How to Survey Land with a Smartphone

If you own a piece of land or property, you should have an accurate understanding of its boundaries and size. While professional land surveyors use specialized equipment to provide reliable measurements, you may find it hard to achieve them without those tools. But a few smartphone apps allow you to survey the land with your smartphone. With this guide, let’s explore the benefits and limitations of those survey land apps and learn how to use them.

How to Survey Land with a Smartphone

How to Survey Land with a Smartphone

The following land survey apps offer a convenient and affordable way to measure land, especially for personal or non-legal purposes. Whether you’re a homeowner, farmer, or contractor, learning how to survey land with a smartphone can help you save time and money while still getting relatively accurate measurements.

Quick Answer

You can follow the below method to survey your land from your smartphone:

1. Launch the MapPad app and select desired location and coordinates.

2. Assess the calculated measurements and tap on the save icon.

3. Enter the name of your measurements to save them on the app.

4. Tap on SAVE.

Is There a Survey App for an iPhone?

Yes, there are many survey apps available for iPhones. Some popular survey apps for iPhone include:

  • SurveyMonkey: This is a well-known survey app that lets you create, send, and analyze surveys. You can also edit the forms that are already shared and live.
  • Google Forms: Google Forms is a free website that is easy to use and lets you customize your forms.
  • SurveyHeart: It is an online form maker app that allows you to create forms with several predesigned templates with a feature to build them offline.

These are just a few examples of the many apps available for iPhone to create effective polls or questionnaires for your research. You can select the one that meets your specific needs.


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Can You Use Your Phone to Survey Your Property?

Yes. While it is possible to use your phone to survey your property, it is not recommended for accurate or legally binding purposes. Mobile surveying apps and tools can be useful for quick measurements and estimates, but they are not designed to replace professional land surveying equipment and techniques.

If you only need rough estimates of property dimensions, you can use your phone’s built-in measurement tools or mobile surveying apps to get a general idea. However, keep in mind that these measurements may not be accurate enough for legal or construction purposes, and should be used only as a rough guide.

Is There an App for Land Surveying?

Yes, there are several land surveying apps available for smartphones, including iPhones. These apps can assist surveyors in conducting various analyzing tasks, such as measuring distances, angles, elevations, and contours, among others.

Some of the popular land surveying apps for iPhone are:

  • iCMTGIS PRO: This app is designed for professional surveyors and offers a wide range of surveying tools and features, such as GPS/GNSS positioning, GIS mapping, stakeout, and data collection.
  • MapPad GPS Land Surveys: With this app, you can select the desired location and calculate the area, distances, and perimeters for it with ease. Moreover, you have the option to save the recorded measurements in the app itself.

Note: While these apps can be useful tools, they should not be relied solely on for conducting professional land surveying work. Professional surveying equipment and techniques are still necessary to ensure accurate and reliable surveying results.

MapPad GPS Land Surveys

Which App is Best for Land Survey?

Some of the apps that are considered best for the land survey are:

iCMTGIS PRO | How to Survey Land with Smartphone

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What is the Best App for Finding Property Lines?

LandGlide is one of the best geospatial applications that provide access to property line and parcel data on desktop and mobile devices, including Android and iOS. The application utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to accurately determine the user’s location. Once the user’s location is determined, they can interact with the application by hovering over the digital map to select a specific property and view its corresponding details.


Are Land Survey Apps Accurate?

Land survey apps can be accurate to some degree, but they may not be as reliable or precise as professional land surveying equipment.

The accuracy of land survey apps on your smartphone depends on various factors, such as the:

  • Quality of the app
  • Accuracy of the GPS system
  • Skill and experience of the user

If you need an accurate property survey for legal purposes, such as boundary determination, building permits, or property sales, it is recommended that you hire a licensed land surveyor who can use specialized equipment and techniques to provide you with accurate and reliable surveying results that meet legal requirements.

Furthermore, land surveying is a complex and technical field that requires extensive knowledge and training to ensure accurate results. While some surveying apps may be helpful in certain situations, they may not be able to replace the expertise of a professional land surveyor.

Is There a Free Land Survey App?

Yes. We will talk about one of the apps i.e., GPS Fields Area Measure. If one requires an application that can accurately and conveniently calculate areas and mark the necessary points on the map, GPS Fields Area Measure is an appropriate solution.

  • It offers multiple marking modes such as high-speed marking of distance, terrain, and smart marking with increased accuracy in the placement of points.
  • Users can save, edit, collect in groups, assign names, delete, or exchange measured data with other users.
  • Additionally, data can be measured while in motion.
  • By connecting to a GPS, the accuracy of the original information can be improved.
  • The application’s design is convenient and visually appealing.
  • It also allows users to add thumbnails to existing dimensions, paint over selected points or fields, and generate automatic links with the limits of the selected area, route, or marked direction.

GPS Fields Area Measure

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How Do I Survey Land on Google Maps?

You can use the MapPad app to assess the land and obtain desired measurements using the map mode that is similar to Google Maps. MapPad allows you to measure areas, perimeters, and distances by plotting points on a map. You can also save, export, and share your measurements. Let’s see how to use this app:

1. Install and open the MapPad GPS Land Surveys app on your smartphone.

2. Now, select the desired location where your land or property is located.

3. Tap on the desired land coordinates to locate the exact area you want to measure.

4. View the exact area measurement from the top of the app screen.

desired location - desired land coordinates - exact area measurement | How to Survey Land with Smartphone

5. Then, tap on the Save icon to save it.

6. Enter the desired name and tap on SAVE.

Save icon - desired name - SAVE |

How Do I Survey My Land with My Smartphone?

You can read and follow the steps mentioned above to survey your land with your smartphone and the MapPad app.


So, we hope that you have understood the process of how to survey land with smartphone. We also have provided a list of some of the best land survey apps with their benefits and reasons why we shouldn’t use them for official land assessments. If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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