Which is Better Between Discord vs TeamSpeak?

While Discord offers a more diverse range of features suitable for various communities, gamers, and casual users, TeamSpeak is known for its robust, customizable, and efficient voice communication specifically tailored for gaming communities and professional use.
The best thing is that they are both completely free to use thus, the choice between Discord and TeamSpeak ultimately depends on specific needs. Let’s examine how they stack up against one another to decide which is better between Discord vs TeamSpeak for you.

Which is Better Between Discord vs TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak vs Discord: Which is Better?

Discord is more popular and has a larger user base than TeamSpeak. It has more varieties of features as compared to TeamSpeak. However, TeamSpeak is more stable than Discord as it uses less memory. Below we have categorized the differences between these apps in detail.

1. Ease Of Usage


  • Compared to TeamSpeak, Discord is far more user-friendly.
  • By connecting to the invite URL provided to you or posted by a YouTuber, blogger, or another user, you may join any server or community.
  • Discord’s user interface is more user-friendly and enjoyable to use than TeamSpeak’s.


  • You’ll need to install the TeamSpeak client on your computer after downloading it from their website.
  • It’s necessary to input the server address, a nickname, and the server password.
  • The learning curve for TeamSpeak is steeper than for Discord.

2. Pricing


  • The majority of Discord’s features are free.
  • Freebies sometimes have poor customer service, don’t allow for customization, and aren’t as secure as paid items.
  • Discord Nitro is a premium package offered by Discord.
  • Discord Nitro costs $9.99 a month to $99.99 for a year.
  • You may collect or make your own unique animated emoticons.
  • If you have been a Discord supporter for a long then it can be seen through your profile badge.
  • It has high-quality file sharing and you can upload files up to 100MB in size.
  • There’s a high-definition video, screen sharing, and Go Live streaming.


  • It is not entirely free to utilize TeamSpeak.
  • The price is based on the number of people that can connect to the server you’re hosting.
  • This is great for small groups of individuals playing multi-player video games.
  • You must pay for the server’s ownership if you wish to set up a server.
  • A standard TeamSpeak server license costs nothing. However, it is limited to 32 people. For $55 per year, you get 64 slots and one virtual server.
  • Always keep an eye on TeamSpeak for changing pricing and options.

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3. Text Message, VOIP, And Video Chatting


  • In addition to voice chat, Discord allows you to communicate via text messaging or video chats.
  • You may even use two channels at once, one for voice chat and the other for text messaging.
  • Using the text messaging tool, you may rapidly exchange photos and video recordings.
  • It also allows you to share films and hilarious photos with people on your server easily and rapidly.


  • If you simply need to utilize VoIP for voice and text conversations, TeamSpeak is a great tool to use if it’s a speaking program for groups.
  • However, it doesn’t provide a video chatting program.
  • TeamSpeak allows you to send text messages to the server and individual users instead of audio discussions.
  • It is primarily set up and intended for audio talks rather than text chats.

4. Easy To Control And Use


  • In addition to cloud-based servers, Discord does not currently provide a self-hosted server option.


  • TeamSpeak is the program to use if you want complete control over your server.
  • It may be used to run a self-hosted TeamSpeak server.
  • Depending on how many spaces you allow, you must pay for it.

5. Voice Quality Features


  • The voice quality in Discord is still decent, but not as good as it is in TeamSpeak Host.
  • When a big number of participants join an audio conversation at the same time, however, these gaps can become significant.


  • TeamSpeak is well-known for its superior audio quality.
  • It is proud of its audio quality.
  • TeamSpeak has automatic microphone audio correction, background noise reduction, and echo cancellation.
  • They also make certain that there is no lag in communication.

6. Security And Privacy Features


  • Discord servers keep track of user behavior as well as more sensitive information like your device ID, IP address, and any other services you use.


  • It is a powerful communication tool with a wide user base.
  • The specifics of this privacy measure have never been divulged.

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7. Add-Ons And Plugins


  • TeamSpeak has a higher level of plugin interoperability than Discord.
  • Some users have changed the Discord program to allow plugin integration, even though Discord does not allow it and it is against their terms of service.
  • To make them operate, you’ll need to make certain technical adjustments that aren’t allowed by Discord’s terms of service.


  • In TeamSpeak, plugin integration is possible.
  • They can enhance your game experience by incorporating 3D audio, for example. These qualities may be required in some games.

8. User Interface


  • In many aspects, Discord’s user interface outperforms TeamSpeak.
  • Unlike TeamSpeak, it has a user-friendly interface that is suited for newcomers.
  • It also allows players to jump right into the games with a quick start option.


  • Despite its many essential features, TeamSpeak lacks a user-friendly interface, an automated server connection, and automatic bookmarking.
  • TeamSpeak’s user interface is extremely adaptable and varied, which might be confusing for novice users.

9. Mobile App


  • It also has a mobile app that allows you to connect to servers and use Discord without having to use your computer. You can use Discord on Android and iOS both.
  • Topic-based channels on Discord servers allow you to connect, talk, and conduct meetings without clogging up a group chat.

Discord android app playstore


  • It is a smartphone application that allows you to participate in audio chats.
  • It’s developed for Android to help you get the most out of your mobile device and stay in touch with your co-workers while you’re on the road.

TeamSpeak android app playstore

10. Game Overlay


  • While playing, you can use the overlay provided by Discord.
  • If you merely want the overlay to react in a certain way when you open it, you may do so completely.


  • There is an overlay that you may utilize if you’re using TeamSpeak while playing.
  • This may be used to text chat or make TeamSpeak configuration changes.

Unique Features of Discord


Discord is a VOIP that was first introduced on May 23, 2015, and has since grown to become one of the most popular VOIPs ever.

  • Discord servers are organized into channels based on the topics they cover.
  • You may cooperate, discuss, and just talk about your day without clogging up a group chat or taking a seat on a voice channel whenever you have the chance.
  • With low latency audio and video, you’ll feel like you’re in the same room. Friends on your server may see you’re online and join in the conversation without dialing your phone number.
  • Create hidden channels, grant members special abilities, and more.
  • Waving hello via webcam, watching pals broadcast their games, or getting together for a screen-sharing painting session are the various possibilities that can be done.

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Unique Features of TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak. Which is Better Between Discord vs TeamSpeak

On August 26, 2002, TeamSpeak was released as a voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP).

  • You’ll experience crystal-clear, lag-free conversations thanks to their inherent automatic mic level adjustment, background noise reduction, and echo cancellation.
  • You’ll be right in the heart of the action with Positional Audio. Hear your teammates in a 360-degree soundscape, giving you an advantage over the opponent when it comes to putting your next game plan into action.
  • Integrated military-grade security is included as standard.
  • With TS3, you may enable AES-based encryption for the whole server, or even particular channels.
  • You’ll have total control thanks to their comprehensive, best-in-class hierarchical permission system. Decide who has the authority to talk, who may join channels, and more.
  • TeamSpeak may be used from anywhere. You are not linked to their systems, and no information about you is collected.

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We hope you found this information useful and that you were able to know about Discord vs TeamSpeak. Please let us know if you found the above information useful. Please use the form below if you have any queries or comments.

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