Top 9 Free Proxy Software For Windows 10

Internet censorship is very common these days. There are some sites which can hack your data and because of these sites, some virus or malware can also enter your computer. And due to this, some authorities like big companies, schools, colleges, etc. keep these sites blocked so that no one will be able to access these sites.

But, there are times when you need to access the site or want to use it even if that site is blocked by an authority. So, if that situation occurs, what will you do? Obviously, as that site is blocked by the authority, you will not be able to access it directly. But you need not worry as there is a way using which you will be able to access those blocked sites and that too using the same internet connection or the Wi-Fi provided by the authority. And the way is by using proxy software. First, let’s learn what proxy software is.

Top 9 Free Proxy Software For Windows 10

9 Best Free Proxy Software For Windows 10

What is Proxy software? 

Proxy software is a software that acts as a middleman between you and the blocked website you need to access. It keeps your identity anonymous and establishes a secure and private connection which helps in keeping the network secure.

Before proceeding further, let us see how this proxy server works. As seen above, the proxy software acts as a middleman between the internet and devices like a computer or a laptop. When you use the internet, an IP address is generated through which the internet service provider gets to know who is accessing that internet. So, if you try to access a blocked site on that IP address, the internet service provider will not let you access that site. However, by using any proxy software, the actual IP address gets hidden and you will be using a proxy IP address. As the site which you are trying to access is not blocked on a proxy IP address, the internet service provider will allow you to access that site using the same internet connection.

One thing to keep in mind before using any proxy software is that although the proxy hides the real IP address by providing an anonymous IP address, it does not encrypt the traffic which means that malicious users can still stop it. Also, the proxy will not affect your entire network connection. It will affect only the application in which you will add it like any browser.

There are lots of proxy software available in the market but only a few are good and reliable. So, if you are looking for the best proxy software, keep reading this article as in this article, the top 9 free proxy software for Windows 10 are listed.

Top 9 free proxy software for Windows 10

1. Ultrasurf


Ultrasurf, a product of the Ultrareach Internet Corporation, is a popular proxy software available in the market that lets you access any blocked content. It is a small and portable tool which means that you need not install it and can simply run on any PC, even using a USB flash drive. It is used all over the world with more than 180 countries, especially in countries like China where the internet is highly censored.

This software will allow you to access the blocked sites by hiding your IP address and will also encrypt your web traffic by providing end-to-end encryption so that your data will not be seen or accessed by any third-party.

This software does not require any registration. In order to use this software, just download it and start using it without any limitations. It provides an option to choose from three servers and you can also see the speed of each server.

The only problem is that you will not get to know the new IP address or the server location.

2. kProxy

kProxy | Free Proxy Software For Windows 10

kProxy is a free and anonymous proxy software available online. This is a web service but if you want, you can download its Chrome or Firefox plugin. It is a portable software that can be executed anywhere and anytime and it does not require any installation. It also has its own browser using which you can access the blocked sites.

kProxy protects you from malicious users and also keeps the personal information hidden from the internet service provider or any third-party.

The only problem with this software is although it is available for free, by using the free version, you can only access the Canadian and German servers and several servers like the US and UK will not be available. Also, sometimes, servers get overloaded due to a large number of active users.

3. Psiphon


Psiphon is also one of the popular proxy software available for free. It lets you browse the internet freely as there are no limitations. It is easy to install and has a very user-friendly interface. It provides 7 different servers to choose from.

Psiphon has several features like the split tunnel feature, the ability to configure the local proxy ports, the transport mode, and many more. It also provides useful logs using which you can check your connection status. It is available in different languages and being a portable application, it can work on any PC.

The only problem with this software is that it lacks the compatibility with third-party browsers like Chrome and Firefox although it works fine with the Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

4. SafeIP

SafeIP | Free Proxy Software For Windows 10

SafeIP is a freeware proxy software that helps in protecting the privacy and hides the real IP address by replacing it with a fake and anonymous one. It has a very user-friendly and simple interface that helps you to choose a proxy server easily with just a few clicks.

This software also offers cookies, referrals, browser ID, Wi-Fi, fast content streaming, mass mailing, advertisement blocking, URL protection, browsing protection and DNS protection. There are different servers available like the US, UK, etc. It also allows you to enable traffic encryption and DNS privacy anytime you want.

5. Cyberghost


If you are looking for a proxy server that is best at providing security, Cyberghost is best for you. It not only hides your IP address but also keeps your data safe.

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It is easy to install and use. The best feature of Cyberghost is that it allows running five devices at a time which makes it useful if you want to run multiple devices at a safe internet connection.

6. Tor


This is one of the best applications in order to protect your privacy online. The Tor application runs using the Tor browser which is one of the most trusted proxy software. It is used worldwide to prevent personal privacy alongside visiting the blocked websites. It is available for free for both the personal and commercial use.

It secures the personal information of the user as it provides a safe and private connection by connecting to a website which goes through a series of virtual connecting tunnels instead of a direct connection.

7. Freegate


Freegate is another proxy software that helps you to protect your privacy online. It is a portable software and can run on any PC or desktop without installation. You can choose any browser to run the Freegate proxy software by visiting the settings menu.

It has a very user-friendly interface and supports the HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols. It also allows you to use your own proxy server if you want to do so.

8. Acrylic DNS Proxy

Acrylic DNS Proxy | Free Proxy Software For Windows 10

It is a free proxy software that is used to speed up the internet connection thus improving the browsing experience. It simply creates a virtual DNS server on the local machine and uses it to resolve the website names. By doing this, the time taken to resolve the domain names gets reasonably reduced and the page loading speed gets increased.


Hidemyass VPN is one of the best proxy server websites to browse any blocked website(s) along with keeping your identity private. Basically, there are two services offered: Hide My Ass VPN and a free proxy site. Moreover, this proxy server website has SSL support and thus, avoids the hackers.

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I hope this article was helpful and you will be able to use any of the free Proxy software for Windows 10 listed above. But if you still have any queries regarding this guide then feel free to ask them in the comment section.

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