20 Best Android Widgets For Your Homescreen

20 Best Android Widgets For Your Homescreen

The Android operating system is extremely popular. One of the biggest reasons for this is the Google Play Store. The Google Play Store has hundreds of thousands of different applications. These applications cover almost everything that a user could want to do on their phones. This feature on the Android operating system is what has made it the leading operating system on the mobile phone market. It is a convenience that the users get from these applications that really draws them to Android mobile phones. Moreover, many great applications on the Google Play Store also have a widget feature. This widget features greatly increases the already high level of convenience that users get from their Android phones. Moreover, widgets can also improve the overall interface and visual appeal of Android operating systems.

There are many different types of widgets that users can add to their Android phones’ home screens. It ranges from widgets that show the time, important meetings, music control bar, stock market updates, weather updates, and many other things that users need to see at a glance. Unfortunately for users, however, there are so many widgets on the Google Play Store that it can get confusing when deciding which widget to add. 

Moreover, some widgets put a heavy load on the phone’s processor. This can cause the phone and other apps to lag and cause glitches in the system. Therefore, it is very important to know which widgets are perfect for the user’s needs. Having the right widgets can make the Android phone experience perfect. Here are the best Android widgets that users should definitely look to add to their phones.

20 Best Android Widgets For Your Homescreen

1. Dashclock Widget

Dashclock Widget

As the name suggests, Dashclock Widget is for users who want to see the time easily on their home screen. It can sometimes be very difficult to see time on the notification bar as it is very tiny. But Dashclock also has some other great features which allow users to add call history, weather information, and even Gmail notifications with the widget. In a way, Dashclock Widget offers the complete package for Android phones. Thus, it is one of the best Android widgets. 

Download Dashclock Widget

2. Battery Widget Reborn

Battery Widget Reborn

There are few things more frustrating than when a phone’s battery life drains quickly. People might be out for work and could run out of battery without any means to charge their phones. This is why Battery Widget Reborn is a great option that tells users how much longer the phone will run on the current battery and even tells them which apps are consuming a lot of battery. Users can then take the necessary steps to solve this problem.

Download Battery Widget Reborn

3. Beautiful Widgets

Beautiful widhets Free

This is a great widget for Android users to give a more personal feel to their Android Phones. Beautiful Widgets is essentially a widget to give a completely new and refreshing feel to the Android experience. With over 2500 different themes, Beautiful Widgets offers users a plethora of options to beautify their phones. The best part is that Beautiful Widget is completely free, and users can access all of the 2500 different themes.

Beautiful Widget

4. Weather


As the name of the widget clearly states, this Android widget gives the user easy updates for the weather in their local area. It is very similar to the weather application in the old HTC. The widget shows many different things, such as rain prediction, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, etc. The widget grabs its data directly from the 1Weather app, which is a very reliable application. Thus, if someone wants to add a widget to check the weather, the Weather Widget is among the best Android Widgets.

Download Weather

5. Month – Calendar Widget

month Calendar Widget

This is a very cool-looking widget for Android phones. It blends into the home screen of phones very easily and does not ruin the look. Users won’t even recognize anything unseemly if they add this widget. It offers many different and beautiful themes to have the calendar on the home screen itself. It also provides constant updates about upcoming meetings, birthdays, reminders, and other important things. Thus, it is a great calendar widget for Android phones.

Download Month – Calendar Widget

6. 1Weather


While users can download the Weather widget to get the information from the 1Weather app, they can go straight to the source. They can do this by downloading the 1Weather app and placing its widget on the phone’s home screen. Unlike the Weather widget, the 1Weather widget shows many different pieces of information about the weather and has other features, like showing the clock and alarm settings. This is another great widget for Android phones. 

Download 1Weather

7. Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei Live Wallpaper

Wallpapers can be very important to the overall look of a phone. If the wallpaper does not go well with the theme or does not look good overall, it can ruin the overall experience. This is where the Muzei Live Wallpaper widget comes in. Live Wallpaper means that the wallpaper will constantly keep changing and give users new and refreshing experiences. Moreover, users can change the background if they do not like it with a simple tap on the widget. Muzei Live Wallpaper is, thus, another of the best Android widgets.

Download Muzei Live Wallpaper

8. Blue Mail Widget

Email Blue mail

While the All-Messages Widget shows all the different messages from different social media apps, Blue Mail Widgets performs a similar function for another purpose. Many people have multiple email accounts on different websites. This is where the Blue Mail Widget comes in. It organizes all the emails from different apps like Outlook, Gmail, and other email apps and compiles them onto the main screen. Thus, users can easily sort through emails without having to open all the email applications separately.

Download Blue Mail Widget

9. Flashlight+

Flashlight+ | Best Android Widgets

Sometimes, users are walking in a dark area with nothing to illuminate their way. This can be potentially dangerous and injurious to users. While most Android phones have a flashlight feature, it takes a little while to activate it. Users have to unlock their phones, scroll down the notification bar, navigate the quick access icons, and locate the flashlight option. Instead, users can make this process very quick and convenient by installing the Flashlight+ widget on their Android phone. There are no additional features, but it does what it is supposed to do and allows users to switch on the flashlight quickly.

Download Flashlight+

10. Event Flow Calendar Widget

Event Flow Calendar Widget | Best Android Widgets

Event Flow Calendar Widget is essentially a subset of calendar apps and calendar widgets. It does not show the entire calendar. But what it does is that it syncs itself with the calendar app on the Android phone and makes a note of all the upcoming important notes. By placing this widget on the home screen, users can constantly update themselves with any important upcoming events in their lives. In terms of doing this, the Event Flow Calendar Widget is one of the best Android widgets.

Download Event Flow Calendar Widget

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11. My Data Manager

my Data Manager | Best Android Widgets

People often resort to browsing the internet on their phones when they have nothing else to do. If they are not in range of a secure WiFi connection, they have to browse the internet over their mobile data network. But they can quickly run out of their data limit or spend a lot of money by doing so. Thus, it is important to keep an easy track of how much mobile data the user is consuming. My Data Manager widget is a very convenient and easy way to do this. By adding this widget to your home screen, you can easily track local and roaming mobile data consumption and call logs and even messages. 

Download My Data Manager

12. Slider Widget

Slider Widget | Best Android Widgets

Slider Widget suits users who are looking for something new. But it does not offer much in the way of functionality. The slider widget, once the user adds it to the home screen, allows users to control all types of volumes such as phone call volume, music volume, alarm tone volume, and a few others. While users can easily do this with the volume buttons of the phone, the Slider widget is a serviceable replacement if they want to mix things up.

Download Slider Widget

13. Minimalistic Text

Minimalistic Text | Best Android Widgets

The Minimalistic Text widget is a great option for users who want to give their phones a great, new, unique, and beautiful look. Basically, the Minimalistic Text widget allows users to write whatever they want on both Home and Lock screens. They can use the widget to look at the clock display, battery bar, and even weather tabs. Thus, Minimalistic Text is one of the best Android widgets to give a great new look to mobile phones. 

Download Minimalistic Text

14. Fancy Widgets

Fancy Widgets | Best Android Widgets

This might be the complete widget for Android phones. If a user gets Fancy Widgets for their phone, they unlock a range of different customization options. Users can literally get any of the most popular widgets such as weather, clock, calendar, forecast, and many more different types of customizations that make the user’s experience better.

Download Fancy Widget

15. Clock Widget

Clock Widget

The name is quite simple and is very revealing about the essential functions of the app. The clock widget is for users who want a larger display of time on their home screen instead of the small indicator at the top of the screen. Users can use the Clock Widget to put up many different time displays in multiple different types of fonts. These different options of time displays really give a great look at Android phones. Thus, Clock Widget is also one of the best Android widgets. 

Download Clock Widget

16. Sticky Notes+ widget

Sticky Notes + Widget

Those that use Windows operating system laptops are very familiar with Sticky Notes. It is a great and convenient way for users to make short notes and keep memos. Thus, Android phone users should also look to get the Sticky Notes+ widget for their phones. This way, they can keep important notes and memos right on their home screen, and they can even color-code them in order of importance. This way, users can get easy access to important information that they store on their notes. 

Download Sticky Notes + Widget

17. Weawow


Weawow is another great widget for people who like to keep up with the weather in their local area. The widget is completely free, and unlike a few other free widgets, it also does not have advertisements. Weawow also likes to give users a good experience by giving the weather forecast along with pictures. Thus, if users get this free widget, they can easily keep up with the weather forecasts in a visually appealing manner with pictures.

Download Weawow

18. Contacts Widget

Contacts Widget

The contacts widget is essentially for people who want to make calls and send messages with a lot of ease and convenience. If users get this widget for their Android phones, they can easily have quick calling and texting widgets for important contacts right on their home screens. The widget also does not hinder the visuals of the phone. It is a great widget to communicate with people quickly. Thus, the Contacts Widget is another of the best Android widgets. 

Download Contacts Widget

19. Google Keep Notes

Google Keep

Google Keep Notes is another great widget to easily store important information and maintain notes right on the home screen. Moreover, Google Keep Notes is also great for taking voice notes. The quick-use widget allows users to see the important notes and even create new notes, either by typing or through voice notes directly using the widget and without opening the Keep Notes application.

Download Google Keep Notes

20. HD Widgets

The first thing to know about HD Widgets is that users can not use this widget for free. The widget costs $0.99, and there a few extra plugins that cost an extra $0.99. HD Widgets is essentially a combination of a clock widget and a weather widget. Many other widgets try to do this but can not get the mix of the two features right. However, HD Widgets pull it off perfectly, drawing weather updates from AccuWeather, which is very reliable. The clock display of the widget is also very good and visually appealing. Thus HD Widgets is another of the best Android widgets.

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The above list contains all of the best widgets that will satisfy the different needs that users might have from a widget. The advantage of widgets is that they make it very easy and convenient for users to perform some tasks, and all of the widgets in the above list do that perfectly. Users need to identify which widgets they need and for which purpose. Then they can choose their pick of great widgets from above and enjoy the great experience on their phones as they are all the best Android widgets.

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