Is IPTV Legal in the United States and India?

IPTV is a television service that is provided to you without any cable or satellite connections. IPTV is a new technology, and more and more telecommunications companies are opting to provide their users with IPTV services. IPTV services provide you with options to watch your favorite TV programs without having to follow a program schedule. Since it is a new technology, many users are not aware of IPTV services. In this guide, we will discuss what is IPTV, and what services are available to you. We will also explain whether is IPTV legal in US and India, and whether is IPTV safe to use for TV viewing.

Is IPTV Legal in the United States and India?

Is IPTV Legal in the United States and India?

You will get to know if is IPTV legal further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

What is an IPTV Service?

IPTV is short for Internet Protocol Television. At first, IPTV may sound like an unfamiliar term, but it is one of the most commonly used internet services. Any TV service that you get from the internet can be considered an IPTV service. This means that when you connect to a TV service with an IP address and not with a cable connection, the service is known as an IPTV service. Here, IP (Internet Protocol) is the communications protocol that allows the internet to function. Therefore, in simple words, an IPTV is a TV that uses IP for TV transmission instead of traditional methods like satellite or cable television.

Generally, IPTV can also be referred to as a video-on-demand service. Generally, IPTV services have to get licensed permissions to distribute television content. There are also hundreds of illegal IPTV services; later, we will also discuss how does illegal IPTV work? IPTV services are very popular because of their easy accessibility, and various other features. Since IPTV doesn’t follow a fixed schedule of shows like typical live TV, it is easy to keep up with your favorite programs. Later in this guide, we will discuss whether is IPTV legal in the US.

What are the IPTV Services in India?

Now that we know what is IPTV, let us discuss what IPTV services are available in India. Many people are not clear is IPTV legal in India, well the answer is yes, it is legal in India. IPTV is a new technology that is continually growing in popularity. Many times, users may question the legality of IPTV, and the question is IPTV safe to use? Legitimize IPTV services, which are safe to use and provide licensed content. IPTV has been legalized in many countries, including India, and various legal IPTV service providers exist. The following are some of the most reliable IPTV providers in India.

  • IPTV by MTNLMTNL became India’s first IPTV provider. MTNL iControl IPTV is a service through which MTNL customers can plan and customize their television viewing experience. One of the key features of this service is Time Shift, which allows consumers to stream TV shows whenever they want. MTNL IPTV will cost you from Rs 274 to Rs 324 per month, depending on the plans you choose. You will also have to pay 500 rupees as the registration fee.
  • IPTV by BSNL: The BSNL IPTV services are also available in some parts of India. First launched in Kerala, the service includes 160 free-to-air (FTA) channels and 163 pay-per-view (PPV) channels, which also include HD channels. BSNL IPTV allows customers to select the bundle that best suits them. Continue reading to figure out how does illegal IPTV work.
  • IPTV by Bharti AirtelBharti Airtel is one of the leading telecommunications companies in India. Airtel Xstream Android box is the IPTV provider for Airtel users. If you are not sure, is IPTV legal in India, Bharti Airtel IPTV is one of the most trusted service providers in India. With the Airtel Xstream Android box, you can even convert your standard television into a smart TV. The price for an Airtel Xstream set-up box starts at Rs 150.

Airtel Website

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What are the IPTV Services in US?

If you are not sure if is IPTV legal in US, the answer is, that IPTV services are legal in the United States, however, still many people don’t know what is IPTV, and how to use this service. If you are wondering if is IPTV safe to use, various legitimate IPTV services are available, and people can subscribe to watch their favorite TV shows whenever they want. The following are some of the most famous IPTV services in the United States.

  • TrendsNET: TrendsNET is one of the most famous IPTV providers in the United States. The service allows you to opt for a one-week trial for $4.99 before fully committing to it. After completing the free trial, you can choose a package of your choice; the standard package starts at $15.99 for a month.
  • Tribe IPTV: With over 7300 channels, Tribe IPTV is one of the leading IPTV providers in the United States. The service can be accessed from any Android device, an Amazon Firestick, or a Roku TV. A one-month subscription to TrendsNet will cost you only $10.
  • Xtream HD IPTV: With Xtream HD IPTV, you can watch live TV, movies, and web series on Android and IPTV devices. The service is available in the USA, Canada, and some other European countries. You can get a monthly subscription for only $15.99. Keep reading to learn how does illegal IPTV work?
  • Necro: If you are not sure if is IPTV legal in US, Necro IPTV can be the right choice for you. Available for Windows, Android, and Fire TV Stick devices, Necro is one of the best IPTV services in the USA. If you are wondering is IPTV safe to use, Necro is one of the safest IPTV services available. You get over 2000 live channels with Necro. A one-month subscription plan starts at $9.99. You can also get a 24-hour trial for just $0.99.
  • IPTV Trends: IPTV Trends is available in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other European countries, and the services are available for $50.99. You can also opt for a three-day trial for $2.99.

Therefore, if you are not sure what is, and how to use IPTV services in the USA, you can select any of the above-mentioned services to enjoy your TV shows, movies, and on-demand content.

Tribe IPTV | how does illegal IPTV work

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What are Illegal IPTV Services?

Now that we know the answer to whether is IPTV legal in India and the USA, let us discuss what illegal IPTVs are and how they work. Since there are hundreds of IPTV services available, it can be difficult to verify if a provider is legitimate or not. However, you can look for some key points to determine if you can trust a specific IPTV provider. If you are wondering how does illegal IPTV work, you can check out the following key points to identify an illegal IPTV service.

  • If an IPTV service is hosted outside your country, it can be a red flag.
  • If the provider is distributing TV shows and movies without proper permissions and licenses.
  • If an IPTV provider offers you TV channels that are not available in your country, there is a good chance that they are a fraud.
  • If the information about the provider is sketchy and inconsistent, it is a good sign that the provider is illegal.
  • If an IPTV provider promises a very lucrative deal with free services or low prices, they may be illegal.
  • If an IPTV provider asks you to use a VPN for streaming, this can be because they are illegal.
  • If an IPTV provider asks you to pay with an untraceable payment method such as cryptocurrency, there is a great chance that they are illegal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I get IPTV?

Ans. You can contact an IPTV provider to get IPTV service for your TV. However, be careful when selecting a service, since there can be many illegal ones as well.

Q2. Is it illegal to use IPTV?

Ans. No, licensed and registered IPTV services are not illegal and often have permission to distribute TV content.

Q3. How do I know if an IPTV service is not illegal?

Ans. You can look for various signs with an IPTV service to determine if it is legitimate or not. You can check if they are licensed or not, and whether they have a traceable payment mode or not.

Q4. Can I get IPTV in India? 

Ans. Yes, there are various legal and legitimate IPTV services in India, that you can use to enjoy your favorite shows at any time.

Q5. Can I get IPTV in the USA?

Ans. Yes, there are hundreds of legal IPTV services in the USA. You can sign up for these services to get on-demand TV services.


We hope this guide was helpful to you and you were able to figure out whether is IPTV legal or not. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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