Why Hinge Deleted My Account?

Hinge is one of the best dating apps where you can find a perfect match. It also has a huge number of active profiles which provide in-depth information about that person, powerful matching tools, and an algorithm that matches you with a person with common interests making online dating easier. Hinge is available across all major platforms, like Android and iOS. Hinge has a better interface than its competitors, like Tinder and Bumble. Are you a Hinge user looking for your perfect match on Hinge and wondering why Hinge deleted my account without any reason? Keep reading this article until the end. It will help you understand how to stop a Hinge ban and if can you recover deleted Hinge account. Also, you will learn why your Hinge account disappeared.

Why was my Hinge account deleted - EDITED

Why Hinge Deleted My Account?

You will get to know why Hinge deleted my account further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

Does Hinge Actually Delete Your Account?

No, Hinge doesn’t delete your account without your permission; only you can delete your Hinge account. But if your account has been reported by other users and you have violated Hinge’s community guidelines, Hinge has a right to ban your account. And you won’t be able to access your Hinge account.

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Does Hinge Delete Your Profile If You Delete Hinge App?

No, Hinge will not delete your profile if you delete your Hinge app from your phone. Also, deleting or uninstalling the Hinge app will not delete your profile information, and users can still swipe on your profile. So to avoid your profile accessibility, you have to voluntarily delete your Hinge account.

Does Hinge Permanently Delete Your Account?

No, Hinge doesn’t permanently delete your account without your permission; only you can delete your Hinge account. However, if your account has been reported by other users or you have violated Hinge’s community guidelines, your account may get banned and deleted.

Can I Get Unbanned from Hinge?

Yes, you can send Hinge a mail and appeal to reinvestigate your case with valid details and the reasons why you think you don’t think your account has broken the guidelines. Hinge bans your account if you have violated Hinge’s Terms of Services, which is a set of guidelines that every user should use while using the app. The hinge team of trained moderators will investigate your appeal, and if found innocent, your account will be unbanned automatically.

Are Hinge Bans Permanent?

Yes. Mostly, hinge bans are permanent because they have a team of trained moderators who look into reports and then ban someone from Hinge. But in some cases, your Hinge account could be unbanned if you prove that you have not violated any of their Terms of Service. So, Hinge bans are not permanent.

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Can You Recover Deleted Hinge Account? Can I Get It Back If I Delete My Hinge Account?

Yes, you can recover a Hinge account that you deleted earlier because of any reason. To recover your old Hinge account, you will need your username, password, registered phone number, and email address. You have to send an email with the subject Recover Deleted Hinge Account to the Hingle email address, which is help@hingeapp.com. Make sure you include your username and registered mobile number in the Email body.

Why was My Hinge Account Deleted?

The main reason why Hinge deletes an account is the violation of their Terms of Service, which is like community guidelines that every Hinge user should follow while using the app. Hinge never tells you the reason why your account got deleted or by whom you were reported. This policy is to safeguard the privacy of people who reported the account.

Why Did My Hinge Account Disappeared?

If your Hinge account disappeared suddenly, there are chances that your account got banned by Hinge either due to a violation of Community guidelines or someone has reported your account. There could be other several reasons why your Hinge account disappeared or got banned, like sending any kind of payment portals to other users on chats, sending explicit messages or uploading intimate pictures on your Hinge profile, creating a fake profile, or using third-party applications to hack into Hinge’s system to gain extra features.

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What Gets You Banned from Hinge?

Hinge bans your account if your account has violated Hinge’s Terms of Services which are community guidelines that every Hinge user should follow while using the app. But Hinge doesn’t reveal the specific reason why your account got banned. If you are wondering about the common mistakes that get your Hinge account banned and should avoid be avoided.

  • You should always avoid sending any payments portal links to any users that you match with because when you are reported your chats and profile are first checked by robots, so no matter what worthwhile cause you are raising money for, the robots will believe you are asking for something which is against the Hinge policies.
  • Don’t send explicit messages or include intimate pictures and videos in your profile. You will undoubtedly receive a report because users frequently complain about these kinds of messages.
  • Uploading pictures of someone else or sending an identical message to all of your matches will make you appear like a spam bot and could be easily detected by Hinge’s algorithm.
  • Avoid Installing third-party mod apps that attempt to hack the system and provide you with paid features. Also, Don’t automate any steps in your dating process because this will only get you banned.

These could be the mistakes that could get you banned from Hinge, Make Sure you avoid these mistakes to enjoy your online dating journey.

What Happens When You Delete Hinge Account?

When you delete your Hinge account for any reason, all of your Hinge account content, including your matches, messages, images, and profile details, will be erased. Also, your account will vanish from the Matches and Likes You lists from all other users, and you won’t be able to view any other profile on Hinge. Hinge provides you with an option to open a ticket in the Hinge Help Center to review a copy of the personal data Hinge has gathered about you. Choose Data Export from the Support Topic menu while completing the pop-up window informational fields.

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How Do You Stop a Hinge Ban?

You can appeal for a reinvestigation of your block case by filling out a form with your details and sending it to Hinge. Here is a complete guide on how to appeal to stop a Hinge ban on your account in a few easy steps.

Note: Make sure you have access to the details like Your Username as displayed on your Hinge profile, Registered Email Address, and Phone Number to continue this guide.

1. Visit your Gmail account or any other email account on your browser and click on Compose.

Once you have your Username, Visit the official Gmail website.

2. Enter hello@hinge.co in the To field.

3. Fill out the Subject field as Appeal Submission.

4. Type a request email that should contain your profile username and link to your profile page with the appeal to reinvestigate your case to the Hinge support team.

5. After this, click on Send.

You will receive an email response from Hinge once your appeal is received by Hinge’s Customer Experience Team.

This is not a sure way to stop a ban on Hinge or to get you unbanned, Hinge’s team will review and reinvestigate your appeal and if they find there was no rule broken by your account, your Hinge account will be restored automatically.


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