Windows 11 Copilot Icon Not Showing: Causes and Fixes

Bring back the Copilot to your PC!

If you’re a Windows 11 user, you may have noticed that the Copilot icon is missing from your taskbar. This can be frustrating if you rely on the feature to quickly access your files and settings. There are several reasons why the Copilot icon may not be showing up, including a corrupted system file, outdated drivers, or a conflict with another program. In this article, we will explore some of the most common causes of the missing Copilot icon and provide step-by-step instructions on how to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Windows 11 Copilot Icon Not Showing Causes and Fixes

Why Can’t I Find the Copilot on My Laptop After the Update?

Here are some reasons why the Copilot icon might have disappeared:

  • You are not logged in to your Microsoft Account
  • Copilot might not be accessible in your region.
  • Current software update might have bugs or conflicts
  • Copilot might not be compatible with this Windows version

Quick Answer

Initiate a complete shutdown by using Command Prompt as an admin. Just type the following command: shutdown /s /t 0 and hit Enter, the system will perform a full shutdown.

Method 1: Check If Copilot is Available in Your Country

At present, the Windows Copilot is available in North America, South America, the UK, and parts of Asia.

If you are in a region where it is not available, change the country settings on your Windows PC to the United States and use a VPN on your Windows 11 PC to access Copilot.

However, if you are somewhere the Copilot is available but still, its icon is still missing, disable VPN, proxies, Firewalls, or other network-modifying tools on your PC.

Method 2: Re-login in Microsoft Account

Authentication troubles sometimes obstruct Windows services on the PC. 

Although re-logging into your Microsoft Account might not directly fix the discussed issue, it can refresh your account settings and potentially resolve software glitches which may be why the Windows 11 Copilot icon is not showing.

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Method 3: Enable Copilot on Windows 11

You can manually enable the Copilot feature after installing the latest Windows update. Once enabled, the icon will be back on the system tray.

1. Open Settings, move to the Personalization tab, and click on Taskbar in the right pane.

2. Turn the toggle on Copilot (preview).

Toggle on Copilot (preview)

Method 4: Use Run Dialog Box

As a workaround, you can run the command to open Copilot whenever required.

Although it does not fix the issue permanently, it can help you access the Copilot.

1. Press the Win + R keys together to open the Run dialog box.

2. Type the following command into the dialog box:


type the command

3. Press Enter to execute the command.

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Method 5: Uninstall Windows Update

As the Copilot icon has disappeared after the last Windows update, you can roll back to the earlier build or perform a clean install of Windows

However, before proceeding with either option, we suggest you back up your data to prevent any potential loss.

1. Open the Control Panel on your Windows PC, and click on the Uninstall a program option under Programs.

2. In the left panel, click on View installed updates.

3. From the list of installed updates, click on Uninstall next to the latest Windows update.

From the list of installed updates, click on Uninstall next to the latest Windows update

Last Resort: Reinstall Copilot via ViVeTool

If nothing helps, you can use ViVeTool, an open-source app to force install Copilot. 

ViveTool is available on GitHub and you can download it from there.

1. Once downloaded, extract the folder to your preferred location and rename it to ViveTool.

2. Run the command prompt as administrator and click on Yes in the UAC prompt to proceed.

3. In the elevated Command Prompt window, type the following command cd C:\ViveTool and press Enter.

type the command

4. Now execute the following command:

vivetool /enable /id:44774629,44850061,44776738,42105254,41655236

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We hope our guide will help you fix the Windows 11 Copilot icon not showing issue.

If you have any queries or suggestions for us, share them with us in the comments and stay tuned to TechCult for solutions to more such tech-related errors.

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