How to Fix Telegram Limit Exceeded Error on iPhone

While Telegram is a great messaging app connecting people online, new users may get overwhelmed with plenty of errors on the platform. Telegram limit exceeded is one common error that can come up when you try to access your account multiple times with an incorrect password on your iPhone. However, this error may also appear due to various other reasons. Let’s explore various causes it may occur on your iPhone and methods to fix it.

How to Fix Telegram Limit Exceeded on iPhone

How to Fix Telegram Limit Exceeded Error on iPhone

As said earlier, you may face this limit exceeded problem on your iOS Telegram app even if you enter your password correctly. Below are the other reasons for it:

  • Issues with the network connection
  • Multiple times logged in to Telegram account within a short period
  • Internal server error
  • Corrupt cache files in storage
  • Violation of terms or conditions of Telegram

Quick Answer

You can fix the Telegram limit exceeded error on your iPhone by clearing the cache of the Telegram app:

1. Go to your iPhone’s home screen and open the Settings app.

2. Tap on General and then tap on iPhone Storage.

3. Swipe down the list of apps until you find Telegram and tap on it.

4. Tap on the Offload App option to clear the app cache. This will remove the app from your device, but keep all of its data intact.

5. After the app is offloaded, you can reinstall it from the App Store.

Now, let’s get into the solutions to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting Methods

Before diving into the more complicated and technical solutions for resolving the Telegram limit exceeded error on your iPhone, it’s worth trying out the simple troubleshooting methods outlined in the following section. These basic steps can often be effective in fixing the issue, without the need for advanced techniques.

1A. Wait for Server Uptime

Usually, you can encounter the limit-exceeded problem when there are issues with the Telegram servers. This can happen due to an internal glitch or technical fault in these servers. Therefore, you need to check the server activity of Telegram from a third-party site like Downdetector. If an issue is found, wait for it to resolve, and then try to access your account again.

Wait for Server Uptime

1B. Maintain Good Internet Connection

A weak or unstable internet connection might stop you from accessing your Telegram account, flashing the limit exceeded prompt error. Since Telegram is an online service, you are required to maintain a stable and strong internet connection on your device to use the app. You can read our guide on How Do I Fix Slow Internet on My iPhone for more insight into this method.

Maintain Good Internet Connection

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Method 2: Restart iPhone

A simple quick fix like restarting your device can also help you fix Telegram limit exceeded error on your iPhone. Doing so will help you rule out the possibility of issues with your phone itself. You can refer to our guide on How to Restart iPhone X and try to attempt this method on your respective iPhone model.

Restart iPhone | Telegram limit exceeded on iPhone

Method 3: Re-Login After 24 Hours

As you know, trying to log in again frequently within a short period can make Telegram think of it as suspicious activity or a suspicious person. This is why this error could pop up on the screen after multiple login attempts. In such a case, the best thing to do is to wait for 24 hours to log into your account to get rid of the raised security concern.

Method 4: Clear Telegram Cache

The corrupted files of your Telegram app on your iPhone can produce this error. To fix this on an iOS device, you can offload the Telegram app from the Settings menu. To learn more about how to clear the Telegram cache on iPhone, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone

2. Now, tap on General from the menu.

Tap on General

3. Tap on the iPhone Storage option.

Tap on iPhone Storage | Telegram limit exceeded on iPhone

4. Locate and tap on the Telegram app from the list to open its settings menu.

5. Finally, tap on Offload App.

Tap on Offload App

6. Then, open the App Store and tap on GET to download the Telegram app again on your iPhone.

Tap on GET

7. Now, Log In to your Telegram account.

Note: After reinstalling the app, your data will be restored to your account.

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Method 5: Change Telegram Number

If you cannot log in to your Telegram account even after trying it out multiple times, the best method to opt for is to change the phone number of your Telegram account. You can try using a second mobile number that is unused and does not have a Telegram account associated. Let’s see how to change the current number with the alternate one to fix this issue:

1. Open the Telegram Messenger app on your iPhone.

Open Telegram

2. Now, tap on the Settings tab from the bottom.

 Tap on Settings

3. From the top right corner of the settings menu, tap on Edit.

Tap on Edit | Telegram limit exceeded on iPhone

4. Next, tap on Change Number.

Tap on Change Number

5. Again, tap on Change Number from the bottom of the screen.

Tap on Change Number

6. Enter your New Number to receive a confirmation code and tap Continue.

 Enter your New Number to receive a confirmation code and tap Continue | Telegram limit exceeded on iPhone

7. Enter the confirmation code in the given field to confirm the number change.

Method 6: Reinstall Telegram

One of the last methods to fix the limit exceeded issue by yourself is deleting the Telegram app from your iPhone and then reinstalling it from the App Store. You can follow the steps below to do that:

1. Open iPhone Settings and tap on the General option.

Tap on General

2. Tap on iPhone Storage.

Tap on iPhone Storage

3. Tap on the Telegram app from the menu.

4. Now, tap on Delete App.

Tap on Delete App | Telegram limit exceeded on iPhone

5. Next, launch the App Store.

Open the App Store

6. Search Telegram and tap on GET to install it again.

Tap on GET

7. Once done, Log in to your Telegram account and check if the limit exceeded error has been resolved.

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Method 7: Contact Telegram Support

Finally, if nothing else works out, you can visit the Telegram Support page for more help. Submit the problem in the form of a report on the Support page along with your email address and phone number. This is the fastest and most reliable way to get help from Telegram professionals.

 Contact Telegram Support | Telegram limit exceeded on iPhone

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How long does the limit exceeded error stay on Telegram?

Ans. The limit exceeded error on Telegram is temporary and is usually seen to subside within 24 hours.

Q2. Why is Telegram showing too many attempts error?

Ans. Too many attempts error occurs when you try to log into your Telegram account multiple times. This might raise security questions from Telegram and therefore, the error.

Q3. Can I fix the Telegram limit issue with a VPN?

Ans. Not always. While you can use a suitable VPN to fix the Telegram limit, only a few VPNs have been seen to bypass this restriction.

Q4. Why is my Telegram account limited?

Ans. Telegram limits your account if you post spam in groups or send unwanted messages to random people on the platform.

Q5. Is there a maximum limit for files on Telegram?

Ans. Yes, there is a maximum limit of 2 GB per file on Telegram.


We hope that reading our guide on how to fix the Telegram limit exceeded on iPhone error gave you a better insight into what causes it and how can you fix it easily with effective methods. You can leave more of your queries and suggestions for us in the comments section below, and we will do our best to answer all of them. Keep exploring our website to find such helpful guides about Telegram!

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