What Happens If You Delete Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of those well-known and most used apps on smartphones that keep a user intact with their gripping features. Snapchat is popularly known for its filters that can be accessed via the camera option and also for the unlimited number of streaks that you can maintain with your friends. You can communicate well over the app and not to mention the popular Snapchat notification which when pops up on your screen, makes it impossible to not check it. Maybe this is the reason why the app is so addictive and some users, mostly teenagers, decide to delete the app to keep themselves focused and not distracted by it. If due to the same issue you have deleted the Snapchat app from your phone and are wondering about what happens if you delete Snapchat, then our today’s guide will help you a lot. We have brought you a perfect doc to answer all your queries regarding if I delete Snapchat app what happens and does deleting Snapchat app delete your account. Along with it, we will also cover the most asked questions about Snapchat including if I delete Snapchat app what happens to my memories and if I delete Snapchat app what happens to my streaks. So, let us begin by answering all your doubts one by one in the upcoming paragraphs.

What Happens If You Delete Snapchat?

What Happens If You Delete Snapchat?

In this article, we have explained about if I delete Snapchat app what happens to my streaks and memories.

Why do People Delete Snapchat?

People often delete multiple apps from their smartphones due to manifold reasons. There are a few possible reasons that can force a person to delete the Snapchat application from their phone:

  • A user can delete Snapchat from their phone due to addictiveness to the application.
  • Some people can be negatively affected by the app in regard to mental health which can force them to delete the app.
  • Some Snapchat users can also delete the app to take a break from social media life.
  • If someone has deleted their Snapchat account, they can delete the app as well.
  • Some Snapchat users can also delete the app temporarily to concentrate on their studies or work better.

What is the Difference Between Uninstalling Snapchat and Deleting Snapchat Account?

Before we start off with knowing what happens if you delete Snapchat, it is important to know the basic difference between uninstalling the app and deleting your account in it.

  • On uninstalling the application from your smartphone, you clear out the space that it was occupying on your device which eventually frees up your phone storage.
  • Uninstalling the app does not harm the data of the app in any way.
  • On the other hand, by deleting your Snapchat account, you can lose your data and every other important information in your account if you do not log into your account within 30 days of deleting it.
  • This will erase all your data, your memories, chats, streaks, and even Snapchat-clicked pictures that are saved in the app.
  • Deleting your Snapchat account is an irreversible action while deleting the app from your phone is not.

What Happens If You Delete Snapchat App?

As discussed above, there are a couple of reasons that can lead to the decision of deleting the Snapchat app. And if you are wondering what if I delete Snapchat app what happens, then there are a few possible things that can happen due to it:

  • Deleting the Snapchat app does not lead to the deletion of your account on the platform.
  • According to Snapchat, if you happen to delete the app, your Snapchat memories will stay intact and will not be removed.
  • Deleting the app only removes it from your device and not the account from the platform.
  • If you have turned on the location option on Snapchat, on deleting the app, Snapchat will lose the privilege of accessing the GPS and the current location of your mobile phone which eventually means that your friends would not get to see your location on Snapchat map.
  • Even though you have deleted the app your account is still active, so your friends would still be able to send you snaps and messages on your account.

Does Deleting Snapchat App Delete Your Account?

No, deleting the Snapchat app does not delete your account in it. Uninstalling the application will only remove it from your device. Your account on the platform will still remain active and can be approached by your friends to send you photos or send a chat.


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If I Delete Snapchat App What Happens to my Memories?

For the first 30 days, your account will get temporarily deactivated so, your data can be recovered but after 30 days if you do not log into your account, then the data will get erased.

  • Deleting your Snapchat app, for whatever reason, does not impact your account on it.
  • Many Snapchat users save their favorite photos or videos on the platform which they can view whenever they want and share if they like.
  • In case you have stored such memories on Snapchat but have uninstalled the app from your phone, it will not erase your memories from it.
  • Memories can be accessed from the camera section on opening Snapchat.
  • You can tap on the left part of the circle and access your photos and videos that you have either saved on the platform or had once uploaded as a story on it.
  • These memories can be accessed whenever you install the application again on your phone.

Memories in Snapchat

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If I Delete Snapchat App What Happens to my Streaks?

Snapchat has an amazing feature, known as streaks, which are basically photos or videos that Snap users send to their friends on the platform daily. Sending these streaks (photos or videos) daily leads to a score that is maintained between the two contacts sending and receiving the streaks. This streak is made when you exchange Snaps with a friend for three consecutive days. To keep this streak going, you have to send and receive at least one Snap daily within a 24-hour window. Following is the info regarding if you delete the app, what will happen to Snapchat Streaks.

  • On uninstalling the app, you will not be able to exchange Snaps with your friends.
  • Your friends, however, will still be able to send you Snaps.
  • But streaks are a two-way exchange of photos or videos, hence, if you don’t send back a Snap, you might be on the verge of losing your Snap streak with the friend.
  • Uninstalling the app can lead to the expiration of the streak that you had maintained.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What does deleting a Snapchat account mean?

Ans. Deleting a Snapchat account means that you will lose all your account settings, friends, Snaps, chats, device data, stories, memories, and location data that is saved in your account.

Q2. If I delete my Snapchat account, what will my friends see?

Ans. On deleting your Snapchat account, your friends will not be able to see your information. They won’t be able to send you messages or Snaps on the platform. Your friends will not be alerted about your account deletion or deactivation.

Q3. On deleting Snapchat from my phone, will I lose all of my pictures?

Ans. No, you will not lose your pictures or memories saved in your Snapchat account by deleting the app from your device.

Q4. How can I know if someone has deleted their Snapchat account?

Ans. To know if someone has deleted their Snapchat account or not, you can start by searching for their username in the app. In case no matching username pops up after the search, it is possible that they have deleted their account or have blocked you from the platform.

Q5. Can I temporarily deactivate my Snapchat account?

Ans. There is no straight way to deactivate your Snapchat account. You can delete your account from the platform and log into it again within the 30 days time period to avoid losing your account data.


We hope that our doc on what happens if you delete the Snapchat app was successful in clearing all of your doubts about Snapchat application deletion and what happens to your data in it afterward. If yes, please let us know by leaving your valuable comments below. You can also leave your queries or suggestions about other doubts below.

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