you can cut down on applicant churn. Simple, mobile-friendly experiences from ID verification to permission will make it simple for your prospects.
  • The bilingual Canadian support team is available seven days a week via quick online web chat for assistance anytime you need it.
  • You can trust that your data is in excellent hands since it is all protected by utilizing the highest standards of security in Canada.

38. Digitalists Reverse Lookups

Get thorough reverse phone lookup details on any phone number, a missed call, a number from your contact book, or an incoming text message using Digitalists Reverse Lookup. It even stands a potential chance to be given a try from the options for best BeenVerified free alternatives.


  • If an unknown number displays on your caller ID, find out who is calling from that number and where they are located.
  • You can avoid annoying debt collectors, telemarketers, con artists, practical jokers, and ex-partners to prevent accidentally dialing a number you don’t want to reach.
  • You may quickly remove your phone number from the local phone book and choose whether or not to allow others access to your contacts.
  • Through the app, you can quickly perform an advanced reverse phone lookup by copying and pasting a phone number or selecting a number from your address book.
  • You can also determine whether the phone number is the origin of spam calls.
  • By using Number Finder, you may learn about the potential severity of a scam and the particular kind of phone number it could be.
  • You can do a caller ID and reverse phone lookup for free and without limits with Number Finder.

39. Who


The finest Caller ID and spam filtering software in the world is Who. It can be considered a great option for users looking for sites like BeenVerified.


  • It allows you to eliminate telemarketers, robocalls, and other bothersome interruptions from all of your calls and texts easily.
  • The only software you need to ensure that your communication is secure and effective is Who, which has a community-based spam list that is updated by millions of users worldwide.
  • Who is the reliable source for background checks using public records, reverse phone lookups, and people searches.
  • If you get an unauthorized call, you will get notifications right away. So that you are shielded in real-time from telemarketers, robocalls, and scam calls.
  • You can block spam calls by using a tool that alerts you before you pick up the phone.
  • Also, you can access background check reports, search for phone numbers, including mobile numbers, and addresses, and locate individuals with ease.

40. CocoFinder

A person’s pictures, address, criminal history, property holdings, relatives, and other details are all included in the comprehensive information that CocoFinder offers.


  • The tool helps you locate people by using a name-based search. You can also find relatives, friends, acquaintances, dates, and more with a people discovery tool.
  • Using a phone lookup, you may learn a person’s name, where they are located, and other information.
  • White Pages is a program that allows you to search through an alphabetical list of individuals in any community to find anyone.
  • Location lookup enables you to discover who resides at any given address as well as their previous activities.
  • Email lookup allows you to locate a person’s social media pages and any connected accounts.
  • To learn more about someone’s prior criminal history, job history, court records, and other information, use CocoFinder’s background check service.

41. PeopleWhiz

Over 67 billion public records are searchable on the PeopleWhiz platform, which has a strong data architecture making it a good choice for prospective users searching for best BeenVerified free alternatives.


  • You’ll quickly and effectively gain access to the most thorough reports available online, like social media, pictures, criminal histories, background checks, contact information, and much more.
  • PeopleWhiz puts its users first. The app’s only goal is to quickly and accurately offer customers thorough background reports.
  • With access to over 67 billion public documents made possible by its data architecture and proprietary technologies, customers can be sure that no stone will go unturned in their search for the truth.
  • In the current world, all it takes is the click of a button—the PeopleWhiz button, to be precise—to get a good look at someone’s whole, thorough personal history.

42. ClearChecks

With regard to convicts, probationers, parolees, arrestees, and warrants, ClearChecks assists with national criminal multijurisdictional searches across court and penitentiary records. Users can use it right away if sites like BeenVerified are what they’re seeking.


  • Verify that none of your workers are included in the national or state sex offender databases.
  • The most precise manual in-person criminal court records search currently accessible for all American jurisdictions is provided.
  • You can verify the status, class, points total, and history of all infractions for your driver’s license and car.
  • Also, the tool allows you to verify a resume’s work history, dates of employment, and job title—many things immediately.
  • After placing an order, you’ll create a password, log into your account, and access your dashboard. You may place further orders for reports and keep tabs on your ongoing orders.
  • A knowledgeable group of court researchers examines every document to ensure its quality.

43. SearchPeopleFree

You may use SearchPeopleFree, a people finder tool, to locate someone using only their name, phone number, or other basic personal information.


  • By using people finders and a piece of information you already know about a person, you may discover vast facts about them.
  • Without having to enquire in-depth about the individual, a real people search can assist you in learning more about the person you are virtually communicating with.
  • By learning more about these folks, you can utilize their search engines to protect yourself against untrustworthy individuals.
  • You can discover the owner of a missed call, a dubious email, or any specific address by using SearchPeopleFree.
  • Additionally, you may look into someone’s history, public documents, etc.

44. FastPeopleSearch

FastPeopleSearch. 57 Best Free BeenVerified Alternatives

Occasionally, it might be irksome to receive calls from unfamiliar sources. Finding out who contacted you and who they are with FastPeopleSearch is quite simple. This can further qualify in the list of best BeenVerified free alternatives.


  • From a telemarketer to a bill collector, it can be anyone and the app finds that out priorly.
  • Without having to pick up the phone, a reverse phone lookup can let you quickly determine who is calling. Just like how you conduct a Google search, you can check for phone numbers for free with FastPeopleSearch.
  • In a basic phone book, just like in the past, you may get all the information on the owner of a landline number.
  • The data of the desired phone number may be easily retrieved with a single click using a free reverse phone number lookup.

45. Employers Choice Online

Save your company money by avoiding hiring the incorrect candidates with the help of high-quality pre-employment background checks provided by Employers Choice Online screening services. It is a one-stop solution for the ones looking for sites like BeenVerified.


  • You will learn vital information about a candidate’s background and qualifications that they could have withheld from you during the interview.
  • To view what information your screening report may contain about your new prospects, click the button to the right.
  • Due to a number of factors, employers are now required to perform pre-employment background checks on potential workers. On their resumes and/or application materials, many candidates make exaggerated claims. 
  • Pre-screening your applications would cost very little compared to the potential legal costs you might incur later if you want to create a safer workplace and prevent lawsuits alleging negligent hiring.
  • MVR Reports, employment verification, education verification, and county criminal record checks are a few examples.

46. Triton

Triton makes it certain that you pay a fair price for high-quality results and should be given its chance to be considered from best BeenVerified free alternatives.


  • Your internet background checks are safe and simple to use thanks to the owner of triton, a nationwide pre-employment screening company.
  • The tool assists in hiring the best candidates for your business or organization by using a safe background check procedure.
  • Since they are Canada’s top provider of background checks and offer quick, secure results along with a satisfying customer experience. They enjoy widespread trust from clients across the country.
  • Triton, which has more than 50 years of expertise in the hiring industry, provides the highest caliber of service for a fair price.
  • It has a secure data environment and PCI Level 1 compliant with AES 256-bit encryption. The expense of a poor hire should not be borne by your firm.

47. Experian Connect

Among the primary credit bureaus, Experian produces Experian Connect. It is yet another one from sites like BeenVerified.


  • With just a few easy clicks, it enables users to ask for a credit report from anyone.
  • In order to test candidates before approving their applications, it is frequently utilized by property managers and leasing agents.
  • Over 220 million people and 27 million enterprises are currently covered by Experian’s data.
  • Within 30 days of purchasing, Experian Connect gives potential tenants the option to examine their credit report for themselves, pay for it, and share it with property managers.
  • So long as Social Security and account details are not included in the report, prospects can securely provide the property with the information it needs.
  • Experian Connect calculates a credit score and provides it along with the credit report using the VantageScore formula.
  • VantageScore uses just one model with a single set of scoring criteria, which allows for more consistent scores than other credit scoring systems.

48. JobAps

The entire hiring life cycle, from Request to Fill to Recruiting and Assessment to Hiring and Onboarding, is covered by the JobAps Enterprise Recruiting Solution.


  • A branded, mobile-friendly applicant site with all the contemporary tools job seekers require is used by the JobAps Recruiting Solution.
  • The JobAps solution is perfectly complemented by our Online Testing. High-stakes employment exams can be given online in a protected web browser.
  • You can utilize your own private database, automated competency-based screening, and scoring.
  • The only fully integrated online testing suite in its category, together with unmatched, individualized assistance.
  • Designed specifically to satisfy the particular employment needs of governmental organizations.
  • Also, it offers assessment tools and intelligent pre-screening surveys. With the aid of simple dashboards, modern and reliable reporting is readily available.

49. Betterplace

All of your frontline workforce’s needs can be managed by a single solution provided by Betterplace. The people-centered, tech-driven offerings can help you realize your full potential and act as a good choice amongst best BeenVerified free alternatives.


  • Never before has it been so simple to empower your team. You can manage your frontline staff with a comprehensive HRMS platform.
  • The services also enable organizations to influence individuals. Organizations benefit from the human-centric, technology-driven strategy, which also helps people live better lives.
  • A full-featured HRMS program and software that covers every aspect of HR activities from hiring to retirement. For employees that work for several vendors and locations, you can create a compensation structure.
  • Also, it offers an automated compensation engine that accounts for CTC, gross salary, and all necessary contributions.
  • A template for a customizable pay system should be created. Every vendor may be accessed in one location for complete payroll visibility.
  • The verification platform is highly automated and produces results very quickly.

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50. AmerUSA

AmerUSA offers all the tenant screening resources you require, including tenant credit reports, criminal background checks, eviction records, and more, to manage a rental property from your home or a business location. It qualifies pretty well in the list of sites like BeenVerified.


  • You can get help from the site’s customer care staff with joining up, placing orders, and deciphering results.
  • Your tenants will be screened round-the-clock. The app provides a variety of tenant screening services that are specifically suited to each type of landlord’s unique compliance needs.
  • You will acquire the most accurate tenant credit report information and public record research that the property management sector has to offer.
  • When you have finished interviewing your possible new hire, you can reduce your responsibility by running a background check.
  • AmerUSA is a reliable source of historical information that includes information from credit reports, criminal records, and other sources.
  • A property appraisal emulation will be provided by the US Home Value portion of the app when it has researched your home.

51. PreHire Screening

PreHire Screening Services is a nationwide provider of pre-employment screening services with a full range of services and another one from best BeenVerified free alternatives.


  • The website offers businesses of all sizes thorough and dependable background screening services.
  • Employee background checks, FCRA and EEOC background check compliance services, and Form I-9 compliance services are just a few of the pre-employment screening and background screening services it offers.
  • Employment credit reports, employment, education, and professional license verifications are among the website’s Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and EEOC-compliant employee background check services.

52. Social Intelligence

Social intelligence or social media screening is an intelligent pre-employment background check powered by AI, a potential choice amongst sites like BeenVerified.


  • It is based on the candidate’s digital profiles that can be viewed on websites like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok in addition to other open forums online.
  • More behavioral insight can be gleaned through social media screening than from background checks, driving records, or any other conventional way.
  • Social media data provides HR professionals with a current picture of a person’s attitudes, routines, and behaviors.
  • It gives hiring managers a more complete understanding of the individual when used in the hiring process. Assisting in ultimately deciding whether an applicant is a good match for the organization.
  • The website offers thorough information while taking user privacy in mind.
  • A proprietary augmented intelligence technology is used by their FCRA-certified team to examine and highlight content in four business-related categories for quick background checks.

53. Truecaller

Truecaller official website. 57 Best Free BeenVerified Alternatives

Another in the list of sites like BeenVerified is TrueCaller. It functions primarily as an incredibly robust caller ID program and can be considered as an option while fetching best BeenVerified free alternatives.


  • It identifies the caller, whoever they may be, and their potential location.
  • On an incoming call, you won’t notice anything like Anonymous or Private Number anymore. Additionally, you can avoid annoying sales calls or calls from wet blankets.
  • TrueCaller has the ability to ban undesirable telemarketers and spam calls in addition to just identifying them.
  • Since it has a vast list of telemarketers and spam callers in your area and surroundings, it handles the majority of them without you having to do anything.
  • You can also create a blocklist to supplement the current spam list. A busy tone will be heard on the other end of the call from the undesirable caller, but you won’t hear anything.
  • You can decide whether or not to get notifications of their calls and search for any name or phone number using TrueCaller.
  • Any number can be entered to retrieve the name associated with it as well as other details like the phone’s carrier and perhaps a profile picture. In certain circumstances, it might not be correct, but in the majority of them, it is.
  • The app is actually more accurate at matching names to numbers and vice versa the more users there are in a certain area.
  • When you enter a name, the app sugests various matches and takes you to the contact page for that person or business. TruCaller will locate a match for any copied name or number from anywhere.
  • You can even know when your friends are accessible for a talk thanks to some presence detection.

54. RealPeopleSearch

Finding all of the information on your target person is the most straightforward process. RealPeopleSearch can grant access to the target’s information with just their name if you’re still looking for sites like BeenVerified.


  • It is a useful method for finding practically any person from your history or close family members.
  • People can use a variety of search tools and programs for either personal or professional needs.
  • They can be used to identify business frauds and imposters who deceive others.
  • These technologies provide you the freedom to see fundamental data for free, including contact details, arrest and criminal histories, potential pictures, and social network profiles.
  • The user must provide the person’s first and last name in order to use the people search tools. Then they list their names along with any pertinent information that is accessible.
  • The search tools are linked to several public databases and records that provide information on the identity of the desired person.
  • No risk exists that the search results may contain inaccurate or misconstrued information.

55. PeopleFinder

PeopleFinder official website

PeopleFinder makes it simple to find out information on your family, neighbors, acquaintances, coworkers, and anyone else in your life and would be a good selection for considering best BeenVerified free alternatives. It includes police records, background checks, social media, photos, assets, contact information, and much more.


  • The website gathers information from specialized sources and presents it to you in one place so you can find it easily.
  • When conducting a background check, PeopleFinder protects your privacy by never informing the subject of your inquiry about any information you may have discovered.
  • Numerous families have been reunited and enabled to reconnect thanks to PeopleFinder for many years.
  • To get the information you’re looking for, the people search database will quickly scan through millions of records.
  • You may locate people using this amazing technology based on a variety of criteria, including name, age, address, and phone number.
  • The most accurate white pages data about anyone you pick will also be available to you from PeopleFinder’s database.
  • PeopleFinder is making connections and transforming lives because it is strong, efficient, and powerful.

56. Tellows

Tellows uses data from its global user base to determine reliable or potentially dangerous calls. It can be considered when fetching for sites like BeenVerified.


  • You can discover information on reported phone numbers from more than 7 million people each month in 50 different countries and take part by joining the Tellows community.
  • To enable spam protection while you are on the go, download the Tellows app for Android and iPhone.
  • By signing up as a Tellows registered user for free, you can edit ratings, make your own blacklist, and access more services.
  • The Tellows shop offers landline solutions for your residence and business. Numerous options are available through the Tellows API.
  • Their database is accessible to the app’s commercial partner. People in more than 47 countries can use Tellows’ services.

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57. Certn

A variety of background checks may be obtained quickly and easily utilizing Certn, a technologically advanced background check service.


  • Certn offers a range of services including identity verification, education verification, credit reports, reference checks, and criminal background checks both domestically and internationally.
  • Businesses may use Certn’s self-service portal to submit numerous background check applications, white-label the self-service interface in any way they choose, and connect Certn with their current workflows and systems via an easy-to-use API.
  • Certn can provide thorough reports using data from more than 150 countries and 200,000 sources thanks to clever technology.
  • In addition to standard background checks, Certn now offers Enhanced Electronic Identity Verification (EID+), which will extract ID data using advanced barcoding and optical character recognition technology and find bogus identities utilizing specialists in verification and AI-powered technology.
  • Workday, Lever, Greenhouse, Workable, and other significant applicant tracking systems (ATS) are just a few of the ATS that Certn connects with.

These were some hell lot but the best BeenVerified free alternatives you can get to turn up your work with competitive features. Hope our list of sites like BeenVerified would prove to be some help to you, do share your valuable feedback. Also, mention your experiences with these apps and websites, and do share any other apps or websites which you feel should’ve been made up to this list that we might have missed out on. Keep reading and we’ll be back with another article.

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