10 Best Photo Frame Apps for Android

10 Best Photo Frame Apps for Android

Done editing your pictures to make them look great? Feeling something is missing? Yes, something is missing.  

What is it? What is missing in your photo that could make it look better?

It’s a photo frame!

Photo frames are the extras that you can apply to your usual photographs to make them look more attractive than they usually were. They have existed for ages to give a special effect to our photos. These decorative frames make our photographs look distinct and are a decorative way to give our photographs some distinct features. Various modern and trendy frames make our pictures look more pleasing.

Photo frames have great effects on our pictures. Also, they tend to attract human sight. Be it romantic frames for your loved ones, or an elegant frame for your artwork, several apps could help you with it.

Millions of users prefer photo frames to make their photos look good, but they cannot find suitable applications to fulfill their expectations. So, if you are one of them, we have listed some android apps to add a photo frame for you. Try them out and start adding beautiful frames to your photographs.

10 Best Photo Frame Apps for Android


Photo Frame

The Photo Frame is one of the most preferred apps that create photo frames instantly. You can use a variety of templates in Photo Frame to add glamour to your photos. This app offers a lot of frames that would suit your mood along with an easy user interface. You can create beautiful collages in it also. All you have to do is choose a photo from your gallery and start applying frames to it. You can combine a maximum of 15 photographs to create your collage. That’s a large number, right? 

Download Photo Frame


Photo Frame Collage

Photo Frame Collage is one of the best photo frame apps for Android that comes free of cost. You can choose over 200 frames in Photo Frame Collage. The app offers a clear user interface and easy-to-use editing tools. You can even create scrapbook-style collages in this app. Photo Frame Collage App helps you create great collages and share them on your social media pages. 

Download Photo Frame Collage


PicsArt Photo Editor

PicsArt Photo Editor, other than being a photo frame app for android, is an all-in-one editing tool. You can edit photos and make them look professional using PicsArt. It offers numerous features to edit photos and videos. Besides, you can create beautiful collages and add frames to your pictures. The app also has a premium version. But you can find a large number of filters and stickers in the free version itself. PicsArt provides thousands of tools to edit our photos.

Download PicsArt Photo Editor


Collage Maker

Photo Collage Maker & Photo Editor is another useful app. The app is free of cost. It is one of the best apps for college making. You can add up to 9 photos to create your collage. You can also share your collages on Social Media. Besides collage-making, the app offers a variety of filters to the photos you choose. You can also choose different shapes to create frames.

Download Collage Maker



InFrame is another great app to satisfy your frame needs. It comes with a powerful photo editing feature and tons of frames. You can create customized photos for Instagram using this app. For example, square photos for Instagram using it. InFrame offers a large number of fonts, frames, and stickers to choose from. Another advantage of InFrame is that it is completely free!

Download Inframe

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Photo Editor

This app, ‘Photo Editor,’ developed by Axiem Systems, is one of the best editing apps that comes with a plethora of frames. You can choose over 50+ frames and optimized overlays. Besides, Photo Editor also offers paint and draw features, filters, and tons of stickers. Not only that, but it also offers various facial editing effects. You can also use the camera option of this app to take HD (High-Definition) photographs.

Download Photo Editor


HD Photo Frames

As the name suggests, HD Photo Frames come with several HD frames for you. It is one of the best photo frame apps for Android phones. You may receive photo frame updates almost every day on HD Photo Frames. Besides, it offers a simple, easy-to-use interface. You can add as many as 9 photos per collage and choose over 200+ effects. Over 5,000 stickers are available in it. Use this app to add luxury frames to your photographs

Download HD Photo Frames


Family Dual Photo Frames

Family Dual Photo Frames is one for you if you want to frame the pictures of your memories with your family. As the name suggests, Family Dual Photo Frames come with many dual frames for your photos. You can zoom and adjust your photos in the dual frames. You can even add stickers, filters, and various effects to your photos as well. The app is free, and it offers a user-friendly interface as well. You can add cool frames to the photos with your loved ones and share them on your Social Media profiles.

Download Family Dual Photo Frames



If you love photographs with artistic frames, you should try out the Frame app by Cheer Up Studio on Google Play. The Frame provides tons of elegant and artistic frames to add to your pictures. You can add amazing filters and high-resolution frames to your photos using Frame. You can choose from over 100 grid frames and numerous art frames. You can instantly share the edited photos on your Social Media. Also, the Frame app is totally free! 

Download Frame


Wood Wall Photo Frames

If you love wall frames, Wood Wall Photo Frames is the perfect app for you. You can add various wood wall frames to your photos and make them look attractive. This app is also totally free of cost. ‘Wood Wall Photo Frames’ app occupies less space on your phone as well. The number of frames is comparatively lesser than the other apps. However, if you prefer quality over quantity, this app is for you. Enjoy adding frames instantly using this great app.

Download Wood Wall Photo Frames

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We hope you have a great time using these photo frame apps and transforming your photos into great artworks. Try out these apps and give your photographs an enticing look. 

Have any more suggestions? Any other requests or comments? Let us know. Do contact us, place a review, or drop your comments in the comment box. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

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