How to Fix Windows 11 Webcam Camera Not Working

With the popularity of online meetings increasing in recent years, having a working camera has become a requirement. Whether it is for work or studies, you will almost certainly be required to use it. But, what if the webcam stops working? This can happen with both built-in and external cameras. Fixing integrated webcams is more difficult than fixing external webcams, owing to a large number of particular remedies available for the latter. We bring to you a perfect guide that will teach you how to fix Windows 11 webcam not working issue.

How to fix Webcam not working on Windows 11

How to Fix Windows 11 Camera or Webcam Not Working

We will discuss hardware troubleshooting first and then, move on to software troubleshooting to fix the said issue.

Method 1: Troubleshoot Webcam Connection (External Cameras)

There’s not much you can do with integrated webcams because all connections are hidden. When your webcam stops operating, the first thing to do is to check the connections.

For Bluetooth Cameras

  • Establish a Bluetooth connection between the PC and the webcam if it is not already.
  • Turn on flight mode for a few moments before turning it off. Connect to the webcam now and see if it starts working.
  • It is also a good idea to remove the webcam from the Bluetooth settings and reconnect to it.

For USB Cameras

  • Check to see if the USB cables are damaged. Replace them and check again.
  • Frequently, a problem with the USB port itself, which may be damaged or dead, is to blame. In this scenario, attach it to a different USB port and see if that solves the problem.

Method 2: Ensure Webcam Isn’t Covered

Many users prefer to cover their webcams with a sticker or tape for privacy reasons. However, they frequently fail to remove them at the last minute. When the webcam is covered, the feed is replaced by a black screen, creating the impression that the webcam is not working. You will be able to tell if the lens is covered or not by a quick glance.

Method 3: Turn On Physical Switch (If Applicable)

A hardware switch to enable or disable the webcam can be found on many PCs. Check to see if you have one on your camera. If there is a switch, make sure it is switched on to fix webcam not working on Windows 11.

You can find more information about the same in the handbook or manual that came with it or on the manufacturer website.

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Method 4: Restart Windows 11 PC

It is perhaps the most tried-and-true solution for most minor issues coz it works like a charm. Problems with your webcam can be resolved by just restarting your computer. The operating system refreshes itself, removing any bugs that may have caused the webcam to malfunction. This solution applies to both integrated and external webcams.

Method 5: Use Windows Troubleshooter

Windows provides various inbuilt troubleshooters for many devices and Webcam happens to be one of them. Here’s how to fix Windows 11 webcam not working issue by running Camera troubleshooter:

1. Press Windows + I keys to open Windows Settings.

2. In the System tab, scroll down and click on Troubleshoot, as shown.

Troubleshoot option in the settings. How to fix Webcam not working on Windows 11

3. Click on Other troubleshooters under Options.

Other troubleshooters options in Settings

4. Click on Run for Camera troubleshooter.

Camera Troubleshooter

5. Click Yes in User Account Control Prompt and allow the troubleshooter to run.

6A. Either you will be prompted to Apply the fixes as suggested by the troubleshooter.

6B. Or, No changes or updates required/ no issues found message will be displayed.

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Method 6: Allow Camera Access in Privacy Settings

Another common cause of webcam problems is incorrectly configured settings. You may have, knowingly or unknowingly, disabled the webcam from Privacy settings at some point. Hence, its suggested to ensure correct Camera Privacy settings to fix webcam not working problem in Windows 10 PC:

1. Click on the Search icon and type Camera Privacy settings.

2. Click on Open, as shown.

Start menu search results for Camera Privacy settings

3. Turn the toggle marked as Camera access and let apps access your camera on, as hown highlighted.

Privacy settings. How to fix Webcam not working on Windows 11

4. Scroll down to the list of installed apps and find the one you are experiencing issues with. Make sure to toggle it on for the app.

Method 7: Re-enable Webcam

Re-enabling the webcam is another effective solution to fix webcam not working issues on Windows 11 PCs. It fixes many of the underlying issues that are preventing the webcam from working. You can turn off the camera or re-enable it via Device Manager, as follows:

1.  Type, search and launch Device Manager from Start Menu as depicted below.

Start menu search results for Device Manger. How to fix Webcam not working on Windows 11

2. Here, scroll down the list of installed devices and double click on Cameras.

3. Right-click on your webcam driver (e.g. HP TrueVision HD Camera) and click on Disable device from the context menu.

disable device option in the context menu

4. Click on Yes in the confirmation dialog box to disable it.

Confirmation dialog box for disabling webcam

5. Right-click on the Camera driver again and click on Enable device, as illustrated below.

Device manager window

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Method 8: Update Camera Drivers Via Device Manager

Device manufacturers release driver updates on a regular basis to ensure proper device operation and efficient relay of commands between the Operating system and the installed device. Windows OS usually searches for and installs driver updates without needing any user intervention. Although, this may not always be the case. To fix webcam not working in Windows 11 issue, update your web camera driver as discussed below.

Method 8A: Automatic Update

1.  Go to Device Manager > Cameras as earlier.

2. Right-click on camera driver (e.g. HP TrueVision HD Camera) and select Update driver, as shown.

Update driver option in the Context menu

3. Click on Search automatically for drivers in Update Drivers window. Let the update wizard look for any available driver updates for your webcam.

Driver Update wizard. How to fix Webcam not working on Windows 11

4A. If the wizard finds any updates, it will install them automatically.

4B. Alternatively, you will be notified that The best drivers for your device are already installed. Click on Close.

Update driver Wizard

Method 8B: Manual Update

Device manufacturers will sometimes upload driver updates on their official website rather than submitting them to Microsoft. If that is the case, you would not be able to download it through Device Manager Automatic Update. Instead, you will have to manually search for it and then, download and install it to fix webcam not working problem in Windows 11 or 10.

1. Download driver updates by searching for Driver name & Windows version on Device manufacturer website.

Note: A few common ones are Lenovo, Dell, Acer, and HP laptop camera drivers.

2. Navigate to Device Manager > Cameras > HP TrueVision HD Camera > Update driver wizard following Steps 1-3 of the previous method.

3. Click on Browse my computer for drivers in Update Drivers window as shown.

Driver update wizard

4. Click on Browse and locate the downloaded drivers. Then, click on Next, as depicted.

Browse for drivers. How to fix Webcam not working on Windows 11

5. Let the wizard install the driver files and after the installation, click on Close.

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Method 9: Update Driver Via Windows Update Settings

Here’s how to fix webcam not working on Windows 11 by updating drivers through Windows Update Settings:

1. Click on the Search icon and type Settings.

2. Then, click on Open.

Start menu search results for Settings

3. Click on Windows Update in the left pane.

4. Click on Advanced options in the right pane, shown highlighted.

Windows update section in the Settings app

5. Click on Optional updates under Additional options, as shown.

Optional updates options

6. Check the boxes for available drivers and click on Download & Install.

7. Click on Restart now to restart your computer, if prompted.

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Method 10: Update Windows

Updating Windows is always a good option to fix webcam issues as multiple times the fault lies with bugs and errors. Follow the given steps to fix Windows 11 webcam not working by updating Windows operating system:

1. Press Windows + I keys simultaneously to open the Quick Link menu.

2. Click on Windows Update in the left pane.

3. Click on the blue Check for updates button.

4. If there is any update available, click on Download & Install option shown highlighted.

Windows update tab in Settings app. How to fix Webcam not working on Windows 11

5. Let the update be downloaded and installed. Restart your Windows 11 PC and try again.

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We hope you found this article interesting and helpful on how to fix webcam not working on Windows 11. You can send your suggestions and queries in the comment section down below. We would love to know which topic you want us to explore next.

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