How to Fix Funko App Not Working and Crashing on iPhone and Android

Get rid of the Funko foe and get back to collecting!

After the recent update, Funko has been struggling to load collections and instead of seeing their cool lists, people are staring at what seems like empty spaces. This issue has been hanging around for a few weeks now that’s why we’ve compiled an effective list of methods to fix the Funko app not working in no time.

Fix Funko App Not Working and Crashing on iPhone and Android

Why is Funko App Crashing or Not Working and How to Fix

The Funko app is specifically designed for Funko collectible enthusiasts. It offers a one-stop shop for managing their Pop figures and other collectibles and staying up-to-date on the latest Funko news and products. There could be multiple reasons why the Funko app is unresponsive such as an unstable network connection, overloaded cache files, or the Funko servers in your region may be facing downtime issues or undergoing maintenance.

Preliminary Fixes: Check the Funko server status before moving on to the methods. Remove the app from the background and reopen it. If the error persists, re-login to Funko or use the website version.

Method 1: Provide All Permissions

Funko requires access to your contacts, microphone, storage, and location to function properly and a lack of necessary permissions could lead to app crashes. So, make sure to provide it with all the required permissions.

1. Open your phone Settings, tap on Apps, and then on Apps Management.

2. Select Funko from the app list.

3. Tap on Permissions and allow them for each option in the not allowed list.

Provide All Permissions

Method 2: Turn on Background Data

Make sure background data is not turned off, else wise Funko may not be able to connect to the internet while it’s running in the background.

1. Go to Settings, tap on Apps, and select Funko.

2. Select Mobile Data and turn on the toggle for Background data.

Turn on Background Data | funko app not working

Note: You can also turn off the Battery Saver and Data Saver as doing so when these options are enabled, the internet bandwidth is restricted on the device which may affect the working of the Funko app.

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Method 3: Clear Cache and Data

Apps store temporary files in the form of cache data which over time might go corrupt and cause minor glitches. Hence, we suggest you delete these data.

1. Open Settings and tap on Apps, followed by Apps Management.

2. Tap on Funko and then on Storage.

3. Select Clear cache and then Clear data.

Clear Cache and Data

Method 4: Update App, then Device

You need to update your Android phone to make sure no bugs are causing such errors. Also, check if there is any available update for the Funko app. If there is, update it. Refer to our guide on How To Automatically Update All Android Apps At Once.

Method 5: Disable VPN

Using a VPN can cause connectivity issues with Funko and trigger sudden app crashes. If the device is connected to an active VPN service, make sure to disable it and see if that helps.

Method 6: Contact Customer Care

If the app is still experiencing troubles, the last option is to visit the Funko Customer Service page and have a look at the general information and self-help articles to resolve your issues. You can also tap on the blue Help button at the bottom right corner of the screen to live chat.

How to Fix Funko App Not Working and Crashing on iPhone

On iPhone, you can fix such issues with Funko by restarting the device and then the app. If that does not help, check and clear out some storage space. Our guide on 12 Ways to Fix iPhone Storage Full Issue can help you with the same.

Method 1: Enable and Disable Airplane mode

Slow internet on your iPhone can be easily fixed by enabling Airplane mode on the device and disabling it. Doing so clears out network congestion and potentially resolves issues with the Funko app.

1. In your iPhone’s Control Centre, tap on the Airplane mode icon to enable it.

Tap on airplane mode icon | funko app not working

2. Wait for some time and then tap again to disable it.

Once the network is restored, check if the Funko app is working.

Method 2: Update iPhone and Funko App

Outdated devices are vulnerable to bugs and software glitches, that can cause app crashes. You must update it.

1. Open Settings and tap on General.

2. Tap on Software Update.

Tap on Software Update

3. Check for the updates, if any are available, select Update Now.

While many users reported that the Funko app started crashing after the last update, check if its developers have released an update to fix bugs.

4. Now open the App Store app and tap on your profile icon at the top right corner.

5. Scroll down to the AVAILABLE UPDATES section and tap on UPDATE next to Funko if available.

Method 3: Turn on Background Data

You need to enable background data to make sure that the app receives sufficient internet speed and bandwidth to function smoothly.

1. Open Settings and tap on General.

2. Tap on Background App Refresh.

Tap on Background App Refresh | funko app not working

3. Turn the toggle on for Funko for it to start using background data to work.

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Method 4: Offload App

Offloading an app on an iPhone is like clearing unnecessary cache data, which can potentially resolve the issue. While the app will be uninstalled, all your data will be saved and you can access it again.

1. In the iPhone Settings, tap on General and select iPhone Storage.

2. Select Funko and tap on Offload App.

tap on Offload App

3. Tap on the Offload App option again to confirm.

4. Reinstall Funko from the App Store and check if it is working now.

This way you can check if the app is working again.

How to Fix Funko App Not Loading My Collection

Funko allows users to create and maintain an inventory of their Funko products. However, after the last update, many users have reported problems within the app in loading collections. You can Re-sync your collection to fix this issue as doing so might refresh your data connection with the app.

1. Go to Settings and tap on Account.

2. Tap on Sync Collection.

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How to Fix Funko App Not Updating Prices

Funko also lets users track the value of individual items or entire collections and access daily trending values for items. Recently many users found that the app isn’t updating prices.

1. Force stop the app and clear out the cache data.

2. Change the currency to some other currency and then switch back to the original one.

3. Re-enable Show Market Values.

If still the Funko app is not working, try to reinstall it as a last resort. We hope our guide helped keep growing your pop culture collectibles without any more glitches. Drop your queries or suggestions in the comments section. Keep visiting TechCult for solutions to more such app-related issues.

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