How to Get TikTok Unblocked on My School Computer

Your school Chromebook uses Google Chrome as its default browser. While using the browser, you may come across some websites, in this case, it is TikTok for which the access is denied. Your school might have blocked this website for a number of reasons. However, if you are still adamant about unlocking the site, let us explore some ways in which you can do it.

How to Get TikTok Unblocked on My School Computer

How to Get TikTok Unblocked on My School Computer

Now we will discuss various methods you can use to unblock TikTok on your school computer:

Method 1: Unlock Website on Chromebook

It is evident that the site (TikTok) that you are trying to access has been blocked on your school Chromebook. This website might have been added to the restricted sites list. If so, you can simply resolve the issue by accessing the restricted site list and removing TikTok from it.

1. Click on the Quick Settings panel present at the bottom right corner of your Chromebook.

2. Now, select the Settings gear icon at the top.

Select the Settings gear icon

3. Next, click on Security and Privacy from the left side panel of the screen.

security and privacy in Chromebook

4. In it, select Content restrictions.

5. Now, click on Block sites.

6. In the URL box, enter the website address of TikTok and click on Add site.

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Method 2: Use VPN Server

The next workaround to watch TikTok on school Chromebook is to use VPN. VPN is popularly used to unblock geo-restricted content on your school Chromebook. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) helps in routing your traffic to a third-party server that prevents your network administrator from decoding it and eventually helps you with accessing a blocked website like TikTok. You can learn a great deal about different VPN tools available for your browser with the help of our guide on 15 Best VPN for Google Chrome to Access Blocked Sites and download TikTok on Chromebook,.


Method 3: Use DNS Server

TikTok download Chromebook can also be attempted with the help of a DNS server. Domain Name System (DNS) helps in matching website hostnames. DNS tools replace the assigned DNS by ISP with a private one from the chosen location. DNS also provides good connection speed without encryption. So, you must choose a good DNS server for your Chromebook to use TikTok. Our guide on 10 Best Public DNS Servers in 2022: Comparison & Review will help you choose a perfect DNS tool.

Use DNS Server. How to Get TikTok Unblocked on My School Computer

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Method 4: Use Proxy Server

A proxy server is used to hide your identity and to establish a strong & private connection with the blocked site. It helps to keep the network secure and anonymous. It acts as a middleman between your device and the internet which helps you to watch TikTok on school Chromebook. You can download TikTok on Chromebook with the help of a proxy server. There are a number of proxy servers available on the internet and if you are unable to find one, our guide on Top 9 Free Proxy Software for Windows 10 will help you out.

 Use Proxy Server

Method 5: Download TikTok from Different Source

If you are unable to download TikTok from its original source and want to get TikTok unblocked on my school computer, you can try installing the app from a different source altogether. On your Chromebook, the official site of TikTok might be blocked for a number of reasons, in this case, you can install an APK file of the app on your device too.

Download TikTok from Different Source. How to Get TikTok Unblocked on My School Computer

Method 6: Use Third-Party Unlocking App

You can also use a third-party unlocking app that can help you access the website of your choice if using a VPN and proxy server is not working for you. Unlocking apps are similar to VPN in working. They change your IP address and easily let you access blocked websites like TikTok. You can easily download these third-party apps on your Chromebook but the only catch with these tools is that they are extremely lagging and slow.

Method 7: Use Phone Data

Another method that can help to get TikTok unblocked on my school computer is by using phone data. This is a common workaround to get around the Firewall of your Chromebook. As long as you are on an unlimited data plan, you can switch to your phone data and access the earlier blocked site.

How is TikTok Blocked in School Chromebook

TikTok is used by millions of users all around the world. It is used by content creators and artists to showcase their talent via videos on the platform. However, TikTok is blocked on school Chromebook to prevent students from being exposed to adult or unsupervised content. There are two ways in which the platform is blocked on a school Chromebook:

  • Firewall: Usually, the Firewall policy for Wi-Fi networks and systems at school is configured. A Firewall tends to block traffic to IP addresses and domain names that are associated with TikTok. It also identifies TikTok usage by scanning for headers in data packets.
  • Policy: Some schools follow their policies under which using TikTok on school property or during classes are banned. School administration follows this rule strictly enough to stop students from using the platform.

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How to Install TikTok on school Chromebook

Chromebooks are a perfect device to use as they provide the benefits of both, a mobile phone and a computer. There are a number of TikTok users that make use of a Chromebook to come online and share their videos. Hence, downloading and installing the TikTok application on Chromebook can come in really handy for you. So, if you have been successful in unblocking TikTok, you can follow the instructions given below to install TikTok on school Chromebook:

Note: Chromebook does not allow video recording on TikTok. You will only be able to watch content on TikTok using Chromebook.

1. Open your Chromebook and launch Chrome Web Store on it.

go to chrome web store. How to Get TikTok Unblocked on My School Computer

2. Search TikTok in the Web Store.

3. Now, click on Add to Chrome to download the app on your Chromebook.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I remove restrictions from my school computer?

Ans. Restrictions from your school computer can be removed by reformatting the hard drive or by re-installing the operating system or applications in the system.

Q2. How can I unblock websites on my school Chromebook?

Ans. The easiest way to unblock a website on school Chromebook is by using third-party unlocking apps that can help you use the website of your choice easily.

Q3. Can I remove the administrator from my school Chromebook?

Ans. To remove the administrator from your school Chromebook you can simply opt for a power wash. In case the device is controlled by an admin, you would need to contact the company controlling the device and ask them to release it.

Q4. What does it mean by blocked by the administrator?

Ans. Blocked by the administrator means that the document, website, or app you are trying to access is restricted by the administrator privileges. The profile you are trying to use in Chrome might be causing this error.

Q5. Why can my school admin block everything?

Ans. School admins block websites or apps that may be compromising the safety of the students. As students tend to get distracted easily by the internet and the content on it, school admins tend to block unsuitable stuff on the internet.


We hope that our guide on get TikTok unblocked on my school computer was successful in helping you out with different ways in which you can do so. Also, let us know if installing TikTok on your school Chromebook was possible for you with the instructions given in the doc. If you have other suggestions or queries, you can leave them in the comments section below.

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