How to Backspace on iPhone

The main function of a backspace key on any device is to delete the previously entered character in the text one by one. Some phone or computer keyboards have different names or icons for this key. And users may find it difficult to identify and use it to rectify their writing mistakes if they switch from one device to other. If you recently started using an iPhone and encountered this problem, this article will help you understand how to backspace on iPhone and promptly correct the typing errors.

How to Backspace on iPhone

How to Backspace on iPhone

Any form of writing, be it official work-related documents or normal text messaging, must be free from capitalization or spelling errors to appear more effective and comprehensive. Users often neglect these errors while texting informally with their friends on chat apps. While it is accepted by the majority, some may complain about the erroneous texts which are difficult to understand and respond to. And to get rid of those mistakes, iPhone users can use the backspace key on their keyboard. Unsure about how to use it? Read this article until the end to discover the apt method explaining it in detail.

Quick Answer

Tap on the desired position to place the cursor in the typed-out text. Then, tap or tap & hold the Backspace key from the iPhone keyboard to backspace previously typed letters.

What is the Backspace Key in iOS?

The backspace key on iOS is designed to delete both, a single letter and selected text at once, functioning as an alphabet removal tool. To delete any text, simply position the cursor at the desired location within the typed text or select the desired text and press the backspace key on your keyboard. If the backspace key is positioned correctly, it will remove one letter to the left with each press. Keep reading further to learn about it in detail.

Where is the Backspace Key on iPhone?

You can find the backspace key on the keyboard you use to type text on your iPhone. The backspace key icon, which has an x inside a left-pointed horizontal pentagon outlined, is available on all keyboards, including the default iPhone keyboard. You can find it on the right-hand side of the iPhone keyboard.

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How to Backspace on iPhone?

To know how to backspace on iPhone, follow these steps:

1. Tap on the desired position to place the text cursor.

2A. Next, tap on the backspace key to delete or remove the previously typed letter.

2B. Tap and hold the backspace key to remove the letter one by one quickly without a halt.

x inside a left-pointed horizontal pentagon outlined icon

How Do You Backspace Fast on iPhone Keyboard?

To backspace fast on iPhone keyboard, follow the below-mentioned method:

1. Place the text cursor in the position to delete the previously typed text.

2A. Tap and hold the backspace key to backspace the letters fast.

2B. Double tap on the word and tap on the Select option to select the desired word or sentence. Then, tap on the Backspace key to delete the selected text quickly with one tap.

Tap on the Select option from the popup menu and select the desired text

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Why does Apple Not Have a Backspace Key?

On some Apple devices, such as Mac desktop and MacBook keyboards, the backspace key is referred to as the delete key. Both have the same function; but because Apple is the trendsetter, it tried to start something new and unique.

On Mac desktops and MacBooks, the backspace key is referred to as the delete key

How Do You Undo Backwards on iPhone?

There are times when we often end up deleting the wrong text and making things worse. In this case, knowing how you undo backspace on iPhone can be helpful. Let’s see how to do that:

1. Open the Notes app on your iPhone.

2. Select the desired note or create a new note.

3. Write the desired text in the opened note.

4. Place the three fingers on the center of the iPhone screen and swipe left to undo the text.

How to Move the Cursor on an iPhone without Deleting Text?

To know how to move the cursor on an iPhone without deleting text, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Tap and hold the end of the text.

2. A magnifying field will appear with zoomed-in text. Move your finger to the desired position where you want your text cursor.

3. Release the finger from the screen to place the cursor in the desired position.


We hope, with this article, you picked up the skill of how to backspace on iPhone using the backspace key on the iPhone keyboard to quickly remove erroneous text. Send your questions and remarks about this article without any spelling or formatting mistakes in the comments box below, as we hope you’ll use the method learned above to remove such errors. Keep exploring our website to get more such guides to learn wider aspects of tech.

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