How to Know If Someone Muted You on WhatsApp

Former Yahoo! employees Brian Acton and Jan Koum were the founders of WhatsApp in February 2009. WhatsApp is one of several platforms that people use to keep in touch with family and friends. Because it is completely free for users and easily used for business objectives, it is used globally and almost everywhere worldwide. But eventually, you might grow tired of someone texting you all the time, or you might decide that you don’t want to be notified when they do. You might be looking for tips on how to know if someone muted you on WhatsApp. So, we are bringing you a helpful guide that will make you understand how this feature works and answer questions about someone being muted on WhatsApp.

How to Know If Someone Muted You on WhatsApp

How to Know If Someone Muted You on WhatsApp

Keep reading further to find the steps explaining how to know if someone muted you on WhatsApp in detail with useful illustrations for better understanding.

Does One Tick on WhatsApp Mean Muted?

No, receiving one tick when you send a message on WhatsApp doesn’t mean you have necessarily been muted by the person. This is one of the many features of WhatsApp’s messaging system. This system is used by WhatsApp to inform you of the delivery status of your message as well as whether the recipient has seen it or not.

You might be wondering how to know if someone muted you on WhatsApp. It can be a bit difficult to keep track of important messages you might have sent to another person, especially if you are concerned if the messages were delivered or not. One tick could mean they have:

  • Disabled mobile data or Wi-Fi
  • Uninstalled WhatsApp
  • Blocked you

Who knows. However, you should keep in mind that muting someone on WhatsApp only hides the notification you would otherwise receive (usually as a pop-up at the top of your screen). The messages will still be delivered to a person who has muted you, provided they are connected to the internet through mobile data or Wi-Fi.

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Can You Tell If Someone Muted You on WhatsApp?

No, there is no surefire way to know if someone has you muted on WhatsApp. This is applicable for both status updates and normal messages that have been sent between users.

If someone has muted your status updates, it won’t show up in their status section, instead appearing in a section below called Muted updates. You can see the muted status updates by tapping on the arrow button on the right:

You can see the muted status updates by tapping on the arrow button on the right

On the other hand, if someone mutes a chat, it won’t make their profile picture or status updates disappear. Only the upcoming message alerts will no longer be displayed. Their status will still be visible to you.

What Happens When Someone Muted You on WhatsApp?

As mentioned before, you can still see that person’s status updates and receive messages from them, if they send anything. You will also be able to contact them or receive voice and video calls from them. The only change taking place will be in the other person’s app. They won’t receive notifications in the form of a pop-up or alert when you send them a message or try to call them on WhatsApp. You will not receive any notification if someone mutes you, it is a measure created to exercise time-outs from others, without making it completely obvious to them.

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How to Know If Someone Muted You on WhatsApp?

One must understand that WhatsApp does not send any notification to alert you if you have been muted by someone. This is done to ensure the other individual’s privacy is protected, and they can still receive your messages as long as their device has an internet connection.

So how to know if someone muted you on WhatsApp? Well, there are a few implicit ways you can figure out if someone has put your chat on mute. While these steps will not guarantee that you have been muted(with the only possible way to really confirm this is to check the source itself, i.e the other individual’s WhatsApp), you can still try them out and then draw your own conclusions:

  • They will appear online, but you won’t get an instant reply.
  • They won’t always appear in your status viewers list at the start.
  • Your messages will be delivered with double ticks, but you won’t get a reply back.

It can be considered perfectly fine for anyone to mute someone’s chat, as it is a measure created by Whatsapp to exercise healthy time off. Every day we spend a large portion of our day with our phones, and while most people only choose to entertain close people on their WhatsApp, the mute feature can help give your mind space to not think or stress about someone’s messages for a short time. Yes, being muted isn’t permanent, you can be unmuted too.


We hope that you learned how to know if someone muted you on WhatsApp. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what topic you want to learn about in our next article.

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