Does Rewatching an Instagram Reel Count as a View?

Understand whether replays reload views on Reels!

As a new sensation on Instagram, Reels offered creators a platform for both fun and competition.

And when it comes to the reach and engagement, views play a highly important role. 

However, often a common query that arises among users is whether rewatching an Instagram Reel counts as a view.

Let’s dig deeper into the topic and get the insights in today’s blog.

does rewatching a instagram reel count as a view

Does Rewatching Instagram Reel Count as a View?

Yes, rewatching an Instagram reel counts as a view. So, each time you watch a Reel, whether it’s for the first time or repeatedly, every view counts separately.

Such view count for reels also includes loops and replays.

Does Instagram Count Multiple Views from the Same Person?

Yes, according to Instagram’s algorithm if a person watches the reel for more than 3 seconds each time, then each view will be counted as a separate. It doesn’t matter if it’s their first time or the tenth time watching the reel. 

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How to Check Insights of Reel on Instagram

Insights on your reel can give you an analysis of how your content is working. 

Do note that you need to have a Business or Professional account to see insights.

1. Open Instagram and in the Reels tab, navigate to the reel you want to check the Insights for.

2. Tap on View insights above the caption.

Tap on View insights above the caption

How to Check Instagram Video Views Count

You can check the view count on your videos in View insights as well. Refer to our guide on How to Count Instagram Reels Views for more.

Are 1000 Views on Reels Good?

Yes, 1000 views on Instagram reels can be considered pretty good if you post them for yourself or a small business.

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Are 3000 Views on Reels Good?

Yes, 3000 views on Instagram reel is good for the start of your business or to reach for higher views.

We hope our guide helped you understand whether rewatching an Instagram reel counts as a view or not

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