1 thought on “Set up Yahoo email account in Windows 10 Mail App”

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    Joseph Cooper

    I am a PC builder and IT tech of 35 years. Your presentation is PERFECT. I added Yahoo to my main computer.. using the MAIL app method you described in your article. Recently, I built another computer with a fresh Win 10 Pro install and UPDATE. When I went to add my outlook accounts, all went well. Then I tried to add Yahoo. The page view becomes unstable, I get an error message that the host cannot be accessed right now, to try again another time. — Next, I went back to the original main computer and was able to open the MAIL app and log in to my two yahoo accounts. HOWEVER.. when I tried to add another Yahoo account, I got the same error. — Then I tried all this again the next day. My thoughts are that Yahoo has changed something in its login that disrupts adding Yahoo. And yes, I can log into my Yahoo accounts with a browser and the already previously programmed Yahoo accounts in the Win 10 Mail App. Can you investigate and replicate my problem?

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