Top 10 Best Sites to Play Backgammon Online

Backgammon is nearly 5000-year-old board game played by two players. Originally played with dice but with technological advancement it has come in the likes of online chess. As more people are getting interested in the game everyday and want to play backgammon online with friends, we have compiled a list of best backgammon online sites. The craze for online LUDO and Chess has proven what level of traffic they can bring in when they go digital. A perfect online platform is what is required to provide backgammon the place it deserves. Moreover, with online launch new features are added which are nearly impossible to do in real sense.

Top 10 Best Sites to Play Backgammon Online

Best Sites to Play Backgammon Online

Every other classic backgammon online site has some variation that makes it a lot more interesting than the same old rules and interface. Therefore, do checkout all of the below given best sites to play backgammon online to find which one best suit your liking.

1. Backgammon Studio

Backgammon Studio webpage

If it is a list of best, then Backgammon Studio should be on the top position. It is not just a platform to play but also one to spend time learning the game in depth. Moreover, you are able to watch matches to learn a variety of new moves. The site at first might feel a bit complicated to navigate at varying points but in little you are able to get a hang of it. As the gameplay level is quite novice therefore seasoned players might get off with it a bit easily. But overall, the site is quite well in delivering a great deal of knowledge to the user with the help of quizzes to measure one’s skills that help out a lot in further journey playing this game. It is one of best sites to play backgammon online.


Backgammon Galaxy webpage. Top 10 Best Sites to Play Backgammon Online

BACKGAMMON GALAXY has an edge in allowing a user the experience to play with a human instead of a Bot opponent making it a good choice to play backgammon online with friends. It is quite important to play with an actual being than a computer as it makes the game even more interesting. It is quite a difficult job to ascertain whether your opponent is a novice or a professional. Moreover, the certainty of the player moves can also be judged which is totally impossible in case of a Bot. Also, you are guided at every step by pinpointing what should have been your next move and the mistakes you made. Backgammon Galaxy is one of the best choices if you want to join a pool of more than enthusiastic people for Backgammon.

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3. iTavli

 iTavli webpage

iTavli might not be one of the best platforms to learn backgammon or play serious matches but it has other attractions. It has got different styles of backgammon including Turkish and Greek which gives it a classic look. This might not be the reason to stay on this site but visiting it is a must for its beautiful interface and appreciate the hard work of its creators. Also, it supports gameplay on both Android as well as iOS devices. But the size of the backgammon board is quite small making it hard to navigate in the gameplay which is where other sites do a wonderful job. It is one of best sites to play backgammon online.


247 Backgammon webpage. Top 10 Best Sites to Play Backgammon Online

247 Backgammon is one of best backgammon online with combination of the classic and modern with scope to greatly improve and develop your backgammon playing skills. The site features options for playing with a bot as well as a real human opponent and is a good option to play backgammon online with friends. The interface of game might be a lot simpler as compared to other sites but it still has some amazing features to keep the gameplay interesting with the help of variations. One can also leave a gameplay in between and continue further from wherever you left. 247 Backgammon is suitable for all kinds of players as it features four levels of difficulty.

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5. VIP Backgammon.COM

VIP Backgammon webpage

VIP Backgammon is available for both iOS and Android devices. As you might have guessed by now it is a part of the big VIP community that develops and provides all kinds of games in the market. With a more stylish interface it doesn’t seem any boring even after hours of play. The game can be played with a real person as well as a bot. Moreover, creating a group of your friends who like to play Backgammon is an easy task with it being available as an application, on website and even on Facebook. But you will have to play for a certain time and collect chips or coins with which you can go ahead in competitions.

6. eXtreme Gammon

eXtreme Gammon webpage. Top 10 Best Sites to Play Backgammon Online

It is in the name that eXtreme Gammon differentiates itself by being one of the most competitive backgammon game websites. But you will have to go an extra step to play one of best backgammon online as it is only available to be downloaded and then install on your PC. Extreme Gammon is one of the first choice of serious gamers around the world because of its amazing customizable features. The game can be played with a bot as well as a real person. You can also change the difficulty level while practicing and even change the board setting to 2D or 3D. But as cool are all the features the pricing too is quite high which is okay for seasoned players as they may make proper use of the Extreme Gammon.

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7. GammonSpace – Online Backgammo

Gammon Space webpage

There are competitions on GammonSpace, and you can earn real money by participating. Moreover, utilizing money as the backgammon center allows you to perform almost any trick you can imagine. It is similar to those more modern iterations of a game that also include unusual aspects to keep backgammon exciting for individuals who have grown bored. Its user interface makes it a good option to play backgammon online with friends that closely resembles that of poker, and as a result, you would have inferred that it also involves money. It is one of best sites to play backgammon online.


Backgammon Masters webpage. Top 10 Best Sites to Play Backgammon Online

When you have a fantastic partner, BACKGAMMON MASTERS never gets dull because it offers both a single-player and multiplayer mode. It is another app, similar to how Extreme Gammon works. All of the elements that have proven essential for making a best backgammon online are included in the app. It is most convenient to have this option of playing with a real person and a machine. Additionally, playing in tournaments can be enjoyable and can let you know where you stand in the competition.

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9. DailyGammon

DailyGammon webpage

DailyGammon has a completely different approach towards backgammon as a game. You play one turn at a time in numerous open matches as opposed to playing one live game with one player from beginning to end which is why the same match can be played for long durations as much as weeks. What makes this platform more than perfect is that it fits great for people who do not have much to sit down and relax. Instead, they prefer to play against a person rather than a computer. DailyGammon is a great choice to play backgammon online with friends but is quite different from classic backgammon online.

10. First Internet Backgammon Server

First Internet Backgammon Server webpage. Top 10 Best Sites to Play Backgammon Online

First Internet Backgammon Server (FIBS) is one of best backgammon online with free platform with some of the most classic features that give it the real old school look. The only requirement which you have to consider is downloading the client software in order to play the game. There are players of different skill levels on the First Internet Backgammon Server, so you may expect to find both outstanding talent and bots. In most circumstances, you’ll have to finish a game. One of the few locations on our list where you can play for real money is First Internet Backgammon Server. Although the interfaces and features of various client programs vary, they are all connected to the same First Internet Backgammon Server. It is one of best sites to play backgammon online.


We hope that this doc could guide you on best backgammon online. If you have any queries or, suggestions then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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