20 Best Day Counter Apps for Android

Keep your calendar, events and schedule on track with best day counter apps for Android devices.

If your busy schedule prevents you from remembering important dates, then maybe you are in need of a day counter app on your Android device. Read on further to discover some of the best day counter widget apps for Android and their impressive features.
Best Day Counter Apps

Best Day Counter Apps for Android

Whether it is your best friend’s wedding or a product launch of your start-up, a day counter app can help you organize your day in the best possible way. A day counter widget for Android will assist you in everything from setting reminders to planning your schedule. So let us dive into this list of the best day counter app for Android.

1. Days Counter

Days Counter

Day Counter helps users in keeping track of the duration of time between one occasion and another. The app is free to download for Android users. Nonetheless, you can always get more features with in-app purchases. This app is loaded with numerous features which land it in the list of the best day counter widget for Android.

  • It is a straightforward and useful utility that gives users a precise countdown to significant dates or milestones.
  • It has a simple and intuitive interface that enables users to rapidly set up.
  • Even users have the option to create numerous countdowns at once, each with a different title, date, and time.
  • It is especially helpful for people who want to be proactive and organized.
  • It has the capacity to notify users when a countdown hits a specific point.

2. Countdown Widget

Countdown Widget | best day counter app Android

Countdown Widget was created to assist users in keeping track of deadlines and significant events by establishing countdown timers. You can add as many events as your schedule demands. With its numerous features and amazing sticker collection, this can be your best day counter widget for Android.

  • This app is accessible for Android devices.
  • Users can make numerous countdown timers for a variety of occasions, including meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, exams, and more.
  • Each event can have its name and date customized by the user.
  • The users of the app can also add notes and images to each occasion, making it simpler to recall crucial information and preparations.
  • The app is made to be straightforward to use, and intuitive and it has a user-friendly interface, with instructions that are easy to understand.

3. Day Counter – Count Up & Down

Day Counter - Count Up & Down

If you have a special event coming and you think it can easily slip from your mind, then you should try Day Counter – Count Up & Down. This best-day counter app for Android comes with two different modes which are count up and count down. Although it is completely free to download and install, you can enjoy in-app purchases to access more features.

  • It is available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • The users of the application can input the beginning and end dates of a specific event using the application’s straightforward and user-friendly interface.
  • When the dates are entered, the application will determine how many days there are between them and show the result.
  • It also has extra functions like notifications and reminders.
  • The users can make reminders for significant dates and occasions, and the app will notify users of impending events.

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4. Time Until: Countdown and Widget

Time Until

Time Until can be used to keep note of approaching deadlines or events. Using this app, users can quickly set up countdowns using the application’s straightforward interface. Due to its ease of use, it is accessible on both the Android and iOS platforms.

  • Users can also create numerous countdowns at once, and they can alter the background images, fonts, and colors of each countdown individually.
  • Time Until automatically notifies when an event is near.
  • This app offers a full-size widget as well as a small widget to suit different size home screens.

5. Countdown Time

Countdown Time

This app is a useful instrument that keeps people organized and informed of impending events. Moreover, users can create countdowns for their occasions that can be tailored to their specific requirements.

  • Countdown Time lets you track multiple events as per your requirement.
  • It offers a fully customizable widget.
  • The app comes with numerous themes to make customization a piece of cake.
  • It sends daily countdown notifications.

6. TheDayBefore

TheDayBefore | best day counter app Android

TheDayBefore is an adaptable application that can be used by both individuals and big organizations. Whether it is an important exam or a long-awaited sale on your favorite brand, TheDayBefore covers everything. You can download and install it on your device for free and enjoy its never-ending list of features.

  • It alarms users on every 7th, 3rd, 5th, and 1st day of the event.
  • You can experiment with the available collection of background effects, stickers, fonts, and text colors.
  • This app lets you share your events with friends and family.
  • TheDayBefore features a group-sharing setting that you can use to group multiple similar-looking events together.
  • The users of the app can also make reminders for particular tasks, helping them to remain on task and meet due dates.
  • The app can also offer suggestions for methods to cut costs and stick to a set spending limit.

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7. Countdown Star

Countdown Star

With a great rating on the Google Play Store, Countdown Star appears as one of the best day counter apps for Android. It helps users in designing and planning events, deadlines, or other similar occasions with ease. People who struggle with remembering dates have started using the app in greater numbers. After all, it has the ability to make event countdowns that can be customized.

  • The users can text or post their countdown on social media to send to their loved ones.
  • They can also program reminders to notify them when the occasion is about to happen.
  • People with busy schedules who need to be informed of important dates will find this feature to be of particular use.
  • The users of Countdown Star can manage all of their countdowns in one location using my events function.

8. Dreamdays Countdown

Dreamdays Countdown | day counter widget Android

Dreamdays Countdown lets users keep note of and countdown to milestone occasions in their lives. The best part about this day counter widget for Android is that it lets you sort your events by priority and importance. Nonetheless, you will able to customize each event via a number of features. It is definitely on the list of the best day counter app for Android.

  • It has five default categories.
  • Users can customize their countdowns by adding pictures, special labels, and personalized notes.
  • The software also includes a widget that the user can add to their home screen to view their countdowns quickly.
  • It automatically sets reminders for forthcoming events.
  • Users can select to receive emails or push alerts reminding them of their countdowns, making sure they never again forget a significant date.

9. Days Matter – Countdown Event

Days Matter - Countdown Event | best day counter app Android

Days Matter can keep note of significant occasions and life milestones. The simplicity of the program is one of its standout qualities. By entering a title, choosing a date, and selecting an icon to represent the event, users can swiftly and easily make a new event. Furthermore, users can set reminders for forthcoming events, ensuring that they have plenty of time to make the required preparations.

  • Days Matter supports multiple widget options.
  • It offers passcode protection for enhanced safety.
  • You can pin your most important events in chronological order.
  • Numerous customization choices are available.
  • Days Matter can sync events between various platforms.

10. Exam Countdown Lite

Exam Countdown Lite

Exam Countdown Lite was created to help students keep track of impending tests and homework. This one of the best day counter apps for Android devices offers a variety of customization choices in addition to the countdown timer, enabling users to change the notification sound, background color, and font size.

  • It can be obtained for free and works with both iOS and Android devices.
  • To view all of their exams and assignments, users can swipe left or right.
  • They can tap an object to view more information.
  • You can use this app to organize all exam dates in one place.
  • Exam Countdown lets you share your exam on Facebook and Twitter.

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11. Event Countdown Widget

Event Countdown Widget

Event Countdown Widget is a day counter widget for Android that enables you to make a countdown timer for any upcoming occasion. The countdown timer can be easily set up and customized thanks to the widget’s user-friendly interface, which is straightforward and easy to use.

  • Users can customize widget styles and designs by selecting from a wide range of colors, fonts, and graphics to suit their individual tastes and the subject of their event.
  • It offers up to six counting modes.
  • Event Countdown is available for free.
  • You can unlock more features with its paid premium version.
  • The app is available in multiple languages.
  • You can pick any of the three widget sizes including 1 x 1, 2 x 1, and 3 x 1.

12. CDT: Day Counter (Countdown)

CDT: Day Counter | day counter widget Android

A computer program called CDT Day Counter is intended to help users maintain track of the number of days that have passed since a particular date or event. People can use CDT Day Counter to keep note of how many days have passed since they gave up smoking, started a new job, or started a weight loss program.

  • CDT is easy to use and has an intuitive layout.
  • It maintains an organized track of your past events as history.
  • It places custom widgets on your screen for more efficiency.

13. Time Left – Countdown Widget

Time Left – Countdown Widget | best day counter app Android

Time Left was created to assist users in successfully managing their time. Using this app, you can actually see how many days are left for something you have been waiting for so long. When you create an event on Time Left, you can also enter a name, date, time, and icon. The app offers a number of features that let users tailor their experience to meet their unique needs.

  • Users can become more productive, feel less stressed, and manage their time more effectively in this manner.
  • You can view all events along with their countdown on the app home screen.
  • Users can set reminders, make to-do lists, and monitor their progress toward finishing particular chores.

14. Hurry – Daily Countdown

Hurry - Daily Countdown

Hurry lets users create countdowns to help them remember deadlines and significant occasions. It is a great app to remain organized and ensure that you do not miss deadlines or important events. Moreover, owing to its features, this app is helpful for people with demanding timetables and many responsibilities.

  • You can use the convenience of repeated events rather than setting up the same thing every month.
  • Hurry lets you back up and sync between multiple devices.
  • It has GIFs to make your experience more fun.

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15. Time Since: Multi Time Counter

Time Since: Multi Time Counter | day counter widget Android

Time Since keeps track of the amount of time that has gone since a specific event or significant milestone. You can use it to track fitness goals, personal goals, or professional goals like a pro.

  • Time Since offers widgets for your device.
  • Once the timer is set, the software will show the remaining time in a clear format, like 2 days, 5 hours, and 36 minutes.
  • This app features no ads.
  • The paid pro version of the app lets you set up push notifications when the countdown is near your goal.
  • You can easily customize time counters using your favorite colors.

16. Big Days – Events Countdown

Big Days – Events Countdown | best day counter app Android

Big Day is a program created to assist users in keeping accounts of significant occasions, milestones, and dates in their lives. Users can enter a variety of events into the app, including birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and special occasions, and set reminders for each event.

  • The app can be downloaded from each platform’s app store and is accessible for both iOS and Android users.
  • Big Days have a user-friendly UI with a simple layout and functional features.
  • By easily tapping the + button and entering the necessary details, including the name, date, and time, users can add events to the application.
  • The users of the application can further customize the event by adding a picture, a location, and notes.
  • The app automatically notifies once the event is near.
  • Big Days let you set any number of events as your life demands.
  • You can share your planned events on social media platforms.

17. The Big Day: Wedding Planner

The Big Day: Wedding Planner

Although the app specifically suggests a wedding planner in its name, you can use it for other purposes too. It acts as a fully-fledged planner which you can simply carry with you to any part of the world on your device. The Big Day is quite simple and easy to use which makes it among the most preferred options for beginners, making it one of the best day counter apps for Android devices.

  • You can create multiple event countdowns.
  • This app does not feature ads.
  • You can invite contacts and collaborate for more efficient planning.
  • The Big Day helps you financially by featuring a budget planner.
  • It has easy to-do lists and checklists.

18. Sober Time- Sober Day Counter

Sober Time- Sober Day Counter

With the Sober Time app, you get to your quit-drinking journey with ease and make things better. By looking at your progress, you can further gain motivation to reduce substance addictions.

  • Sober Time is available for Android users only.
  • This best day counter app for Android paid features to upgrade your experience.
  • It comes with a sober day counter and tracker.
  • You can use it to track multiple addictions.
  • Sober Time shares motivational messages to keep your hustle game strong.
  • You can easily share your progress.

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19. Days to | Countdown

Days to | Countdown | best day counter app Android

As the name itself speaks, Days to | Countdown helps you to countdown day by day to one of the biggest and most important events of your life. It is pretty easy to use and fairly simple which makes it one of the most preferred options among others.

  • This app displays special days on the home screen of your device.
  • You can customize it to your liking with different fonts, colors, and frames.
  • It sends notifications so you never miss anything important.
  • You can create a backup of your events.
  • This app lets you share your progress with friends and family.

20. Love Days Counter- Calendar

Love Days Counter- Calendar | day counter widget Android

This is a perfect day counter widget for couples who like to keep track of everything big and small. From your next date to the number of days you have been apart, Love Days Counter helps you with everything.

  • It reminds you about all upcoming events, anniversaries, and parties.
  • You can plan your beautiful and adventurous future using the app.
  • Love Days Counter acts like a love diary where you can write your feelings and so much more.
  • This app features numerous backgrounds and wallpapers for easy customization.

By now you must have understood that the best day counter app for Android is a useful resource for remembering key dates and forthcoming events. These apps can make your life easier and more convenient by simply taking over the countdown part so you can say goodbye to stress. Thank their customizable features and a beginner-friendly UI, you can stay organized like never before.

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