How to Remove the Share Button on Facebook Posts

Make sure that your posts have a one-way ticket to the News Feed!

Sharing personal thoughts and experiences through posts online is a common practice in today’s digital age.

However, you do not always tempt someone to further forward the same to others. 

You can remove the share button on Facebook posts to prevent them from being shared.

We will guide you through the process in today’s guide, so you ensure that your content reaches the intended audience and stays private when needed.

How To Remove The Share Button On Facebook Posts

How to Remove the Share Button on Facebook Posts

Whether it’s for personal moments or professional updates, disabling the share button from Facebook posts can help you maintain your privacy and avoid unwanted oversharing of your content.

As people can even copy the link to your post and share it via message, you cannot completely restrict them. However, there are two ways you can limit their sharing abilities.

Option 1: On All Posts

Facebook allows users to restrict their friends and followers from sharing their posts on stories.

1. Open Facebook and tap on the Menu icon at the top-right corner.

2. tap the gear icon to open Settings.

3. Scroll down, and tap on Profile and tagging in the Audience and visibility section.

4. Finally, turn the toggle off for Allow others to share your posts to their stories option.

turn off allow other to share your posts to their stories

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Option 2: On Specific Post

You can restrict the view on specific posts that you want not to be shared and viewed by everyone.

1. In your Facebook profile navigate to the targeted post.

2. Tap on the three dots icon at the top right corner of the post and select Edit privacy.

3. Under Who can see your post? select Friends, Friends except…, Specific friends, or Only me as preferred.

Under Who can see your post select Friends, Friends except..., Specific friends, or Only me as preferred

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Why is it Important to Remove the Share Button from Facebook Posts?

While you cannot eliminate sharing of your posts, here’s why controlling the same can be important:

  • Manage your privacy on Facebook
  • Can prevent unauthorized access to your posts.
  • Minimize the risk of misuse and exposure to negativity, trolling, or unwanted commentary.
  • Helps control who sees potentially sensitive information.
  • Can stop wrong or misleading information you might accidentally share from spreading further.

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How to Stop People from Sharing My Posts on Facebook

Here are some tips that can help you stop people from sharing your posts on Facebook:

  • If you have information you want to share with certain people, think about making a closed group and sharing it there.
  • If someone has shared your post without your permission, you have the option to report it. Doing so helps Facebook identify and address instances of unauthorized sharing or content misuse.

We hope our guide helped you remove the share button on Facebook.

If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section.

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