How to Create AI Music Using Microsoft Copilot with Suno Integration

Unleash the music genius inside you with Microsoft Copilot and Suno!

In collaboration with Cambridge-based AI music firm Suno, Microsoft’s AI chatbot Copilot has made a breakthrough  by offering the on-demand creation of AI-generated music. Suno can produce entire songs, even add instrumentals, and lyrics, using  one syllable. Amazing, isn’t it? So, how do you create your own AI music using Microsoft Copilot? Let’s answer this million-dollar question!

How to Create AI Music Using Microsoft Copilot with Suno Integration

How to Create AI Music Using Microsoft Copilot with Suno Integration

Now you can bring your musical ideas to life without the need to sing or play any instrument. This invention fits perfectly with the current trend of large tech companies pursuing AI musical instruments.

Here’s how you can create AI music with Suno using Copilot:

1. Sign in to Microsoft Copilot on Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Note: Make sure you’re signed in to your Microsoft Account.

2. Click on Plugins in the top-right corner.

3. Turn the toggle on

  • for Suno plugin
  • or select the Make music with Suno logo.

4. Ask Copilot to write a song with a brief text prompt.

For example, write a pop song about a seahorse named Bubbles.

Turn on the Suno plugin

Note: After entering these cues into Copilot, Suno quickly creates a song, often lasting one or two minutes, and provides a transcript of the lyrics.

Song generated by Suno

Now you can enjoy your song.

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Q1. When I share a song or piece of art on social media, is crediting Suno necessary?

Ans: Only for free users, attribution on social media is necessary.

Q2. Are my songs monetizable on YouTube?

Ans: Yes, but only as long as you are a paid member of Pro or Premier plans and abide by Suno’s Terms of Service. If you are a free user, you are not permitted to monetize your music and may only use it for non-commercial purposes.

Q3. Can I add my music to services like Apple Music and Spotify?

Ans: Absolutely, but only if you have a paid subscription to Pro or Premier, and as always, only if you abide by Suno’s Terms of Service.

Q4. The songs I create with Suno belong to who?

Ans: If you are a paying member of Suno, you are the owner of the music you create while using Pro or Premier, provided you abide by Suno’s terms of service. Suno still owns the music you create when using a free edition, but you are free to use it for non-commercial endeavors as long as you abide by the Terms of Service.

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Now creating new tunes and melodies is within anyone’s reach so go ahead and create your own AI music using Microsoft Copilot with Suno integration. Let us know which funky songs you created in the comment section below!

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