Why did DoorDash Deactivate Your Account?

DoorDash is an online food delivery company providing excellent service to US citizens. It now not only provides a list of the best local restaurants to order food from but also facilitates safe and secure delivery of the ordered food to your doorstep. Are you a DoorDash user wondering why your DoorDash account was deactivated and how to reactivate it? Read this guide that will help you understand why can’t you log into DoorDash account.

Why did DoorDash Deactivate Your Account?

Why did DoorDash Deactivate Your Account?

If you have a low rating, a low completion rate, and too many complaints, your DoorDash account may be deactivated.

Reason #1: Being Poorly Rated by Customers

Customers rate you as a DoorDash driver on a scale of 1 to 5. You might be deactivated if your consumer rating falls below 4.2 stars. If your orders are not delivered on time, if you are rude and disrespectful, and unwelcoming, or if there are missing things in the order, you could get a bad rating. If your DoorDash account deactivated owing to a poor customer rating, you ought to be notified.

Reason #2: Having a Low Rate of Order Completion

You have the option to reject any delivery offered to you through DoorDash. You are obliged to finish a delivery once you accept it. Your completion rating suffers if you don’t finish a delivery. Your DoorDash account deactivated if your completion rate slips to less than 80%. Refrain from accepting deliveries that you can’t finish.

Reason #3: Fraud or Exploitation of the System

This includes the subsequent actions:

  • Giving inaccurate information to the DoorDash support staff or during the sign-up process.
  • Use the same phone number for many accounts or make multiple accounts for different people.
  • Opening, eating, or interfering with a customer’s delivery or order.
  • Taking any activity that compromises the performance of the DoorDash platform or servers by causing harm, disruption, overload, or impairment.
  • Gaining access to or attempting to gain access to any server or platform of DoorDash without authorization.
  • Violating someone else’s copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, privacy, or publicity.

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Does DoorDash Disable Inactivity?

Sometimes. You must keep your consumer ratings and completion rates at a minimum to continue operating on the DoorDash platform. Once they have accepted at least 20 orders, Dashers with a Consumer Rating below 4.2 or a Completion Rate below 80% may be vulnerable to deactivation. You ought to be fine as long as you’re in good standing. However, you might experience some consequences if you consistently decline the order or are not active.

Why Can’t You Log into Your DoorDash Account?

There may be several causes why you can’t log into DoorDash account:

  • That DoorDash server or your internet connection is down is the obvious cause of this issue.
  • Your username or password can be entered wrongly. Check your password twice before attempting to log in since DoorDash is case-sensitive.
  • Surprisingly, this problem can also arise if the time and date on your phone are incorrectly configured
  • It can also happen when your DoorDash app hasn’t been updated.
  • Additionally, DoorDash will prevent you from logging in if you are using a VPN, so turn it off to avoid this issue.

How Can You Get Your DoorDash Account Reactivated?

You’ll get a notification in the app and by email when DoorDash deactivates your account. You will find instructions in the email message if you can appeal. If you do not see the option to appeal, go to Get Support and Troubleshooting and click the link that says this form.

Give the best answers to all the questions, and don’t forget to add evidence-supporting images, audio, or video. Don’t disclose too much information regarding the situation. Instead, focus on the most important information.

  • You won’t have the chance to dispute your deactivation if it was done so due to your poor consumer rating. Only when you are charged with breaking the Independent Contractor Agreement, engaging in fraud, abuse, or safety violations, you are allowed to appeal.
  • An appeal can be processed in as little as two weeks. Throughout the appeals process, DoorDash might also get in touch with you. If DoorDash doesn’t get back to you, your appeal was probably unsuccessful.

DoorDash appeal form | DoorDash account deactivated

This is how you can get your DoorDash account reactivated.

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Can You Open a New DoorDash Account?

It depends. The policy of DoorDash prohibits the ownership of multiple accounts. According to DoorDash’s deactivation policy, if you have several accounts, your account may be terminated.

You will want a different email address, a different phone number, and a different home location if you attempt to open a new DoorDash account. Additionally, you might want to cancel your previous account and create a backup strategy in case your current account gets suspended.

How Can You Make a New DoorDash Account?

Here is a guide on how to make a new DoorDash account in a few easy steps:

1. Download and open your DoorDash app on your phone.

2. Tap on Continue with Email.

Tap on Continue with Email

3. Switch to the Sign Up tab from the top.

Switch to the Sign Up tab from the top

4A. Sign Up directly with your Google, Facebook, or Apple account by tapping on any desired option.

4B. Or, provide your name, email, phone number, and password and tap on Sign Up.

Sign Up with your Google, Facebook, or Apple account OR provide your name, email, phone number, and password and tap on Sign Up | DoorDash account deactivated

5. Tap on Continue on the subsequent screen to allow activity tracking to get personalized offers on the DoorDash app.

Tap on Continue on the subsequent screen to allow activity tracking to get personalized offers

This is how you can make a new account on DoorDash.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Why is Dasher Not Working?

There are several possible reasons why the Dasher app may not be functioning, including:

  • The Dasher server could be down, or the Dasher app could have a bug.
  • You have turned on the low data mode on your smartphone.
  • The app hasn’t received a recent update.
  • The cache for your app has not been cleared.
  • Your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection isn’t working properly.

Q. Why does DoorDash Pause Your Dash?

Drivers for DoorDash are allowed to accept or reject any orders that are placed, and many Dashers decide to forego less lucrative orders in favor of waiting for more lucrative ones. But that doesn’t mean DoorDash won’t encourage Dashers to accept more orders and shorten wait times for customers. Dashers who repeatedly refused commands for a while got the message: We’ve suspended your dash for 5 minutes.

Q. How Long does DoorDash Keep Your Account Deactivated?

Once your DoorDash account is deactivated, DoorDash will send you an email and an app notification. All DoorDash deactivations are permanent unless you file a successful appeal. The procedure happens rapidly and sometimes without warning. Although you cannot appeal for all deactivations, the email will let you know if you can. After that, you will receive instructions on how to begin the process.

Q. Can You Sue DoorDash for Deactivation?

Yes. DoorDash has the right to look into your accident, but they also have to finish it quickly. They are required to provide you with a specific justification for why your account cannot be reactivated after their inquiry. You may be able to sue DoorDash for wrongful termination if the corporation failed in either of these areas. Read this article from the start to learn why you can’t log into DoorDash account.

Q. Can DoorDash Deactivate You for Low Acceptance Rate?

No, Drivers who have a poor acceptance rate on DoorDash are not penalized, but they will lose out on additional cash. If a driver has a low acceptance rate, they won’t receive as many requests. The only method to put your account in threat of being deactivated is if you don’t finish the orders you accept.

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We hope that you learned about why your DoorDash account was deactivated and how to get your DoorDash account reactivated. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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