Is Anthem Cross Platform between PS4 and Xbox?

Anthem game has been popular amongst game buffs. But as the reality stands, the game has gradually withered from the market and the players’ expectations. Some aspects let the players down, including the dubious confirmation about the inclusion of cross platform and crossplay features in the game. So, were the cross platform and crossplay one of the reasons for Anthem to face this reality? With this article, we will touch upon the availability of Anthem cross platform between PS4 and Xbox and see if Anthem is still worth playing now.

Is Anthem Cross Platform between PS4 and Xbox?

Is Anthem Cross Platform between PS4 and Xbox?

Several video game developing companies are launching cross platform and crossplay supported games to expand their user base. Let’s discuss if BioWare, the developer of Anthem, ever considered these features for their game and made them available for players to enjoy the game with a wider player base.

Is Anthem Worth Playing?

It depends. Anthem is a game packed with action, weapons, levels that are not easy to clear, and high-end graphics that make the game more interesting and challenging to play. However, the game faced criticism due to a poorly constructed story, average game missions, and the endgame lacking depth. Some users may overlook these faults due to the interesting flying experiences of the characters and the unique and strong fights. In conclusion, it depends on the players what game aspects they enjoy the most.

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Is Anthem Cross-Platform Compatible?

No. The Anthem game has long been in the discussion to get cross platform and crossplay support. However, that day has never come. In 2021, BioWare discontinued any future game updates but has kept the live servers active for a while. A few thousand users still play this game every day worldwide.

Is Anthem Cross Platform between Ps4 and Xbox?

No, Anthem is not cross platform between PS4 and Xbox. The players can only play this game with their friends who use the same platform as theirs.

Can PS4 and Xbox Play Anthem Together?

No, PS4 and Xbox players cannot play Anthem together. Anthem does not allow its users to invite their friends from different platforms, as crossplay on Anthem is not possible. They can only play together with the same platform players without any interference.

Does PS4 Allow Crossplay?

Yes, the PS4 allows crossplay. Initially, when the PS4 was first launched, it did not support crossplay games. However, after receiving updates, it became crossplay compatible. Currently, the PS4 supports crossplay games and allows users to play games with their friends on the same or different gaming platforms. It’s important to note that not all games are crossplay compatible, and almost every crossplay game must be a multiplayer game so that more than one player can play together. Therefore, now you know whether or not the PS4 supports crossplay.

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Where is Crossplay on PS4?

On PS4, crossplay is by default enabled. The cross-play option can be found on the cross platform supported games on PS4. You can enable and disable this option from the crossplay-supported game on your PS4. For example in Fortnite, navigate to Game Settings > Account and Privacy > Gameplay Privacy > Allow Cross Platform Play to enable the crossplay. However, you can’t perform these steps on Anthem as it does not support cross platform on PS4 and Xbox.

How Do I Know If My PS4 is Crossplay?

As PS4 is cross-play compatible by default.

You can check whether the game you are playing on your PS4 is crossplay compatible or not and to know if your PS4 is crossplay or not you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

Note: FIFA23 game is taken for reference.

1. Launch the FIFA 23 game on your PS4.

2. Press the R2 button on your PS4 controller to view your friends on PS4 account.

3. Now, go to the Social Settings using the keys on the controller.

4. In social settings, go to the Cross-play Enabled option.

5. Select Yes to enable the cross-play.

Note: If in any game, the cross-play option is not available, it means that game is not cross-play compatible.


Now, your doubts about if is Anthem cross platform PS4 Xbox or not must be cleared. Players’ frustration can be understood as this game didn’t deliver what they were expecting, including the unavailability of cross platform and crossplay. If you have any questions or suggestions, please drop them in the comments section below for us to know. Your feedback and queries are valuable, and we encourage you to share what you want to learn about in our next article.

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