How to Pin a Post in a Facebook Group

Facebook has been one of the primary platforms for connecting with people around the globe.

Conversations across groups flow freely, starting from sharing viral memes to breaking news. Not only this, but you can also pin a post so it can be highlighted every time someone opens the group.

If you’re wondering how to pin a post, topics, or rules in a Facebook group, our blog will help you with the same. Let’s begin. 

How to Pin a Post in a Facebook Group

How to Pin a Post in a Facebook Group

You can pin a post in a Facebook group to increase the visibility of any specific information you wish the members of the group to see first.

Businesses use this feature from pinning the code of conduct to promoting their newest products for increased engagement.

Note: You have to be an admin or moderator of a group to do so.

1. Open Facebook and tap on the hamburger icon at the bottom left corner of the app.

2. Tap on Groups and then on your group under the For you section.

3. Tap the three dots icon onthe post you wish to pin and then tap on Pin to Featured.

Tap on Pin to Featured

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How to Pin a Post in a Private Facebook Group

The steps to pin a post on a private Facebook group are exactly the same as a public group. Therefore, simply follow the steps mentioned under the previous heading to do the same.

How to Pin a Post on a Facebook Group on a Desktop

You can also use Facebook from the desktop version if you do not have a phone on you. Simply follow these steps as shown below:

1. Open Facebook from your desktop and click on Groups from the left menu.

2. Click on your group under Groups you manage.

3. Click on the three dots icon next to the post you wish to pin and then click on Pin to Featured.

click on Pin to Featured

How to Unpin Post on Facebook

You might want to unpin a post to update new information, events, or discussions. It also helps to keep your group updated with fresh content. Follow our guide on How to Unpin Post on Facebook to do the same.

Why Can’t I Pin a Post on FB?

There can be various reasons if you are unable to create a pinned post on Facebook group like:

  • You are not the admin or moderator of the group.
  • The ability to pin posts might not be available on certain platforms or devices.
  • Technical glitches or bugs on Facebook’s platform can prevent certain features from functioning properly.
  • Your group settings may prevent you from pinning any posts.
  • The post type can limit you from pinning, for example, if a post is not created by you, the settings won’t allow you to pin.

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How Long Can You Pin a Post on Facebook?

You can pin a post for up to 7 days from its date of pin. Then, it will get automatically taken down.

How Many Posts Can You Pin on Facebook Group?

Facebook allows admins to pin up to 50 announcements on the Featured page.

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Now that you know how to pin a post in a Facebook group, go ahead, share the most important message and make sure everyone can see them.

If you have any queries or suggestions, do reach out to us in the comment section and keep visiting TechCult for more informative guides. 

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