15 Best Android Camera Apps

Capture the best moments of your life with ease from your Android phones

If you want to capture stunning photos on your phone device then you’re at the right place. In this article, we will tell you about the best Android camera apps that will enhance your photography experience and creative potential.

Best Android Camera Apps

Best Android Camera Apps

These Android camera apps offer a variety of features that elevate your photography game. You can experiment with various shooting modes, apply artistic effects, and even shoot in RAW format for maximum flexibility in post-processing using the apps mentioned below.

1. Adobe Lightroom Camera

Adobe Lightroom | Best camera apps for Android

Adobe Lightroom Camera allows you to capture and edit high-quality photos on your smartphone. The app has many features, including manual camera controls, and editing tools, such as exposure, contrast, and other adjustments. The app provides a built-in camera loaded with advanced features like raw capture and depth mapping, that enhance the quality of the photos. Adobe Lightroom Camera is available for free on both iOS and Android devices, but some features require a subscription fee.

2. Google Camera app

Google Camera

Google Camera app developed by Google for Android-powered devices. It is known for its advanced features that allow users to take high-quality photos in low-light conditions. The Portrait Mode is also there which creates a blurred background effect in photos. The app also includes features such as HDR+ and Lens Blur. Google Camera is available for download on the Google Play Store for free and is compatible with most Android devices. It is a popular choice among Android users who want to take high-quality photos using their smartphones.

3. VSCO Camera


VSCO Camera app allows you to capture, edit, and share photos and has features like Studio, Editing, Capture, and VSCO X. In the Studio, you can import the photos for editing, while the Capture feature helps in taking photos using the VSCO camera. The Discover feature helps to discover new photographers in the VSCO community. VSCO Camera is available for iOS devices and has redesigned camera-capturing filters. The app can be difficult to navigate for new users but tutorials available online can provide guidance on how to use the app.

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4. Photoshop Camera

Photoshop Camera

Photoshop Camera app is developed by Adobe and allows you to capture and edit photos with various filters and effects. It uses artificial intelligence to recognize the type of photo being taken and suggests filters accordingly. You can manually adjust the filters and effects according to your preference. The app also offers editing tools like cropping, rotating, and adjusting brightness and contrast. The app is available for free on both iOS and Android devices but some filters and effects require a subscription fee.

5. Open Camera app

Open Camera | Best camera apps for Android

Open Camera app offers a variety of features like manual focus, exposure control, white balance, and more. It supports different shooting modes, including photo, video, and time-lapse. Moreover, users can adjust the aspect ratio, resolution, and image quality of their content. The built-in photo and video editor allows you to crop, rotate, and apply filters to various media. The app is updated on a regular basis and has a user-friendly interface, making it a popular choice for Android users who want to have more control over their camera settings.

6. ProCam X Camera

ProCam X

ProCam X Camera app offers a range of features to enhance the photography experience of the user. It provides manual controls for ISO, shutter speed, and exposure value, that users can adjust according to their liking. It also offers slow shutter and motion blur modes, portrait mode with depth data capture, and time-lapse photography. The app is designed for both casual and professional users and is said to empower every user to take their best photos. It is recommended for users who want more control over their photography and are ready to invest time in learning how to use the app’s features.

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7. ProShot Camera


ProShot Camera app is available for iPhone and Android devices and offers a range of features like manual controls, RAW support, and video recording up to 4K resolution. With ProShot, users can adjust settings to capture high-quality images and videos. It includes a variety of shooting modes, like burst mode and time-lapse, to help the users in capturing the perfect shot. ProShot remains a popular choice for those looking for a more advanced camera app.

8. SayCheese Camera

SayCheese | Best camera apps for Android

SayCheese Camera app allows you to take photos remotely using another device’s camera therefore it is designed to be used for fun and pranks, and has become popular on social media platforms. Install the app on the two devices and connect them via the internet. Once connected, you can take photos remotely without the knowledge of another person. The app received mixed reviews, with some people praising it for its functionality while others criticizing it for being invasive. It is an interesting app that can be used for harmless fun, but be aware of its potential privacy concerns.

9. GCAM port Camera

GCAM port

GCAM port Camera app is a modified version of the Google Camera app that can be easily installed on non-Google devices. It is designed to improve the camera performance of the device by providing features excellent features such as Night Sight, HDR+, and Portrait mode. The app may not work on all devices and may require specific settings to be enabled.

10. Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro is a video camera app designed for mobile devices. It offers a range of features and settings that help to capture high-quality video footage. The user interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, where the default settings produce 1080p HD video. The app includes basic controls that are found in any camera, as well as features that are specific to smartphone filmmaking. The playback gallery is also there in the app where all clips recorded with Filmic Pro are stored. It is a great tool for anyone looking to create high-quality video content using a mobile device.

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11. Camera Zoom FX Premium

Camera Zoom FX Premium

Camera Zoom FX Premium is a popular photography app that was released ten years ago and still has millions of active users. It features both camera control and image enhancement allowing users to take close-up photos or videos. It can be downloaded for free and the premium version of the app has some additional features. It is a versatile, user-friendly solution offering a wide array of tools for capturing and enhancing photos and videos on Android-enabled devices.

12. Photographer’s Companion (Pro)

Photographer's Companion (Pro) | Best camera apps for Android

Photographer’s Companion (Pro) is a professional photography app that helps you to get closer to the dream of being a photographer without spending much. It is not an application to take photos. It helps you to perform settings in manual mode on a camera or a dedicated application. You can abandon the automatic mode of their cameras that doesn’t do everything and control everything. It is available on both the App Store and Google Play, with a free version and a paid Pro version that is ad-free and has additional features.

13. Camera FV-5

Camera FV

Camera FV-5 offers DSLR-like manual controls for mobile devices. It is designed for enthusiasts and professional photographers who want to capture the best raw photos and process them later. The app requires that the phone implements the features it needs, and it officially supports all official OEM’s ROMs along with glitches and bugs. It’s not officially possible to support all the thousands of custom ROMs out there and if you find a bug while using the application, visit the web page and describe your problem. They will do their best to fix the issues because customer satisfaction is their top priority.

14. Cymera


Cymera app that helps you to take photos and videos with many filters and effects. It also offers editing tools such as crop, rotate, and brightness adjustment. Moreover, you can also add text and stickers to their photos. It has a user-friendly interface and is available for both Android and iOS devices for free. The app has received positive reviews for its features and ease of use and therefore it is a popular choice for those looking to enhance their mobile photography experience.

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15. Manual Camera

Manual Camera | Best camera apps for Android

The Manual Camera app is a third-party camera app available for both iOS and Android devices that allows you to manually adjust camera settings like ISO, shutter speed, and focus, giving them greater control over your photos. It features advanced features and offers a live histogram and a grid overlay to help users compose their shots. While the app is not free, it has received positive reviews for its ease of use and advanced features.

The best Android camera apps mentioned above can capture and immortalize life’s precious moments with ease, and your inner artist can shine through stunning photographs. Download these camera apps today and transform your Android device into a powerful photography tool!

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