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How to Use Push to Talk on Discord

If you have ever played multiplayer games on Discord with friends, you know how fast things can spiral out of control. Background noise is picked up by some headsets, making communication difficult for the team. This also happens when people use their external or internal microphone. If you keep your microphone on all the time, the background noise will drown out your buddies. Discord Push to Talk function instantly mutes the microphone to reduce background noise. We bring to you a helpful guide that will teach you how to use push-to-talk on Discord on Windows PCs.

How to Use Push to Talk on Discord

How to Use Push to Talk on Discord on Windows 10

Discord is a prominent VoIP, instant messaging, and digital distribution platform that was first released in 2015 to facilitate communication between gamers. Following are some noteworthy features:

  • Each community is called a server, and it is designed to allow users to message one another.
  • Text and audio channels are plentiful on the servers.
  • Video, photographs, internet links, and music may all be shared among members.
  • It is completely free to start a server and to join others.
  • While group chat is simple to use, you may also organize unique channels and create your text commands.

Although the bulk of Discord’s most popular servers is for video games, the software is progressively bringing together friend groups and like-minded people from all over the world via public and private communication channels. This is very useful while playing multiplayer games over the internet or having a great talk with friends who are far away. Let us learn what is push to talk and how does push to talk work.

What is Push to Talk?

Push-to-talk or PTT is a two-way radio service that allows users to communicate simply by pressing a button. It is used to send and receive voice over a variety of networks and devices. PTT-compatible devices include two-way radios, walkie-talkies, and mobile phones. PTT communications have recently progressed from being limited to radios and cell phones to be integrated into smartphones and desktop PCs, allowing for cross-platform functionality. Push to Talk function in Discord can help you avoid this problem altogether.

How Does it Work?

When Push to Talk is enabled, Discord will automatically muffle your microphone until you press the pre-defined key and talk. This is how push to talk works on Discord.

Note: The Web version PTT is significantly restricted. It will only work if you have the Discord browser tab open. We recommend using a desktop version of Discord if you want a more simplified experience.

In this article, we will learn how to use Push to Talk on Discord. We will go through it step by step to enable, disable, and customize push to chat in Discord.

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How to Enable or Disable Push to Talk

This instruction is compatible with Discord on the web, as well as in Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. We will begin by enabling the functionality and then proceed to configure the entire system.

Note: For a seamless experience activating and customizing the PTT option, we recommend upgrading the software to the latest version. Regardless of the Discord version you are using, you must first check that you have properly logged in.

Here’s how to enable Discord PTT:

1. Press Windows + Q keys together to open Windows Search bar.

2. Type Discord and click Open in the right pane.

Type Discord and click Open on right pane. How to Use Push to Talk on Discord

3. Click the Gear symbol at the bottom on the left pane to open Settings, as shown.

Click the Gear symbol at the bottom on the left pane to open User settings.

4. Under the APP SETTINGS section in the left pane, click the Voice & Video tab.

Under the APP SETTINGS section on the left pane, click the Voice and Video tab.

5. Then, click on Push to Talk option from the INPUT MODE menu.

Click on Push to Talk option from the INPUT MODE menu. How to Use Push to Talk on Discord

Other relevant Push to Talk options may appear. However, leave them alone for now since we will discuss them in the next section. You must specify the properties to use Push to Talk once it has been activated in Discord. You may set a dedicated key to enable Push to Talk and customize other parts of it in Discord.

In order to disable Discord Push-to-talk, select Voice Activity option in Step 5, as depicted below.

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How to Configure Push to Talk

Because Push to Talk is not a widely used function, many registered users are unsure how to configure it. Here is how to make Discord Push to Talk functionality work for you:

1. Launch Discord as earlier.

2. Click the Settings icon in the left pane.

Click Settings icon on the left pane

3. Go to the Keybinds tab under APP SETTINGS in the left pane.

Go to Keybinds tab under APP SETTINGS in the left pane. How to Use Push to Talk on Discord

4. Click on the Add a Keybind button shown highlighted below.

click the Add a Keybind button. How to Use Push to Talk on Discord

5. In the ACTION drop-down menu, choose Push to Talk as depicted below.

Choose Push to Talk from the Action dropdown menu. How to Use Push to Talk on Discord

6A. Enter any Key you wish to use under KEYBIND field as a Shortcut to enable Push to Talk.

Note: You may assign numerous keys to the same functionality in Discord.

6B. Alternatively, click the Keyboard icon, shown highlighted to input the shortcut key.

Click the Keyboard icon in the Keybind area to input the shortcut key

7. Again, go to the Voice & video tab under APP SETTINGS.

Go to the Voice and video tab under APP SETTINGS. How to Use Push to Talk on Discord

8. In PUSH-TO-TALK RELEASE DELAY section, move the slider towards right to prevent accidentally interrupting yourself.

A PUSH TO TALK RELEASE DELAY slider may be found here. Turn it up a notch to prevent accidently interrupting oneself.

Discord uses the delay slider input to determine when to cut your voice i.e. when you release the key. By selecting the Noise suppression option, you may further reduce background noise. Echo cancellation, noise reduction, and sophisticated voice activity may all be achieved by changing the voice processing settings.

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Pro Tip: How to View the Keybind

The button to utilize for Push to Talk in Discord is the shortcut key given in Push to Talk section.

Note: Access the keybinds tab under App Settings to learn more about the shortcuts.

1. Open Discord and navigate to Settings.

2. Go to the Voice & video tab.

Navigate to the Voice and video tab. How to Use Push to Talk on Discord

3. Check the key used under the SHORTCUT section as highlighted below.

Check the key used under SHORTCUT for Push to talk option

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How does Push to Talk work?

Ans. Push-to-talk, often known as PTT, operates by allowing people to converse over several lines of communication. It is used to convert from voice to transmission mode.

Q2. Is PTT used by Streamers?

Ans. Many people do not use a push-to-talk button at all. To record their gaming sessions, most broadcasters use services like Stream or Twitch. If you wish to communicate during the game, instead of using the standard controls, you may use this instead.

Q3. What should my Push to Talk be?

Ans. If we had to choose, we would say C, V, or B are the best shortcut keys you can use. If you play games where you need to speak with others frequently, we recommend utilizing these keys as a push to mute instead of push to chat.

Q3. Is it possible to Mute oneself on Discord while Streaming?

Ans. Choose a key that is simple to reach while playing. You have successfully configured your toggle mute button, and you may now silence yourself in Discord without muting your microphone feed.


We hope you found this information useful and you were able to learn how to use Push to Talk on Discord problem. Let us know which strategy was the most effective for you. Also, if you have any queries/suggestions regarding this article, then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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