How to Fix Instagram Reels Insights Not Showing

Ever posted a killer Reel and then waited eagerly for the insights, only to be met with a blank space? It happens to the best of us. But fear not, fellow Reel creator! there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially resolve this issue. In this guide, we’ll explore the reasons behind Instagram Reels insights not showing and equip you with solutions to get them back on track.

How to Fix Instagram Reels Insights Not Showing

Why is Instagram Not Showing Insights?

Instagram may not be showing insights for several reasons:

  • Temporary glitches or issues within the Instagram app or platform can sometimes prevent insights from loading properly.
  • If you have a personal account, you may not have access to insights. Insights are usually not available immediately after posting a Reel or other content.
  • Poor internet connection or network issues can affect the loading of insights.
  • If your account settings are configured to restrict access to certain data or insights, it may prevent you from viewing insights.
  • Sometimes, an outdated version of Instagram may affect the availability or functionality of insights.

Quick Answer

A simple troubleshooting step is to re-login to your Instagram account or check your internet connection. Sometimes, glitches in the app or temporary network issues can prevent insights from loading properly.

Method 1: Check Your Account Status

If you are involved in practices like buying followers, comments, or likes, then your reel insights might not appear for a certain period. This can also happen in the case of a Copyright. To check the status of your account:

1. Go to your profile and navigate to the Settings and privacy menu.

2. Scroll down and select Account Status.

Tap on account status

3. Check your account’s status. It will show if your account content is affected or not.

Method 2: Switch to Personal or Creator Account

By making this switch, you gain access to more comprehensive insights and analytics tools, which can help troubleshoot any issues with Reels insights.

1. Go to your Instagram profile, tap on the hamburger icon, and choose Settings and privacy.

2. Tap on Business Tools and Controls and choose Switch account type.

3. Finally, tap on Switch to personal account or Switch to creator account.

tap on switch account

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Method 3: Clear Instagram Data And Update Instagram

Excess storage of data over time on the Instagram app can cause some features to stop working altogether. So, you can clear the cache to run your app smoothly.

Sometimes, the Instagram insight option might disappear due to an outdated version. So, you can update the latest version from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Method 4: View Instagram Insights from a Facebook Page

If your Instagram business account is linked to a Facebook page, you also have the option to access insights directly from Facebook.

1. Log in to your Facebook account and navigate to the page.

2. Choose Meta Business Suite and from the top menu, select your Instagram page.

3. Check insights to view analytics and performance data.

Method 5: Remove Third-Party Apps

To resolve the issue of Instagram reel views count not showing, consider removing any third-party apps connected to your Instagram account. Sometimes, these apps can interfere with the proper functioning of Instagram’s analytics tools.

By disconnecting or uninstalling third-party apps, you can ensure that no conflicts are affecting the visibility of Reels insights. After removing these apps, check if the insights are showing up as expected.

Method 6: View Insights On Instagram Web

To address the problem of Instagram Reels insights not displaying, try accessing insights directly on the Instagram web platform. Sometimes, insights may not show up properly on the mobile app due to technical glitches or limitations.

Log in to your Instagram account on the web and navigate to the relevant Reels to access insights.

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Method 7: Contact Instagram

If you’re experiencing issues with Instagram Reels insights not working despite trying various methods, reaching out to Instagram support directly may be necessary.

You can contact Instagram through their official support channels, such as the help center, or report a problem within the app.

By following these steps, you should be well on your way to seeing those insightful numbers on your Instagram Reels. Share your suggestions in the comment section and stay tuned to Techcult for more such guides.

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