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Top 10 Best Sites to Find Abandoned Places

Are you a lover of adventure and mystery? Do you wish to explore deserted or forgotten towns or places? Yes! But finding one would be challenging, won’t it? We will tell you the best sites to find abandoned places for you to explore at your own risk!

Top 10 Best Sites to Find Abandoned Places

Best Sites to Find Abandoned Places

Here is the list of the top 10 best websites to find abandoned places such as forgotten mansions and eerie industrial sites.

1. Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places

The best site to find abandoned places is the Abandoned places website itself. As the name of the site suggests, this is the most populous and reliable site for obtaining information on deserted places.

  • This is an old website, as it is not updated since the early 2010s. Neither the information nor the pictures on the information are altered to suit the renovated design of the state-of-the-art technology.
  • The User Interface of the website is not user-friendly but has a simple design to correlate with the antique design. However, as the user gets familiar with the interface, one can obtain the information using the main navigation wheel. You can click on the gears or linked text on the website to learn about a new building.
  • The information about the building is posted with its location, historical information, and photos. For instance, the Graffiti Place on the website includes a description of the size of the ghost town and the location of the river Scheldt.

2. Abandoned America

Abandoned America

The next best site to find abandoned places is Abandoned America.

  • This is the result and work of a documentary filmmaker named Matthew Christopher, whose passion is to record information on decaying and abandoned places in the world.
  • The website has a modern UI and provides distinct focus and attention to detail.
  • The places mentioned on the website include the stories of the buildings. It includes private properties too but their location is obscured from view.
  • It is said that the website is a major reason for spotting the Insane asylums in the 20th century across the coast.
  • The abandoned places in other parts of the world can be found in the Abandoned America Abroad category. It includes places in the following regions, viz., Chernobyl & Pripyat, Abandoned Romania, Abandoned Georgia, Abandoned India, and Abandoned Greece.

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3. Urbex Playground

urbex playground

The urbex Playground is a website that includes merged information with documented information of buildings in high and low-density areas.

  • The website is designed to suit the needs of urban exploring and the history of the abandoned building.
  • It has twin sections with categorized information on building to aid in easy identification. The buildings on the Urban side are clubbed in the category named Urbex and those on the rural side are placed in the category named Rurex.
  • The information about a selected place includes photographs, records of the history of buildings, and the possible reasons for which the building has become abandoned. As the website contains in-depth information and attention to detail of a building, this can act as an excellent source of information for writers.
  • The only hindering factor in using the photographs obtained on the website is that the documentation process may involve trespassing. In such instances, the pictures are subject to copyright and violation of privacy.

4. Abandoned Central

Abandoned Central. Top 10 Best Sites to Find Abandoned Places

If you love roaming around abandoned buildings in the world, you can trust the Abandoned Central website. As it is one of the best sites to find abandoned places, you can rely on the information mentioned on the website.

  • The less sought-after buildings like those old houses in the woods, maximum security prisons, abandoned museums, and more can be explored using this website.
  • The evidence documented on the website is attenuated with high-resolution photos and videos.
  • Creepy elements like a funeral home with the body remain may be discovered in the abandoned buildings marked on the website.

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5. Abandoned Urbex

Abandoned Urbex

Abandoned Urbex, also called its abandoned, is one of the best sites to find abandoned places and is supported by the Urbex platform.

  • This allows you to find abandoned places with their accurate locations, stories, and associated places in the past. Along with these details, the detailed description of views, distance from the live location, date created, keywords, and picture of the author is available on the specific place.
  • The clean and intuitive UI design allows users to perform activities such as uploading pictures and adding information about locations on the website.
  • The additional feature of the app includes the navigation feature, in which you can select a place and use Google Maps. In addition, you can save your favorite list of abandoned places in the bottom list.
  • The users of the Community enrich the information on the website. Nearly 15000 monthly active users upload and store over 2,070,000 pictures to the website.
  • Updates of the website and app version, which is available for both iOS and Android platforms, are developed and rolled out continuously.

6. Atlas Obscura- Abandoned

Atlas Obscura Abandoned. Top 10 Best Sites to Find Abandoned Places

The Atlas Obscura- Abandoned provides the geographic location of abandoned places. Being one of the best sites to find abandoned places, it provides information on places that are still not explored.

  • A detailed description of over 1,247 abandoned places in the world with their basic information, location, and history is included on the website. Along with this, you can get additional information about the source and the Writer of the article for a particular place.
  • You can get information on the nearby residency options and view their location on Google Maps. In addition to this, the website suggests places nearby the selected place so that you can plan a complete trip in the region.
  • The search feature on the website provides accurate results of the places even if partial keywords are used for the research.
  • The app version of the website can be used to obtain information steadily.

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7. Abandoned Playgrounds

Abandoned Playgrounds

The Abandoned Playgrounds is a website that has hidden information about abandoned buildings.

  • In the initial phase, this looks like a sales website to sell notebooks that have written information about abandoned places. However, a closer look at the website would mean otherwise.
  • You can use the search bar at the bottom of the page to search for buildings in a particular city. You can also search for a specific type of abandoned building like industries in the region.
  • Detailed information about the abandoned place includes the exact location of the place with its coordinates. Additionally, the category in which the abandoned place falls like Castle is specified.

8. Freaktography


One of the suitable sites to find horror places is Freaktography. With the name, we can have a conceptual understanding that the name is a combination of freak and photography.

  • This website is run by Urban Explorer and was started in the early 2010s.
  • The information about the abandoned place includes photographs in different ways such as that from different angles. This gives the users a huge library with numerous pictures on a specific subject. Along with the pictures, the recorded information about abandoned and old ghost towns is posted online.
  • In addition to viewing and reading the content, you can post information and upload pictures of the abandoned place to the site.
  • The Freaktography YouTube channel run by the Admin has detailed visual information on the way the exploration of buildings is done. The only limiting factor of using the information on the website is that the explorer might have obtained the information by trespassing on private property.

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9. ShotHotspot


As the name indicates, the ShotHotspot is one of the sites to find horror places. It gives you locations in which you can obtain and take amazing pictures of abandoned buildings.

  • The database of the website allows you to search for the ideal location to capture photos on a particular region entered. The search feature can provide accurate results using the details like location and keywords of the location.
  • In addition to using the information on the database, you can contact the active users of the Urbex community for support.

10. Google Maps and Google Earth

Google Maps and Google Earth. Top 10 Best Sites to Find Abandoned Places

Ironically, a simple Google search is enough to provide basic information about abandoned places in the world. If you have seen many TikTok or Instagram videos that say some places found on Google Earth, you can refer to this option.

  • Google Maps and Earth specify the location of abandoned places across the continents and countries.
  • As no detailed information about the place is provided, this can be merely used as a means for self-exploration.
  • Google Maps can give an idea of the type of building in the area selected or viewed such as a Garden.
  • Google Earth on the other hand, simply provides the arbitrary location of abandoned places in the world.

Additional Information: Reliable Sources to Find Abandoned Places

In addition to the websites mentioned in the article to find abandoned places in the world, you can use the options given in the section to find more of these.

  • Online Discussion Forums: You can rise questions in online discussion forums like Quora to learn more about unexplored abandoned places.
  • Blogs: Another option to find suitable information on abandoned places is to use the information on blogs like this article.
  • Newspapers: A credible source of information to obtain information and other details of the abandoned places is to refer to the Newspapers, preferably old ones.
  • Interviews: You can enquire about a place to the people in the neighborhood to learn more about the abandoned place and get an understanding of similar places near the locality.


The article gives detailed information on the best sites to find abandoned places and horror places. Kindly spare a few minutes to send your queries and suggestions to us in the comments section.

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