How to fix Skype error 2060: Security sandbox violation

How to fix Skype error 2060: Security sandbox violation

Skype error 2060: Security sandbox violation can sometimes cause big problems and this error prevents Skype from working properly on windows 10. Most user experiencing this issue said that there Skype freezes and become unusable, fortunately, this guide will fix this in no time.

What is a security sandbox violation?

Flash applications run inside a security sandbox which prevents them from accessing data they shouldn’t be. For example, if your application is web-based, it will be forbidden from accessing files on a user’s local hard drive. If the application is not web-based then it will be forbidden from accessing the web.

When an application attempts to access data outside of its sandbox, you will see an error which looks similar to this:

How to fix Skype error 2060_ Security sandbox violation


First of all, make sure your Skype is up to date and that you have downloaded all the latest Windows 10 updates.

Method 1:

Since this is obviously caused by banner ads trying to do irrelevant things, you can just prevent all Skype banner ads to use Flash which would also protect you from potential security issues.

1.Open Internet Settings in Control Panel, through Internet Explorer’s Tools menu, or simply open run by pressing Windows Key +R then type: inetcpl.cpl

internet properties

2.Go to the Security tab and select Restricted Sites.

3.Click on the Sites button and add to the list.

restricted sites

4.Close both windows and restart Skype

This will now prevent all ad banners in Skype to use Flash, which means no more of Skype error 2060.

You may also see:

Method 2:

Installing latest flash player can sometimes solve this issue. That’s it, I hope this guide helped you solve the Skype error 2060. If you still have a doubt regarding any step feel free to comment below.

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