8 Ways to Fix VODs Keep Restarting on Twitch: Easy to Difficult

Video On Demand (VOD) services have become increasingly popular for people who want the convenience of being able to watch content wherever and whenever they want. However, one problem that has been reported by many Twitch users is that their VODs keep restarting. This recurring problem can be incredibly frustrating. Keep reading to resolve VODs keep restarting on Twitch issue after ad or otherwise.

Fix VODs Keep Restarting on Twitch

Why VODs Keep Restarting on Twitch? How to Fix on Windows 10/11

Following are the reasons that cause Twitch VOD keeps restarting after ad on your device:

  • Poor internet connection or too many applications running in the background.
  • Outdated graphics/audio driver or video codecs.
  • Insufficient storage space or RAM
  • Issues with the Twitch app or website itself.

Easiest Fixes to ByPass Said Error

Switch to Different Web Browser – Because different browsers use different underlying technology, such as different types of rendering engines, to display web pages, switching to in-built or another browser might help bypass the issue entirely.

Microsoft Edge browser

Use Twitch Desktop App Instead – If you are facing Why does my Twitch VOD keep pausing issue while using the website, you can alternatively use the Twitch Windows dedicated app.

1. Open the official website of the Twitch app and click on the Download button.

2. Double-click on the downloaded file to run the Twitch executable file.

3. Click on the Install button and click on the Yes button to give administrative privileges.

install twitch app

4. Click on the Next button on the on-screen instructions and click on the Finish button on the final window.

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Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting Methods

1A. Restart PC – Restarting a PC can help to fix Twitch VOD keep pausing because it clears system memory, closes unnecessary background processes, and refreshes the system. This helps to reduce the lag and buffering issues that can cause the Twitch VOD to pause or stutter.

1B. Suffice PC Specifications of Twitch App – Use the link given here to check the specifications of your PC then compare with the list given below:

  • Operating System- Windows 8.1 or above; Windows 10 (recommended).
  • Windows Architecture- 64-bit OS.
  • GPU- DirectX 11 is compatible; NVIDIA GTX 10 series or newer or AMD RX400 series or newer are recommended.
  • RAM Memory- 4 GB and above; 8 GB is recommended.
  • CPU- 4 core Intel or AMD; 8 thread Intel or AMD are recommended.

1C. Close Background Processes – Closing background applications helps to fix the VODs keep restarting on Twitch issues because they can consume a large portion of your computer’s resources, such as memory and processing power.

right click on it and choose End Task to end it. Fix VODs Keep Restarting on Twitch

1D. Troubleshoot Internet Connection – If the internet speed is too slow, it can cause buffering and video pauses, which can be incredibly frustrating. Read here to improve speed on Windows PC to a minimum of 25 Mbps. Also, you can follow our guide to troubleshoot network connectivity problems on Windows 10 to solve Twitch VOD keeps restarting after ad problem.

1E. Wait for Twitch Server Uptime –  You can check if the Twitch server status is down using the link given here. Enable VPN as it will route your internet connection through a different server, allowing you to access the content with a different IP address from a different geographic location. You can choose from our reviewed list of best free VPN for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Check Twitch Servers

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Method 2: Troubleshoot Web Browser used to Stream Twitch

If you are facing VODs keep restarting while streaming Twitch on Web browser, you can try simple solutions like using the Incognito mode on the web browser. to clearing cache & cookies as explained below.

Note: We have shown the Google Chrome browser as an example.

2A. Reload Webpage –  This helps to ensure that the browser is loading the most recent version of the web page instead of loading an older version of the page that may be causing the issue. You can reload the webpage by either using the Ctrl + Shift + R keys or Ctrl + F5 keys together or by clicking on the reload icon.

Refresh Web Page

2B. Disable Hardware Acceleration (If Applicable) – Disabling it helps to fix Twitch VODs that keep restarting by ensuring that only the CPU is used to play the video, avoiding conflicts that can cause the video to keep restarting.

toggle off the Use hardware acceleration when available setting

2C. Disable Web Extensions – Web extensions can sometimes interfere with the normal functioning of websites and applications like Twitch, so disable these if not in use.

1. In Chrome, Click on the three vertical dots icon, click on the More tools option and then click on the Extensions option.

click on the More tools option and select Extensions option

2. Toggle off all the active extensions individually.

Toggle off the Google Meet Grid View extension. Fix VODs Keep Restarting on Twitch

2D. Clear Cache Data and Cookies – Clearing browser cache and cookies helps to fix the discussed issue because it eliminates any temporary data stored that can interfere with the loading and playback of Twitch VODs, causing them to restart. Here’s how to clear cache and cookies in Google Chrome.

Delete Google Chrome Cache. Fix VODs Keep Restarting on Twitch

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2E. Update Browser –  Updating your browser ensures that it is running the most recent version of the program, with the newest security updates, bug fixes, and performance improvements. This helps to ensure that your browser is optimized to properly handle the data and media streams that are used to deliver Twitch VODs.

1. Navigate to the Chrome Settings page by clicking on the three dot.

click on the Settings option. Fix VODs Keep Restarting on Twitch

2. In the Advanced tab on the left pane, navigate to the About Chrome tab.

4A. If the update is available, it would get downloaded. Click on the Relaunch button after the download is complete.

Update Google Chrome

4B. If the chrome is updated, you would see the confirmation message.

2F. Reset Browser Settings – Resetting clears out any temporary files, cookies and caches which can be a cause of the issue.

1. In Google Chrome, Type the following in the URL address bar and press the Enter key to open the Reset page.


2. Click on the Restore settings to their original defaults option in the Reset and clean up section.

Restore settings to their original defaults. Fix VODs Keep Restarting on Twitch

3. Click on the Reset settings button on the confirmation window and wait till the browser is reset completely.

click on Reset settings

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Method 4: Update Display, Audio & Network Drivers

Follow our guide on 4 Ways to Update Graphics Drivers in Windows 10 to update display adapters in order to fix my Twitch VOD keep pausing issue. The same steps to be applied to update Audio and Network drivers too.

Update graphics driver

Method 5: Reset Network Settings

Resetting the network settings can help to fix the discussed issue by resetting the DNS, IP settings, and other internet settings back to the default. Follow link to reset the network settings on Windows 10.

Click on Reset now under Network reset section. Fix VODs Keep Restarting on Twitch

Method 6: Allow Twitch through Firewall/Antivirus

Another method to fix VODs keep restarting on Twitch issues is to allow Twitch app through the Windows Firewall. This would not block the app while streaming and you can easily fix Twitch VOD keeps restarting after ad issues.

Allow Apps in Windows 10 Firewall. Fix VODs Keep Restarting on Twitch

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Method 7: Reinstall Twitch App

If the issue in the Twitch app is still unresolved, you can try reinstalling the app on your PC

1. Press the Windows key, type App & features and click on Open.

open apps and features. Fix VODs Keep Restarting on Twitch

2. Search for Twitch and select it.

3. Then, click on Uninstall and confirm the prompt.

uninstall twitch in apps and features

4. Use the Windows search bar to search for AppData.

Open AppData Roaming folder. Fix VODs Keep Restarting on Twitch

5. Open the Roaming folder, right-click on the Twitch folder and click on the Delete option.

click on the Delete option

6. Similarly, delete the Twitch folder in the C:\ProgramData location path on File Explorer.

delete the Twitch folder. Fix VODs Keep Restarting on Twitch

7. Visit the Twitch website and click on the Download button on the Twitch Studio Beta app in the Desktop Apps section.

Twitch Download page

8. After the app is downloaded, double-click on it to run the installation file.

9. Click on the Install button on the wizard and follow the instructions in the window to complete the installation.

install twitch app. Fix VODs Keep Restarting on Twitch

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Method 8: Contact Support Team

The final resort to fix Twitch VOD keeps restarting after ad is to contact the support team for assistance

Contact Support Team



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We hope that this guide was helpful and that you have learned to fix VODs keep restarting on Twitch on Windows PC. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Let us know which topic you want us to explore next.

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