What is R3 on PS5?

Discover true immersive gaming experience with R3 button!

The next level of gaming awaits with PS5. With its advanced features, you’ll feel like the game comes alive in your hands. The R3 on the PS5 controller is the right analog stick which is used for controlling the camera angles. Even though everyone uses this button, few pay attention to its importance. To help you find out more about this important element of the PlayStation console, we bring to you a helpful guide to teach you what R3 is on a PS5. 

What Is R3 On PS5

What is R3 on PS5 Wireless?

The R3 button is the right analog stick on the controller. It serves various functions that depend on the game you are playing. This button is used for activating various in-game functions such as melee attacks, crouching, maps, and much more. R3 actions are not fixed and they can generally vary from one game to another.

What is R3 Used for?

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It’s important to know how your controller works in the immersive world of gaming. Depending on the game, the R3 button functions may change. Here are some functions mentioned below:

  • Sprinting/Running: In first-person shooter games, it is used for continuous sprinting. It can also provide speed.
  • Camera Control: It is used to adjust camera angles by providing a first-person perspective and allowing the player to have more control over the viewpoint.
  • Sneaking/Crouching: It is used for the character to crouch or move silently which allows stealthy approaches.
  • Context-Sensitive Actions: It may also provide functions like interacting objects, special moves, etc.
  • Melee attacks: It is also used to perform a melee attack or other miscellaneous functions like toggling a map/menu.

If you master the technique of pressing R3 accurately, then it will undoubtedly improve your gaming skills.

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Where is R3 Located on a PS5 Controller?

r3 button in ps5 controller

R3 is located at the right analog stick of a PS5 controller. When you press it down, it acts in your game. It can also turn into a special ability for your character, for example- an infinite sprint on Fortnite.

What is the Layout of R3 on PS5?

The R3 button is a round-shaped button that you can rotate and is located on the right analog stick. 

What is PS5 R3 Region?

The PS5 R3 region is Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, and Taiwan.

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Can I Use the R3 Button in All Games?

The functionality of the R3 varies across games. Many can utilize it for camera control or other actions, while other games might not use it at all. It all depends on how a game is designed and how it utilizes the buttons. As the R3 button can be used in many games, it is still not guaranteed to be functional in all of them.

It’s always a great idea to consult the game’s documentation or to check the game’s controls to know more about the R3 button and how it is utilized.

Can I Use the R3 Button in Non-Gaming Applications on the PS5?

No, you cannot use the R3 button in non-gaming applications on the PS5 as the controller is primarily designed for gaming applications and it may not function in non-gaming applications as they may not have a specific function assigned to the R3 button. The buttons are programmed to perform specific actions within games. The non-gaming applications have different functions so they may not utilize the R3 button in the same way as gaming applications.

What are the Alternative Ways to Activate the R3 Function?

You can activate the R3 function by pressing the right analog stick down which is generally a default way to activate the R3 function in most of the games. Just apply pressure to the right analog stick until you hear a click. After hearing a click, your R3 will be activated.

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Can You Disable R3?

No, it is not possible to disable the R3 function on the PS5. The ability to disable or remap can depend on the game or application as some games may offer in-game settings and some may not. Remember, this feature is not universally available in all the games. Below we have provided the steps to change the R3 button functions to only the movements button so that when you press it, the R3 button does not initiate its automatic functions:

1. Turn on your PS5 and go to your home screen.

2. Go to Settings > Accessibility.

select accessibility

3. Choose Controllers and select Custom Button Assignments.

select customize button assignments

4. Select Customize Button Assignments.

Select Customize Button Assignments again

5. Select the R3 button and replace it with the function listed on the left side.

select r3 button

6. Select Apply.

Remember that customization can affect certain games or applications that rely on the R3.

What to Do if the PS5 R3 Button is Not Working?

You can check out the following solutions if your PS5 R3 button has stopped working:

  • Check for physical damage
  • Restart your controller and console
  • Test your controller on some other device
  • You should also update your controller
  • Reset your controller
  • Contact Sony Support if the problem persists

Additional Tips to Use P3 on PS5

Let’s quickly take a look at some additional tips about the R3 button before you start playing:

  • The location of the R3 button is different on the Dual Sense controller from DualShock 4 as on the Dual Sense it is located on the right analog stick.
  • Click the right analog stick to adjust the camera angle or to perform different actions related to camera movement.
  • The sensitivity of the R3 on the Dual Sense controller is similar to other buttons. It requires a long press to activate. The level of sensitivity can be adjusted in certain games sometimes.
  • You can also use the R3 while playing PS4 games on the PS5 as the Dual Sense controller is compatible with PS4 games.
  • There is no alternative method or any shortcuts to activate the R3 button on the Dual Sense controller.

Get ready to start a new gaming journey like no other with PS5. The R3 gives you more control and flexibility in your gaming journey. It’s great how it adds to the immersive gaming experience. If you want the camera to get a better view or adjust your aim, the R3 stick is perfect for you. It is a handy feature to have while gaming. We hope this guide on what R3 is on PS5 has covered all your queries. Go ahead and unleash the power of the next generation with the PS5.

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