How to Bump a Post on Facebook Group and Marketplace in 2024

Maximize your reach to stay on top!

Are your Facebook posts and Marketplace listings getting lost in the shuffle, unnoticed and overlooked?

Don’t worry, there is a trick to bring them back to the forefront to increase engagement and that is by bumping them.

In this guide, we’ll learn how to bump a post on Facebook and transform your overlooked posts into attention-grabbing highlights.

bump a post on facebook

What Does it Mean to Bump a Post?

Bump is a recent feature introduced by Facebook aimed at boosting posts within a Facebook group to appear at the top.

If you feel your post hasn’t received sufficient interaction, you can choose to bump it.

It is like promoting a post on Facebook Marketplace to draw attention to the item and enhance the likelihood of making a sale.

There are two primary methods to do so:

  • Boost your listing to promote your Marketplace to a wider audience, including those actively seeking the product or service you’re offering. Doing so increases its visibility.
  • Share your listing in relevant Facebook Marketplace Groups whose members might be specifically looking for products or services you have listed. This will increase the chances of them viewing your listing.

How to Bump a Post on the Facebook Marketplace

If you are wondering how to bump my marketplace listing on Facebook then you have to renew your listings in order to move it to the top of the list.

Note: You can only bump your listing up to five times.

1. Navigate to Facebook Marketplace, tap the profile icon, and select Your Listings.

2. Find the listing you want to bump and tap the three dots at the bottom corner.

3. Finally, tap on the Renew option.

Tap on the Renew option

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How to Bump into a Facebook Group

Follow the steps below:

1. On Facebook, go to the desired group and find the post that you previously shared.

2. Leave a comment on the post. You can write any comment you prefer, but many users opt for – bump.

comment bump

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Can You Bump a Facebook Post Without a Comment?

No, you can’t directly bump a post without leaving a comment in a Facebook group or marketplace.

However, by actively interacting with the post, such as liking, sharing, or tagging friends, you can boost its reach.

How to Bump a Facebook Post Without Commenting

The easy way to bump a post on Facebook without commenting involves gathering more likes.

You can encourage other people to engage with it. Facebook will identify it as a popular post and display it more frequently in news feeds.

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Does Editing a Facebook Post Bump It?

No, editing a post will not bump it.

When you edit your post on your Facebook, the changes are saved, and the timestamp reflects both the original and edited versions of your post.

However, as Facebook doesn’t repost the edited content, its reach won’t increase.

We hope our guide helped you bump a post on Facebook Marketplace and increase engagement.

Let us know your queries and suggestions in the comments section and stay tuned to TechCult for more such feature-related guides.

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