How to Get the Biggest DoorDash Order

DoorDash is one of the biggest on-demand online food ordering services from San Francisco, California, United States. It connects you to all the restaurants in your area so that you can order food from your favorite restaurants online. If you are a Dasher from DoorDash and want to know how to get the biggest DoorDash order, keep reading this article to learn it. You will also get to know how to get multiple orders DoorDash with high Dasher Pay. Let’s start!

How to Get the Biggest DoorDash Order

How to Get the Biggest DoorDash Order

If you want to get the biggest DoorDash order, you have to become a top Dasher. And to become a top Dasher, you must satisfy certain criteria on the DoorDash platform as a Dasher. Let us discuss this further in detail.

Why Am I Not Getting Orders on DoorDash?

The most common reasons for not getting orders on DoorDash are as follows:

  • The poor network connection can cause you to not receive any orders.
  • When you are logged out of your Dasher account, you will not receive any updates or notifications about the latest Dash points in your nearby area.
  • If your Dash is paused, you will not be getting any orders.
  • Also, it might be the case that people are not ordering anything from your location. You can try to move out to a hot location where people are ordering food continuously.

How to Get More DoorDash Orders? How to Get Multiple Orders on DoorDash?

To get more orders or multiple orders on DoorDash, you have to be in the hottest locations where people are continuously ordering food. This way, you will also have a high chance of getting tips and high customer ratings. Hence, it will be a brilliant chance to become a top Dasher.

How To Get the Biggest Orders on DoorDash? How Do I Get a Higher Paying DoorDash Order?

As there is no limit for orders on DoorDash, any biggest order cannot be defined in a particular manner. But if you become the top Dasher, most of the orders you will get will be from the customers who are ordering items more than 35$ and it can go up to any amount. All the major requirements to become a Top Dasher to get the biggest and higher-paying orders are discussed below:

1. Firstly, you will have to always find the busiest area and take as many orders as possible.

2. You also should have delivered more than 100 deliveries in the previous month.

3. You will have to garner more than 4.7 customer ratings on DoorDash.

4. The 95% completion rate of your all deliveries is much needed.

5. At least 200 deliveries should have been completed by you in your life working with DoorDash.

You can learn more about the Top Dasher program on the DoorDash Help Top Dasher page.

Top Dasher DoorDash Help page

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How Are DoorDash Orders Assigned?

DoorDash uses an automated system to assign orders so that they can be completed as soon as possible. These orders are assigned based on the location of the order, and whichever Dasher has the highest rank in that area will get the orders first. To increase your DoorDash rank, you have to deliver lots of orders very efficiently and within time so that the customer can give positive reviews to increase your rank.

Do You Get More Orders If You Schedule on DoorDash?

Yes. If you schedule on DoorDash ahead of time, then definitely you will be the first to get the orders than the other Dashers. And hence, you can earn more and have the chance of becoming a top Dasher. DoorDash also provides the Early Access Scheduling feature to the Dashers to access their respective schedule for the coming week in advance. But again, you will have to satisfy the requirements mentioned in the above pointers to access this program.

Early Access Scheduling

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Do I Have To Be At a Hotspot to Get DoorDash Orders?

No, it’s not necessary to be in a hotspot to get DoorDash orders. You can get orders in normal locations as well. But if you are willing to become a top Dasher and earn more money, it is essential for you to be at a hotspot to get multiple orders to deliver.

When Does DoorDash Pay? Does DoorDash Pay Daily?

No, the Dashers are not paid daily, but on weekly basis for the work done from Monday to Sunday midnight. After the payment is generated, it is sent to the registered bank account after 2-3 days of processing time. Most probably, Dashers get their pay by the end of Wednesday.

Does DoorDash Pay Gas?

No, DoorDash does not pay for the gas used by the Dashers for delivery. You have to spend money from your pocket for the gas if you are a DoorDash Dasher.

How Much Does DoorDash Pay Per Delivery? How Does Dasher Pay Works?

The average pay per delivery ranges from 2$-10$ per delivery. This payment depends on the distance the Dasher has to travel to deliver the order. If that delivery area is far away and it has very limited Dashers, the Dasher Pay is high as it also depends on whether the Dasher is a top Dasher or not. The Dasher pay is calculated by adding Base pay + Tips + Promotions.

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Does DoorDash Punish Drivers for Missing Items?

No, DoorDash does not punish its Dashers for missing items. The items are sealed and packed by the restaurant, and Dashers cannot even see what is inside the DoorDash order. So, there are no chances of them making those items go missing. But if DoorDash receives any customer reports stating they haven’t received the item or the item is opened, the Dasher can face strict actions, which can also result in getting fired from the job as a Dasher.

Can Restaurants Rate Dashers?

Yes, restaurants can rate Dashers based on their overall experience with them on the merchant portal.

Can DoorDash Drivers Accept Cash Tips?

Yes, they can accept cash tips when they deliver your items. But even if you give cash tips, not through the app, the app will show that you didn’t give any tips. However, giving tips is not compulsory.

How Do I Know If DoorDash Is Hiring in My Area?

DoorDash does not hire in the offline mode. If you want to get hired by DoorDash as a Dasher and get the biggest DoorDash order, you will have to directly signup for the Dasher account from the DoorDash Dasher Sign up page. From here, you have to select your area with a ZIP or postal code, and once the sign-up process is completed, you will start getting the orders.

DoorDash Dasher Sign up page


So now, you have understood how to get the biggest DoorDash order. You can let us know any queries about this article or suggestions about any other topic you want us to make an article on. Drop them in the comments section below for us to know.

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