How to Update PS5

Run your PlayStation 5 on the latest version to get closer to gaming greatness!

Hello, gamers! All set to level up, fix bugs and unlock new features & improvements to your PlayStation 5? If so, grab your controllers, as in this article we will guide you on how to download and update PS5 from the internet in safe mode & using USB storage. Let’s get started!

How to update PS5

How to Update PS5

Hardware and software updates are important to ensure the smooth functioning of the console. Not only it adds up to advancement, but also to reliability. Often the Sony PlayStation 5 receives system software updates and notifies about the same to users. However, in the case, automatic updates are not enabled, we will see the methods to check and download them.

Method 1: Through Internet

It’s just simple to download the update for your PlayStation 5 console from the internet. All you need is a good internet connection.

1. On the Home Screen, select Settings, followed by System.

2. In the System tab, click on the System Software.

3. Now select System Software Update and Settings.

After clicking on the System Software option you will find a System Software Update and Settings

4. Select Update System Software and then click on Update Using Internet.

Select Update System Software and then click on Update Using Internet.

5. If you find a new update, select the Update option to complete the download and install it.

Note: Do not turn off the PS5 during the installation process.

6. Once the update is downloaded, PS5 would restart automatically and install it.

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Method 2: Through USB Storage

If you are facing issues with the internet connection or you prefer not to use it for updates, you can also update the PS5 manually in Safe Mode using a USB storage drive. 

Note: Make sure to back up all the data before proceeding with the steps. 

First, we must format the USB Drive in FAT32/exFAT format. You can follow our guide on 4 Ways to Format an External Hard Drive to FAT32. After this, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Connect the USB drive to the PC and navigate to it through the File Explorer.

2. Create a folder named PS5 and inside it create a subfolder named Update.

3. Download the latest update from the official PlayStation website.

Now, download the latest update from the official PlayStation website.

4. Save the downloaded PS5UPDATE.PUP file in the UPDATE subfolder you created in the USB drive.

5. Eject the USB drive from the PC and connect it to the console.

6. Follow the path: System > System Software > System Software Update and Settings.

7. Select Update System Software and then click on Update Using Drive.

Now, Select Update System Software and then click on Update Using Drive.

That’s all! The PS5 should detect the update file and do the rest. Do not turn off the console during the process.

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Method 3: Using the Safe Mode

If you encounter issues with updating generally from the internet and the process fails repeatedly, you can try downloading the update in Safe Mode. When you try to update the console in Safe Mode, it asks whether you want to do the same over the internet or use a USB storage device. You can choose any of them. Let’s go through both methods:

Method 3.1: Download Update from Internet in Safe Mode

To update the PS5 in Safe Mode over the Internet, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Press the Power button on the front panel of the console to turn it off.

2. Now again press and hold the Power button and release it after the second beep.

3. Connect the controller to the console and press the PS button to launch the Safe Mode.

4. Once PS5 boots in Safe Mode, select Update System Software.

In the Safe Mode option, click on the third option that is Update System Software

5. In the next window, select Update Using Internet.

6. Once the update is done, Restart the console.

Method 3.2: Download Update Using USB Storage in Safe Mode

The process to update PS5 in Safe Mode is similar to normal mode. However, you only need to boot the console in Safe Mode before installing the update.

1. Follow steps 1 to 5 from Method 2

2. Now, start the PS5 in Safe Mode.

3. Once it boots up, select Update System Software.

4. Finally select Update from USB Drive.

Now, Select Update System Software and then click on Update Using Drive.

The console would install the update from the USB drive in Safe Mode only. Restart it once the process is completed.

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We hope our guide helped you smoothly update the PS5 console. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments box below. 

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