What is Dark Web and How to Access It?

The dark web is a small part of the deep web, which can be only assessed through specialized browsers. It is smaller than the surface web and is considered the bottommost layer of the internet. Dark web access is a risky task if not done carefully. Google search engines and normal web browsers cannot display the results within the dark web. The unique registry of the dark web makes it inaccessible to traditional browsers. Firewalls and various encryptions make the dark web more difficult to access, and due to these reasons, it is an anonymous haven. We are providing you with this article to make you understand how to access dark web videos and what are dark web apps used to do that successfully.

What is Dark Web and How to Access It?

What is Dark Web and How to Access It?

You will get to know how to successfully perform dark web access and see dark web videos further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

What is Dark Web?

The bottom layer of the internet, also called the dark web, began in the year 2000, parallel to the release of Freenet. It was created to share files and communicate anonymously. Initially, it was used by the US military forces for anonymous communication. But now things have changed, and it is being used by users around the world who wish to be anonymous. The dark web is accessed for both legal and illegal purposes. Onion routing is done to protect the user from being tracked. It contains illegal information, illegal content, sites like the silk road, which are considered the hub of illegal activities, and other things.

What are the Apps Used to Access Dark Web?

The dark web layer contains illegal content that normal web browsers cannot access. Unique browsers are required to access illegal databases and information. Many countries use dark web apps to spy on other countries. It was used and accessed only for legitimate purposes, but now most cybercrimes occur on the dark web. Some dark web apps are listed below:

1. Tor Browser

Tor Browser gives easy access to the users of the dark web. The app can be used to access information available on the third layer of the internet. You get the option to download dark web videos and other documents, you can view your history, the multiple tab option helps you to access different topics under one head, and you can even save bookmarks of the sites you want to access later. Tor does not save your personal details and protects your user identity.

TOR Browser

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2. Dark Web Tor Browser: Darknet

Darknet app is compatible with Android devices, and illegal content on the dark web can be assessed without identity revelation. The app lets the user access illegal marketplaces easily.

Darknet | What is Dark Web and How to Access It?

3. Tob Browser + Private Browser

Tob Browser + Private Browser is compatible with iOS devices and hides the user’s identity. The open-source free browser app gives you easy access to the Onion websites. Your internet provider cannot track your activity if you’re using Tob.

TOB browser

4. Onion TOR Browser + VPN Privacy

Onion TOR Browser + VPN Privacy app is an iOS-compatible network browser that changes the IP address when you try to access dark web content. The TOR-based browser is completely ad-free, thus giving you uninterrupted access. You get a variety of features with it, such as blocking capability and popover detection. Your device is protected from insecure Wi-Fi networks and provides excellent access to the dark web and dark web videos.

onion tor browser

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5. Onion Search Engine

The Onion Search Engine browser protects the user’s device from insecure networks and tracking. This browser helps in accessing the dark web by establishing a secure channel. A lot of teens and adults participate in the illegal market present on the network.

onion browser | What is Dark Web and How to Access It?

How to Access Dark Web?

Initially, only a few people, such as hackers, cybercriminals, and law enforcement officers, had the access to the dark web. But with the inception of Tor, it became accessible to the general public too. Tor browser provides access to the dark web to the users. It was created by the US Naval Research laboratory in the late 90s, and the initial version was created to hide spy communications. But now you can download the Tor browser totally free of cost.

Tor can be considered like Google Chrome browser or Mozilla. The only difference is that it uses the random path of nodes. Nodes are the encrypted servers used by Tor. It allows users to access the dark web without fear of being tracked. You can use the browsers mentioned in the above heading to access and surf the dark web freely, including watching blocked videos or news.

What is the Difference Between Deep Web and Dark Web?

Deep Web Dark Web
It is considered the second layer of the internet which cannot be assessed by regular web browsers. It is considered the third layer of the internet and forms a part of the Deep web. To access the dark web, one needs specialized software and authorization.
This part of the internet is not visible to normal users as only a handful of people can access it. It is considered the hub of all the illegal, criminal and terrorist activity happening around the world.
It can be accessed through authenticated username and password using regular search engines. Specialized browsing software is required to access it.
Deep web access is not browser specific. Dark web access is browser-specific.
The whole of the internet resides in the second layer of the internet called the deep web. It is a small part of the deep web.
It can be measured because of its public nature. The size of the dark web cannot be measured due to its limited scope.
It contains information relating to bank details, government records, health records, military infrastructural projects, etc. It contains information that largely relates to criminal and terrorist activities.

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What are the Legal Uses of the Dark Web?

There are many doubts about the legality of the dark web, but you would be surprised to know that it is legal to access it. Some legal uses of it are given below:

  • You can anonymously collaborate with journalists by providing them with top-secret information on various topics that you found on the Web.
  • There are many anonymous emailing sites in the third layer that can be used to send anonymous emails .
  • Freedom of speech can be facilitated because the ruling governments in the entire world try to control what people watch online. The anonymity offered by Tor, like web browsers has enabled people to freely voice their opinion.
  • You can contact the CIA on the dark web. Although it is a government organization, the CIA has a presence on the dark web. People who want to connect to them can do it anonymously on the bottom layer of the internet.
  • You can access the sites that are blocked in your country by oppressive governments.

What are the Illegal Uses of the Dark Web?

Due to its anonymous nature, it is used for illegal activities also. Some illegal activities which are carried out are listed below:

  • Buying and selling of drugs
  • Illegal weapons and explosive trading
  • Dealing with the personal information of citizens or specific groups
  • Trading of illegal pornography and other potentially harmful and disturbing content
  • Cyber threats and other data breaches have also taken place

Note: A lot of illegal sites have been banned or completely shut down by the government which was running smoothly earlier, such as Hansa, Alphabay, and Silk Road.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is illegal on the dark web?

Ans. Child pornography, drug peddling, and weapon trading are illegal on the dark web.

Q2. Can you use the dark web legally?

Ans. It is perfectly legal to use the dark web just make sure you use it for a legitimate purpose.


We hope that you learned how to dark web access. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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