How to Sync Google Calendar with Outlook

In the modern corporate society, calendars dictate the way a person leads his life. By storing all your appointments and meetings in a single location, the calendar has managed to speed up life and boost productivity. However, the problems don’t seem to end here. With multiple organizations using different platforms for their calendars, users are lost as they can’t seem to integrate these calendars together. If this sounds like your problem, read ahead to figure out how to sync Google Calendar with Outlook.

How to Sync Google Calendar with Outlook

How to Sync Google Calendar with Outlook

Why Should I Sync My Calendars?

For everyone who has a tight schedule, calendars work as lifesavers, guiding you through your day and planning your next. But if you have multiple calendars containing different schedules, your perfectly planned day could quickly turn into a nightmare. In situations like these integrating calendars becomes extremely important. If you happen to use Google Calendar and Outlook, the two most popular calendar services out there, then consider yourself lucky. This guide will help you add your Google Calendar to your Outlook account and save you a considerable amount of time.

Method 1: Import Google Calendar Dates into Outlook

Exportability among calendars has allowed users to transfer data from one calendar to another. This method allows the user to export calendar dates from Google Calendar to Outlook using an iCal format link.

1. On your browser, and head onto the Google Calendar Open the calendar associated with your Google account.

2. On the bottom left side of your screen, you will find a panel titled ‘My Calendars.’

3. Find the calendar you want to export and click on the three dots on its right.

Find the Calendar you want to share and click on the three dots | How to Sync Google Calendar with Outlook

4. Click on ‘Settings and Sharing’ to continue.

From the options select, settings and sharing

5. This will open the Calendar Settings. First, under the ‘Access permissions’ panel, make the calendar available to the public. Only then can you share it with other platforms.

Enable make available to public | How to Sync Google Calendar with Outlook

6. Thereafter, scroll down to the ‘Integrate Calendar’ panel and click on the link with the title ‘Public Address in iCal format.’

Copy ICAL link

7. Right-click on the highlighted link and copy it to your clipboard.

8. Open the Outlook application on your PC.

9. Click on the Calendar icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to open all calendars associated with your Outlook account.

Click on Calendar icon in Outlook | How to Sync Google Calendar with Outlook

10. In the home panel on the taskbar, click on the ‘Open Calendar’ dropdown list and from the available options, click on ‘From Internet.’

Click on Open calendar and select from the internet

11. Paste the link you copied in the new text box and click on ‘Ok’

Paste the ICAL link in the text box

12. A window will appear asking you if you want to add the calendar and subscribe to updates. Click on ‘Yes.’

Click on Yes to complete the process

13. Your Google Calendar will now appear in your Outlook account. Note that you cannot change entries in the Google calendar through Outlook, but any changes you make through the original platform will be reflected on Outlook as well.

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Method 2: Sync Outlook with Google Calendar

If the purpose of syncing two calendars is just to get all your schedules in one place, then syncing your Outlook with your Google is also a viable option. Here’s how you can add your Outlook Calendar to your Google account:

1. Open Outlook and then open the calendars window.

2. In the home panel on the taskbar, click on ‘Publish Online’ and then select ‘Publish this calendar.’

Click on Publish online and then publish this calendar

3. You will be redirected to the browser version of Outlook. You may have to sign in if you haven’t previously.

4. Here, the ‘Shared calendars’ menu will already be open.

5. Go to the ‘Publish a calendar’ and select a calendar and the permissions. Then click on ‘Publish.’

6. Once published, a few links will appear below the panel. Click on the ICS link and copy it to your clipboard.

Copy the ICS link that is generated

7. Open Google Calendars and on the panel titled ‘Other Calendars’ click on the plus icon and then click on ‘From URL.’

In Google Calendar, click add

8. In the text box, enter the URL you just copied and click on ‘Add Calendar.’

Paste the calendar link and add it to your calendar

9. Your Outlook Calendar will be synced with your Google Calendar.

Method 3: Use third-party services to Sync both Calendars

While the methods mentioned above work to a great extent, certain third-party applications take integration between the two services to a different level. Here are the top third-party services to import Google Calendar to Outlook:

  1. Zapier: Zapier is one of the finest services that allows users to integrate various online platforms. The app can be set up for free and offers a wide range of customizable options for calendar integrations.
  2. CalendarBridge: CalendarBridge allows you to add and operate multiple calendars simultaneously. The app does not have a free version, but is affordable and offers a great deal of functionality.
  3. G-Suite Sync: The G-Suite Sync feature is one of the most prominent features of Google Suite. Google Suite or G-Suite is an additional paid feature offered by Google that provides users with a wide range of additional features. Although the service is paid, it has a special feature specifically aimed at syncing Google Calendar with Microsoft accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I sync my Gmail calendar with Outlook?

Your Gmail calendar is the same as your Google Calendar There are various services that have been created with the intention of letting users sync their Gmail and Outlook Calendars. BY using services such as Zapier, you can connect your Google calendar to your Outlook account.

Q2. Can you import Google Calendar into Outlook?

Most online calendar services give users the option to export and import other calendars. By creating an ICS link of your Google calendar, you can share it with various other calendar services including Outlook.

Q3. How do I sync my Google calendar with Outlook and smartphones automatically?

Once you have synced your Google calendar with Outlook through your PC, the process will automatically occur on your smartphone. Thereafter, any changes you make on your Google Calendar, even through your smartphone, will be reflected on your Outlook account.


With that, you have managed to integrate your Google and Outlook calendars. In the busy schedule of the modern employee, having a combined calendar containing all your appointments is a true blessing. Hopefully, this article helped you understand how to sync Google Calendar with Outlook. If you come across any difficulties along the way, reach out to us through the comments section and we will help you out.

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