20 Best Android Widgets for Your Home Screen

Stay active and on time with these great Android widget apps!

It won’t be a stretch if we say that widgets are literally godsend tools. Not only do they make your life easy by providing access to the most useful apps right from your fingertip, but also help in increasing productivity and staying on schedule. However, Android phones come with limited options. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best widgets that you can download, install, customize, and use on the Android home screen.  

Android Widgets for Your Home Screen

Best Android Widgets for Your Home Screen

Whether you’re a tech-savvy enthusiast or simply looking to add some flair to your device, we’ve curated a handpicked selection of the most delightful and functional widgets that will transform your home screen into a captivating and personalized digital canvas.

1. Widget 2023: Aesthetic WidgetsWidget 2023: Aesthetic Widgets | best aesthetic widget apps for Android Home Screen

Widget 2023 – Widget Themes is a powerful and versatile Widget Editor for Android, allowing users to create and customize their own unique widgets for the home screen. With a vast collection of free widgets, including weather, clock, photo, calendar, note, contact, battery, and countdown widgets, users can personalize their home screen to their liking.

  • Easily create and customize widgets with a user-friendly interface, including colors, fonts, styles, and backgrounds.
  • Choose from various weather widget styles, including iOS-like weather widgets, date and time displays, and 5-day forecast widgets.
  • Select from different clock widget styles and sizes, such as analog, dual time, Google Pixel-style, and digital clock widgets.
  • Add favorite photos to the home screen with photo widgets that can rotate images over time.
  • Access notes and lists directly from the home screen with customizable note widgets.

2. Locket Widget

Locket Widget

Locket Widget is a unique and heartwarming app that brings you closer to your best friends by displaying live photos from each other right on your Home Screen. With Locket, you can share special moments and stay connected with your closest friends throughout the day.

  • Add the Locket widget to your Home Screen and instantly receive photos from your best friends whenever they send them.
  • Connect with up to 20 close friends, keeping your circle small and meaningful without worrying about follower counts or likes.
  • React to your friends’ photos with Locket reactions, creating a fun and authentic way to show you saw their images without public tracking or filters.

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3. Widgetable: Social Widgets

Widgetable: Social Widgets

Widgetable is an innovative widget app designed to enhance connections between friends and couples by offering social widgets for sharing affection and emotions on the home screen. With real-time distance tracking, status updates, cute notes, and a “Miss You” widget, Widgetable brings people closer and adds a touch of adorableness to the phone screen.

  • Stay connected with friends or partners by knowing their real-time distance from your location.
  • Show your care and support by displaying the other person’s latest status and mood on the home screen.
  • Express your love and affection every time you miss someone with a simple tap on the Miss You button, making them feel your presence even when apart.

4. Widgets iOS 16 – Color Widgets

Widgets iOS 16 - Color Widgets | best aesthetic widget apps for Android Home Screen

Widgets iOS 16 – Color Widgets is a fantastic app that allows users to customize their home screen with iOS 16-style widgets. With a powerful widgetsmith tool, users can personalize each widget, add favorite photos, edit fonts, and create unique color schemes for a stunning and aesthetic home screen.

  • Edit and personalize small, medium, and large widgets with various fonts and colors to match your style.
  • Access a wide range of useful widgets, including step and calories counter, battery level, calendar, digital clock, weather, motivational quotes, and more.
  • Enjoy amazing premium features to fully customize all widgets, weather widgets, and color clocks with weather info.

5. Widget Lab

Widget Lab

Widget Lab is a versatile application that brings together various widgets to personalize your home screen and gather useful information from different fields. With widgets like System Info, Daily Poems, Count Down, and Slack Off, users can enhance their home screen experience and stay informed about important dates and system status.

  • Personalize and design your home screen with ease, tailoring it to your preferences.
  • Access widgets like System Info to check phone status, Daily Poems for literary inspiration, Count Down to remember important dates, and Slack Off to make the waiting time more enjoyable.
  • Widget Lab is continuously adding more widgets, promising future updates, and an expanding collection of functionalities.

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6. Widgetshare


Widgetshare is a delightful app that allows users to share home screen widgets with friends and loved ones, creating a magical experience where changing the picture on the widget updates it for everyone else too. With cross-platform compatibility, users can send pictures to widgets on both iOS and Android devices, making it easy to connect and share memories with others.

  • Share personalized home screen widgets with friends and loved ones, instantly updating the picture for everyone whenever changes are made.
  • Send pictures to widgets on both iOS and Android devices, making it convenient to connect with friends using different platforms.
  • Utilize the built-in drawing tools to create artistic masterpieces for sharing on the widgets, adding a personal touch to the experience.

7. Audio Widget pack

Audio Widget pack | best aesthetic widget apps for Android Home Screen

The Audio Widget pack is a game-changer for audio players, providing sleek and functional widgets that allow users to control their music directly from the launcher. With support for various players, including Stellio Music Player and Poweramp, users can enjoy seamless integration and enhance their music listening experience.

  • Sleek widgets enable users to control audio playback, and access tracks, folders, albums, and more directly from the launcher.
  • Each widget pack comes with a carefully selected wallpaper, allowing users to download and set it as a background for their launcher, further enhancing the visual experience.

8. Palette: Home Screen Setups

Palette: Home Screen Setups

Palette is a fantastic app that serves as a hub for beautifully designed and highly customized home screen setups. With a user-friendly interface, users can easily find inspiration and access all the necessary information, such as icon packs, widgets, and wallpapers, to replicate their favorite setups on their own phones. Additionally, users can submit their unique home screen setups for a chance to be featured on the Sam Beckman YouTube channel.

  • Discover and swipe through a collection of stunning and personalized home screen setups for inspiration.
  • Direct links are provided for all the components needed, making it convenient to replicate setups on your own device.

9. Contacts Widget

Contacts Widget

Contacts Widget is a top-notch app offering an extensive collection of over 50 amazing widgets for various devices. With 6 types of single widgets, 3 types of group widgets, and a folder widget for convenient categorization, users can easily call, chat, and access contacts in a flexible and personalized way. The app also provides integration with 10 messengers and social networks, energy efficiency to conserve battery power, and a user guide for easy setup and usage.

  • Choose from over 50 widgets, including singles and group widgets, with options for folder categorization.
  • Connect with contacts via various messengers and social networks, and enjoy quick access to call, SMS, email, and chat functions.
  • Personalize widgets with masks, fonts, and other settings for your preferred design, creating an aesthetically pleasing and efficient contact display on your device.

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10. Battery Widget Reborn

Battery Widget Reborn | best aesthetic widget apps for Android Home Screen

Battery Widget Reborn is an essential app for Android users seeking to monitor and optimize their device’s battery performance. Its home screen widget provides a circle battery level indicator, perfectly fitting the pure Android design. It is one of the best aesthetic widget apps for Android. With detailed battery info and status bar notifications, users can stay informed about their battery health and charging status. The app also offers extended notification support with customizable texts, along with a charging and discharging chart for a comprehensive view of battery usage.

  • Circle battery level indicator with pure Android design.
  • Access battery information and shortcuts to various settings.
  • Multiple icon styles, battery prediction, and customizable texts for better monitoring.

11. Beautiful Widgets Free

Beautiful Free

Beautiful Widgets is a must-have app for Android users looking to personalize their home screen and add a unique touch to their devices. It is one of the most useful free Android Home Screen widgets. With its multiple customizable widgets and a vast collection of themes available on the Play Store, users can easily express their individuality.

  • Choose from a variety of widget sizes and styles to fit your preferences.
  • Access over 2,500 themes to give your home screen a fresh and personalized look.
  • Get comprehensive weather information for your preferred city, including weather forecasts and more.
  • Unlock additional features like weather forecasts for multiple cities, weather information from Weather Underground or Accuweather, and interactive screensavers (DayDream) with weather notifications from around the world.

12. Weather


The Weather Widget is a highly reliable and convenient tool for Android users to stay informed about their local weather conditions. With precise positioning, it provides accurate forecasts for thousands of cities and towns worldwide, ensuring you’re prepared for any weather changes. The widget’s clean and simple flat UI design adds a refreshing touch to your home screen.

  • Get precise weather updates for your current location up to 12 days ahead.
  • Stay informed about hourly changes, sunrise, and sunset times, humidity, precipitation probability, visibility, and wind speed.
  • Access weather information for thousands of cities and towns worldwide, tailored to your pace and travel plans.

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13. Month – Calendar Widget

Month – Calendar

Month is a fantastic calendar widget for Android that enhances the home screen with its modern and beautiful design. With seamless integration, it effortlessly complements any home screen layout, providing a convenient way to stay organized and up-to-date.

  • Choose from over 80 hand-crafted themes for a visually appealing calendar display.
  • View calendar events, friends’ birthdays, and upcoming reminders directly from the widget.
  • Select which calendars to show, ensuring a personalized and organized experience.6.

14. Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei Live Wallpaper | best aesthetic widget apps for Android Home Screen

Muzei Live Wallpaper is an exceptional Android widget that refreshes your home screen with famous works of art or your own favorite photos, creating a dynamic and visually appealing experience. With its ability to blur and dim artwork, it ensures icons and widgets remain prominent while offering users the freedom to explore and customize their wallpaper.

  • Enjoy famous works of art on your home screen, refreshed daily, creating a visually stimulating environment.
  • Select and rotate your favorite photos from your gallery or other apps, keeping your wallpaper fresh and personalized.

15. Blue Mail Widget

Blue Mail

Blue Mail Widget is a powerful and secure email app for Android users, offering a beautifully designed and ad-free interface to manage multiple email accounts effortlessly. It supports various providers, including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and more, with smart push notifications and group emailing capabilities.

  • Access and sync multiple inboxes from different providers in one convenient interface.
  • Utilize BlueMail GEM AI, powered by OpenAI ChatGPT, to write emails, suggest responses, and summarize content.
  • Access and manage your calendar events directly within the app for seamless organization.
  • Enjoy unique functions like People Toggle, Group Mail, and Email Clusters to efficiently manage your inbox.
  • Benefit from industry-leading encryption and direct communication with email providers, ensuring your data remains protected.

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16. Minimalistic Text

Minimalistic Text

Minimalistic Text is a widget app that presents information in a simple, elegant way, customizable through the layout editor. It is one of the most useful free Android Home Screen widgets. It can display time, date, battery, and weather details, giving users a unique and beautiful home and lock screen experience.

  • A highly customizable layout editor allows users to design their widgets with time, date, battery, and weather information.
  • Users can create a unique and minimalist appearance for their home and lock screens, giving their phones a fresh and stylish makeover.

17. Sticky Notes+ widget

Sticky Notes+ widget | best aesthetic widget apps for Android Home Screen

Sticky Notes + Widget is a simple yet powerful app that offers a memo organizer with resizable widgets for the home screen. Users can create handwritten and drawn notes, share them, set reminders, and organize them with folders and sub-folders. The app also provides password protection and customizable features like different fonts and transparency.

  • Resizable widgets allow users to place sticky notes on their home screen for easy access.
  • Users can create handwritten and drawn notes, organize them with folders, and schedule reminders.
  • The app offers customizable features like fonts and transparency and provides password protection for added security.

18. Weather & Widget – Weawow

Weather– Weawow

Weawow is an ad-free weather app featuring stunning photos reflecting the current weather. It is one of the best aesthetic widget apps for Android. It offers detailed weather data and customizable layouts to display various information like temperature, rain, wind, UV index, and more.

  • Experience weather forecasts with visually appealing and location-specific photos taken by photographers worldwide.
  • Choose what weather data to display, customize the layout, and select your favorite theme for a personalized weather experience.

19. Calendar Widget Month + Agenda

Calendar Month + Agenda

Calendar Widget Month + Agenda is a highly customizable widget that combines month view and agenda view, providing a clear overview of your events on the Home screen. It supports Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Facebook events, and contact birthdays, with colorful event markers and a clean design resembling the HTC Calendar Widget.

  • Get a comprehensive view of your events in a single widget, allowing for better planning and organization.
  • Compatible with various calendar apps from the Play Store, ensuring seamless integration with your preferred calendar services.
  • Easily identify events on the month grid, making it convenient to spot important dates and appointments at a glance.

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20. Another Widget

Another Widget | best aesthetic widget apps for Android Home Screen

Another Widget v2 is a redesigned and improved version of the popular widget app. It is one of the most useful free Android Home Screen widgets. It intelligently presents essential information like upcoming events and weather in an elegant and intuitive manner. Users can customize the displayed information and widget components to suit their preferences.

  • The app has been rewritten to improve performance and address user feedback, offering a smoother experience.
  • Users have the flexibility to personalize the displayed information and widget components, ensuring a tailored experience on their home screens.

By exploring the best home screen widgets Android has to offer, you can create a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality, making your device truly your own. The advantage of widgets is that they make it very easy and convenient for users to perform some tasks, and all the widgets in the above list do that perfectly. Users just need to identify the purpose and pick one from the list above.

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