How Long Do iPhone Chargers Last?

Designed and marketed by Apple Inc, iPhone is an amazing smartphone with several features such as waterproofing, video recording, and many accessibility features. The overall design and fluidity of iOS are really good, but the iPhone charger creates a lot of issues, especially in terms of its lifespan. iPhone chargers are essential to the accessibility and utility of the phone itself. You might be wondering how long do iPhone chargers last; in this post, we will tell you the average lifespan of an iPhone charger. And besides that, we’ll also discuss some commonly asked queries, like why iPhone chargers stop working, how to make them last longer, etc. So, stay tuned with us and learn more about iPhone chargers.

How Long Do iPhone Chargers Last?

How Long Do iPhone Chargers Last?

You will get to know how long do iPhone chargers last further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

What is the Average Lifespan of an iPhone Charger?

So, an average lifespan of an iPhone charger is one year in perfect working condition. After one or two years:

  • The iPhone charging cable part near the port starts wearing out.
  • In some extreme circumstances, the cable sheath might expose the conductors inside, so it becomes dangerous to use the cable at that point in time.

We advise you to buy a new charger when it becomes unstable or dangerous to use. But there are also many iPhone users who use the same charger for so many years without facing any problems. So, it also depends on you that how you use your charger.

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Do iPhone Chargers Go Bad?

Yes, all phone chargers will go bad over some time. With time, the components of the charger will start to get damaged and worn out. You can prevent iPhone chargers stop working issue if you handle them with care. It becomes problematic sometimes to tell if the phone charger is gone bad because it is easy to confuse a faulty charger with the deteriorating battery health of your phone. There are various ways to know if your phone charger is going bad.

  • Firstly, you should test the charger to see if it performs its functions, especially charging your phone. You should perform the test on multiple devices to be sure. If your charger does not charge any of the devices then it means it’s gone bad.
  • Sometimes you can easily figure out a bad charger without testing it beforehand. An indication of this would be a charger with: missing pins, ripped wire, damaged charge port, etc.

Why do iPhone Chargers Stop Working?

Your iPhone charger might stop working or break quicker because of several usages. Sometimes, the charger also stops working because you bend the charging cable more often, which leads to strain on the plastic outer layer and cause the iPhone charging wires to be exposed and vulnerable to damage. iPhone chargers are essential because they provide the power to regain the battery for your phone; if they get damaged, it becomes very difficult. If you know how iPhone cables/chargers break, you would be more cautious about how to preserve them and continue their utility for a long time.

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Why iPhone Chargers don’t Last?

The questions like how long do iPhone chargers last have some reasons. These reasons will be elucidated in the following points.

Reason #1: Strain on iPhone Cables

The strain on the iPhone cable can cause the cable to break easily; therefore not able to function. So, when the charging cable undergoes pressure from its charging area, it can break the outer covering of the cable, which leads to the exposure of its wires.

Reason #2: Cable Exposed to Liquids

Sometimes the iPhone charger stops working because the iPhone cable might have been exposed to any level of liquids, such as you by mistake dropped your cable in a wet area or poured some water on the cable. Due to such instances, your cable might not perform its important functions like charging your phone, or it might not work forever. It is said that electricity and water don’t go well. So, you have to be very cautious before exposing your charger to liquids. In such cases, you should replace your charger before it causes damage to your phone.

Reason #3: Cheap Cables

Sometimes you buy a cheaper iPhone cable to make your charger work. But you should know that cheap iPhone cables might not be original, and they could just be an imitation of the original one. So, the durability of such cables is questionable, and they might not last for a longer period. So, we advise you to buy the original white charging cable for the iPhone from authentic online stores or visit an apple store.

Reason #4: Issues with Phone

Sometimes, your iPhone cable does not have wear and tear and functions perfectly. Then, in this case, there could be an issue with your phone and not the cable or charger. iPhone can stop working due to several reasons, such as overuse and overcharging; because of all these factors, the battery health of your iPhone can get affected, which leads to problems like easy battery drainage, failure to charge your phone easily, and overheating. In such instances, you should visit the Apple Service Provider to get your phone checked.

Reason #5: Charging Adapter Stays On for Too Long

If the charger stays in the outlet for too long, this can lead to an overcharge on the charger and also lead it to malfunction due to it being in the outlet. It can have an impact on the cable as well and can sometimes overheat the phone. So, try to remove the charging box as regularly as possible so that it cools down. And before you charge your phone, plug in the charging box to maintain its desired function.

Reason #6: Old and Worn Out Cable

The most predominant reason why iPhone chargers don’t last is the iPhone cable which stops functioning because of regular usage. And when you use them daily, they become old and worn out. You should buy a new cable if your cable is worn out.

So, the above reasons have made you aware of why iPhone chargers stop working. Try and keep the above reasons in mind so that you cautiously use your chargers and make them work for a longer duration.

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How Do I Make My iPhone Charger Last Longer?

iPhone Chargers can become worn out and get damaged easily if you use them inappropriately. Here are some tips which can help you address the question of how to make my iPhone charger last longer.

Method 1: Use Shield

Try to install a spring on the end of your charger cable so that it does not bend easily. You can try this if you want to keep your cable secure. Besides this, you can also use the cable protector. The cable protector basically looks like a threaded telephone cable, and you just have to plug it into the iPhone charger cable. These colorful cable protectors not only give protection but also make the charging cable look beautiful.

Method 2: Slowly & Gently Disconnect Cables from iPhone

When the users of iPhone disconnect the charging cable roughly and carelessly, this can harm the cable. So, when you plug or unplug the charger, make sure you do it slowly and gently so that it does not damage the cable and the charger.

Method 3: Properly Coil Charging Cable

The most predominant reason for cable breakage is bending your cable by pressure. When you coil the iPhone cable incorrectly, you can probably damage it. The wires inside the cable are very delicate; thus, you have to be careful when you wind it. So, what you can do is gently coil your cable, as the cord has to be looped two to three times. After that, you need to tuck each end into the loop without bending the cable.

Method 4: Unplug Cable from Power Outlet When Not Using

Sometimes you leave the iPhone charger plugged into the electricity after you have charged your phone. It is not good for your iPhone adapter and charging cable as it reduces durability. So, unplug your charger from the power socket after you have charged your phone so that the charger cable does not get damaged.

Method 5: Have Extra Charger

Another reason that damages your charger cable is that you use it more often and carry it everywhere. You often connect your charger cable to the power bank while you are traveling. And while you are at home, you do not remove the cable from the adapter after charging; this decreases the lifespan of your charger. So, try to avoid these mistakes, and you can also have more than one cable for charging. Read this article from the start to learn how long do iPhone chargers last or the average span of the charger.

Method 6: Don’t Stretch Charger Cable

iPhone charger cable is very delicate, so do not stretch it. And make sure your phone lies straight and flat, not hanging down from the charger while charging. These small measures protect your cable, and you won’t face the question of how long do iPhone charger last because it would last for years if you adopt these small measures.

Method 7: Don’t Use Phone while Charging

Stop using your iPhone when it’s charging because using an iPhone while it is charging will cause tension on the lightning cord and promote breakage and easier wear and tear.

These measures can make a big difference as they will increase the average lifespan of an iPhone charger. Moreover, you won’t have to come across the question of how long do iPhone chargers last because they will last longer if you adopt the above-mentioned measures.


I hope you enjoyed reading our article because we have answered all the essential questions and shown how long do iPhone chargers last and what is the average lifespan of an iPhone charger. In this digital era, we all have become heavily dependent on electronic devices, especially our phones. And when the chargers of phones do not last longer, it becomes problematic. So, we have provided you with some tips which you can adopt to make the chargers last for a longer duration. You can check our page regularly for updates, and if you have any suggestions or queries, drop them in the comment section below.

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