What is EASM Extension Viewer?

eDrawings software shares both 2D and 3D drawing models. eDrawings files contain electronic data format which is highly compressed to enable its transmission via email. Such EASM extension files contain drawings that comprise multiple parts created by eDrawings Publisher plug-in for CAD software. In our today’s doc, we will be discussing the EASM extension viewer and more about EASM files. Along with that, we will also cover details on how to open and convert these files. So, let us begin with our informative guide on EASM file viewer right away.

What is EASM Extension Viewer

What is EASM Extension Viewer?

  • EASM file extension is an eDrawings assembly file.
  • It is created by Dassault Systemes eDrawings Publisher which is a plug-in to export designs from CAD applications.
  • The plug-in can be used for different purposes including eDrawings, electronic transfer of CAD drawings via the internet, and printing.
  • It helps to browse the files easily with the help of eDrawings Viewer software.

What are EASM Files?

  • EASM files are computer-aided design drawings also known as, CAD drawings.
  • These files are not the full edited version of the design.
  • These contain 3D assemblies that are exported using eDrawings Publisher.
  • Using an EASM file to export an assembly help CAD user to share a file with anyone who has access to eDrawings Viewer.
  • eDrawings Viewer can be easily downloaded for free from Dassault Systems website.
  • EASM file contain compressed XML data which allows formatting easier and helps in sending CAD files over the internet.
  • Also, another purpose of using the EASM file is to show the design to the clients and the recipients without giving them access to the design.

How to Open EASM File

The process of opening an EASM file can be done with the help of an eDrawings Viewer. You can also open EASM file in SketchUp. An EASM file can only be opened using SketchUp if it is used with the eDrawings Publisher plug-in. Another way of opening these files is by apps for Android and iPhone which are free to download as well.

Ensure to follow the points below to open file with the EASM extension viewer:

  • Install File Viewer: You must first install the software you are trying to open the EASM file with. You can access the software from its official website and download it on your preferred device.
  • Update Profile: Once downloaded, if you cannot access the software menu, you must make sure that the program you have installed is running on its latest version. Usually, the program installed extends support for several formats and should work fine.
  • Associate: If you still cannot access the software, you need to associate the file with it. To do it, select EASM format and select the option, Open with.
  • Check the File: If the file is unable to open or not accessible, then check the format of the file. You can also scan the file with antivirus which will remove possible malware from the file.
  • Check the Format: A file can also cause an error due to the sending process, leaving it damaged or incomplete. Therefore, you should ask the sender to send you the file again.

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How to Open EASM File in SketchUp

SketchUp | EASM extension file viewer

In Linux, you can use SketchUp to open an EASM file. It is a well-known EASM file viewer online. It is a 3D design software that provides subscription products for SketchUp Pro Desktop. The software is used to create 3D objects in a 2D environment. It offers tools that are required by beginners to produce professional and quality results. In Google SketchUp, you can easily open formats with the EASM extension. You can only use SketchUp if you have the eDrawings Publisher plug-in.

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How to Convert EASM Files

Note: Converting an EASM file to an image file will not provide you with a 3D form. You will not be able to move objects and view them from different angles as well. Therefore, position the drawing before saving it.

  • EASM formats help in viewing CAD design but it does not for exporting or editing to another 3D format.
  • To convert an EASM file to other formats like OBJ or DWG, you must have access to the original file.
  • There are other file formats too like STEP, SEL, DXF, PLY, and PDF.
  • eDrawings Professional can convert an EASM file to formats like HTM, TIF, GIF, PNG, JPG, and BMP.
  • Also, this software supports formatting to EXE in a single file. It helps users to open the assembly file without having to install eDrawings installed.

EASM File Viewer Online

EASM File Viewer Online

eDrawings is a platform created by Dassault Systemes that has the best compatibility than software out there. There are a number of different versions of eDrawings with a separate set of tools & capabilities that you can use. You can download this software for free from the official website. Features of eDrawings include:

  • Markup and Measure Tools: eDrawings help users to edit, add, and create reviews in 2D or 3D data. It also helps to measure geometry and dimensions straight from the software UI.
  • Export Files in Different CAD Formats: Using e-Drawings, you can easily save files in TIFF, STL, JPEG, or BMP formats which helps in easy communication and collaboration.
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality: eDrawings also let users open their software in AR and VR mode for interaction with 3D designs.
  • Accessibility: The software can be used on Windows PC, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Problems with EASM Format Files

You can face inevitable issues while opening the EASM file. This does not mean that you do not have suitable software on your device. There are a number of reasons that can result in the issue:

  • Corrupt EASM File.
  • Deletion of the description of EASM file from Windows Registry.
  • Incomplete or corrupt installation of an application supporting EASM format.
  • EASM file incorrect links in registry entries.
  • EASM file infected with virus or malware.
  • Outdated drivers of the system that open an EASM file.
  • Insufficient hardware resources result in the EASM file not opening.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which EASM file formats can be opened by eDrawings?

Ans. eDrawings can open multiple formats like SOLIDWORKS, DXF/DWG, STL, 3DXML files, CALS files, and more.

Q2. How can I open the EASM file in Solid Edge?

Ans. You can open the EASM file in Solid Edge using free-of-charge software, eDrawings Viewer. The eDrawings Publisher plug-in is available for different CAD software including SolidWorks, AutoCAD 2004, CATIA V5, Solid Edge, and more.

Q3. Is eDrawings SOLIDWORKS software free?

Ans. Yes, eDrawings SOLIDWORKS software is free.

Q4. Is there a CAD Viewer which is free?

Ans. Yes, Autodesk Viewer is a free CAD Viewer that can be used for many file types like DWG.

Q5. Can AutoCAD help in opening eDrawings?

Ans. Yes, on opening AutoCAD, eDrawings Professional for AutoCAD opens.


We hope that our doc on what is EASM extension viewer helped guide you about an EASM file, what is it, how to open it, how to convert it, and EASM file viewer. We have also tried to resolve problems that are usually encountered with opening an EASM file. If our doc helped you in any way, let us know by leaving your comments below, you can also drop your queries and suggestions.

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