Pinterest Idea Pin Vs Pin Vs Board: Which is Better?

What diverts more interest on Pinterest - the ultimate face off!

With Pinterest, users can curate, organize, and share content in the form of pins, idea pins, and boards. Each of these serves a distinct purpose and caters to diverse needs and preferences of users.

Now as a new user, you might be skeptical about which is better: idea pin vs pin vs board on Pinterest. 

So, in today’s blog, we will help you learn more about all three tools and find out which suits you best as per your interest.

Pinterest pin vs idea pin vs board

Idea Pin Vs Pin Vs Board: Features

We will begin with the features of idea pins, pins, and pin boards on Pinterest. Our comprehensive table will make it easy for you to find a clear difference.

Features Idea Pin Pin Board
Number of pages Idea pin allows users to add up to 20 pages Pin allows users to add 1 page Pinterest board allows users to add up to 200,000 pins
Organization Idea pins can be organized into boards Pin allows users to organize boards for different themes and topics Pinterest board allows users to organize their pins into specific topics and themes
Collaboration Idea pin allows collaboration between creators and brands Pin doesn’t allow collaboration Pinterest board also allows collaboration.
Media type Images, videos, text, and voiceover Images or video Images or video
Sharing Can be shared on other social media platforms Can be shared if linked to a website Can be shared on other messaging or social media platforms
Expiration Idea pin doesn’t expire after 24 hours Pins expire after 24 hours Pinterest board doesn’t expire unless you choose to delete it by yourself
Add description You can add descriptions to idea pins  You can also add descriptions to pins You can’t add descriptions to boards

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What is an Idea Pin on Pinterest?

Idea pin on Pinterest allows businesses and creators to create several pins or pages with multimedia elements such as music, text, video, and more into a single pin.

You can add around 20 pages of videos, images, or a combination of both and that can include steps to follow, instructions, and any other additional data about your products and services.

Unlike Facebook or Instagram stories that disappear after 24 hours, idea pins don’t and remain visible on your feed.

However, in May 2023, Pinterest combined idea pins and pins into a single format known as Pins to make it easier for creators to edit and publish their content in flexible aspect ratios, include links and even edit post-publishing if required.

What are the Types of Pins on Pinterest?

There are numerous types of pins on Pinterest that people use to save the content they like the most.

  • Image Pins: Such pins feature just one image. Users have two options to create image pins, either upload their images or create them within the platform.
  • Video Pins: Video pins feature one video or multiple videos or images in a single pin. This pin is a convenient way to engage with the audience.
  • Rich Pins: It is a special type of pin that automatically syncs information from the website and displays it on Pinterest. Rich pins are of three kinds:
  • Recipe Pins: It shows titles related to cooking, dishes, and other details related to the recipe.
  • Article Pins: Such pins display a story description, and headlines of a post from a website.
  • Product Pins: These pins provide information about pricing and other attributes of a product.

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Idea Pin Vs Pin for Affiliate Marketing

Both idea pin and pin are excellent tools for promoting affiliate marketing. They allow you to monetize your pin and make money within the platform. 

  • Idea pins on Pinterest are particularly engaging as they allow users to create multi-page content and support up to 20 pages. This means you have the flexibility to showcase your affiliate products in a more captivating manner.
  • Pins consist of a single image with a description. It has advantages such as a longer lifespan on the platform and the ability to drive traffic to your affiliate links but may not be as engaging and interactive as idea pins.

Idea Pin Vs Pin Vs Board: Engagement and Reach

  • Idea Pin: Idea pins receive increased visibility on Pinterest because of the algorithm as creators and businesses can reach their audience better using video content. When someone comes across idea pins, they can interact with them by looking at each page, saving pins to their board, and adding comments.
  • Regular Pin: As compared to idea pins, regular pins have a longer lifespan and can be great for driving traffic and reaching a larger audience. Like the idea pins, users can interact with regular pins by commenting and liking them.
  • Board: Pinterest boards help users find related content by following specific interests or themes. Users can interact within the board by not only saving pins but also exploring the pins.

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Does Pinterest Allow Affiliate Links?

Yes, Pinterest allows affiliate links to products. However, not all affiliate links will work on the platform. Therefore, it is important to ensure your affiliate links are functioning properly on Pinterest.

We hope our blog on idea pin vs pin vs board helped you understand the difference between them.

If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section, and stay tuned to TechCult for more comparison articles.

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