How to Find Clothes and Items Seen on TV Shows

Grace your wardrobe with big-screen glamour and leave no couture stone unturned!

In the world of fashion and television, style is not just a fleeting trend, but a lasting memory! Iconic outfits become a beacon of inspiration. In the midst of a binge-watching session, do you also get hooked by the attractive attire of the characters? Well, you can absolutely get your hands on those elusive clothes and items seen in TV shows and movies, as we will show you how to find them. 

how to find clothes seen on tv shows

How to Find Clothes Seen on TV Shows

Be it the sequinned gown worn by Kate Winslet in Titanic or the sunny yellow dress worn by Emma Stone in La La Land, wardrobes play a very definite role in depicting the character and keeping the scene’s essence intact. Hence we totally get it when those dresses and accessories tempt you to make them your own!

While you can use photo recognition search engines such as Google Lens to find out clothes you see in movies, there are plenty of websites and apps that help you identify and buy clothes worn by reel-life characters or inspired by their designs. Let’s go through them!

1. WornOnTV

WornOnTV | how to find clothes seen on tv shows

Just as its name suggests WornOnTV curates and showcases the exact outfits worn by characters in various television shows. It provides you with multiple websites from where you can purchase those outfits. Once you choose a dress and click on it, based on your location it redirects you to the online store from where you can buy the same.

  • User-friendly interface and well-organized navigation process.
  • Offers an extensive database, from on-air shows to vintage movies.
  • Collection includes various fashion items, from elegant dresses to stylish suits and casual wear.
  • Designs are updated as soon as new shows or episodes release. 

2. Spotern


Spotern is one of a kind resource that thrives on its collaborative community of users who actively contribute by identifying and adding items seen in different media content. It encourages a fun way for fans to connect with characters they admire through their distinctive wardrobe choices.

  • Products and items are highlighted based on the scene for easy product search.
  • Users can pinpoint specific moments when they spotted an item they’d like to own.
  • Redirects buyers to purchase products they find directly from partner retailers.
  • Helps you monetize your fashion expertise. Just spot an item, share it with buyers, and earn money.
  • Personalized account based on media content, celebrities, and music of your choice.

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Shopyourtv homepage | how to find clothes seen on tv shows

SHOPYOURTV is a treasure trove for both entertainment enthusiasts and fashionistas alike. This is where to buy clothes you see in movies and replicate the on-screen style of their favorite characters. 

  • Not only movies, or TV shows, but you also get outfits inspired by music videos.
  • Shows and movies arranged alphabetically make it easier for buyers to locate them and discover the exact pieces.
  • Clothes sold on the website are sorted according to seasons and episodes.
  • Its special under $100 section makes it more affordable as well.

4. Filmgarb

Filmygarb | how to find clothes seen on tv shows

Filmgarb eliminates the guesswork and fashion FOMO and offers a wide range of fashion inspiration from popular movies. Not just that, you can also find items seen on various TV shows. 

  • Huge database of fashion collectibles from almost every show and movie including horror, action, and science fiction.
  • Individual sections dedicated to Actors and Titles help users quickly discover items.
  • You can also use the search bar to find outfits and apparel of any actor, character, show, or film.
  • Stocks are frequently updated to ensure you always find something in trend.

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SEEK is another excellent place to buy clothes seen in TV shows and movies. It is a website dedicated to fashion and entertainment lovers. From boxers to books, from clothes to apparel, jewelry, makeup, and whatnot, it is a one-stop solution.

  • As you hover the cursor over a product, a still from the scene where the character wore it can be seen.
  • You can also discover content to watch and podcasts to listen to.
  • Lets you choose outfits from any specific show, season, episode, character, and costume designer.

6. StealHerStyle

StealHerStyle | how to find clothes seen on tv shows

StealHerStyle brings in a new approach that bridges the gap between fans and their favorite female celebrities. You can find the clothes they wear or the items they use, as seen in TV shows, movies, interviews, shows, and events.

  • Provides you with exact items as well as dupes and also recommends similar suggestions.
  • Not only outfits, but also tracks down makeup, skincare, and hair care products, nails, piercings, and tattoos.
  • You can individually track your beloved female celebrity at multiple events for style inspiration.

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7. Propstore


Propstore is the detective’s haven for movie fans, collectors, and pop culture aficionados. They buy and sell authentic movie props, costumes, and memorabilia including original artwork, posters & promotional items, toys, collectibles, production materials & crew items, and autographs from multiple film and TV productions.

  • Vast & diverse collection of iconic props used in Hollywood movies and unique costumes worn by characters.
  • Each item has detailed descriptions, high-quality images, and information about its origin and significance.
  • Propstore regularly hosts online auctions for fans and collectors to bid on exclusive and rare pieces of movie history.
  • International shipping options cater to a global audience.
  • Buyers also receive a Certificate of Authenticity which assures that the collectible is genuine.


CELEBRITY Style GUIDE | how to find clothes seen on tv shows

CELEBRITY Style GUIDE serves as a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts looking to get inspired by the latest celebrity looks. They showcase the most stylish outfits and trends worn by A-list celebrities, starting from red-carpet glam to their airport looks and paparazzi-spotted casual street style.

  • Products including clothing, accessories, hair & makeup are listed based on Celebs, TV shows, and Movies.
  • Starting from outfits to accessories, you can spot and buy anything, directly from their partnered retail partners.
  • Curated collections of affordable alternatives to expensive designer pieces worn by celebrities.
  • You can pin designs for later as well.
  • Hundreds of featured articles on hair, makeup, and fashion guides.

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STAR STYLE is for those enthusiasts who dream to discover, recreate, and celebrate celebrity fashion. With its daily updated database, you can access the most recent looks and wardrobes.

  • Comprehensive database that covers mostly every celebrity from the entertainment industry.
  • As the website pinpoints the original brands, you get access directly to authentic products from official websites.
  • Mainly focuses on celebrity wardrobes and accessories from the most recent updates on social media platforms.


IMCDB | how to find clothes seen on tv shows

For car lovers, we have got something for you. IMCDB (Internet Movie Cars Database) catalogs and documents vehicles seen in movies, TV shows, and music videos.

  • They boast a vast collection of information about vehicles featured in various forms of visual media.
  • You can find details about each vehicle’s make, model, and year of production.
  • Search by movie title, actor, vehicle make and model, or even by specific scenes to find the exact vehicle.
  • Recognizes not just the vehicles used by the main character but also the ones used for short scenes and background vehicles.

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11. Lykdat


Lykdat is a shopping platform with one quite fascinating collection of garments. If you ever come across an outfit that you want to purchase for yourself, you can take a screenshot of it and use the Search with Image functionality offered by the platform. They will find out the exact products and also suggest nearly inspired designs from stores around the web. 

12. Amazon StyleSnap

Amazon StyleSnap | how to find clothes seen on tv shows

Amazon StyleSnap is a clothing-focused visual search tool, fully integrated with the Amazon app. Upload a photo or screenshot of an outfit, accessories, or any fashion item they want, and StyleSnap will try to match similar or identical items available on Amazon.

  • As it considers factors like color, pattern, style, and brand, the results displayed closely match the uploaded image.
  • Explore multiple style inspirations & fashion trends and find new ways to style their outfits based on the uploaded image. 

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13. CamFind

CamFind homepage

CamFind is where you can easily search and find items shown in TV shows. It simplifies image-based search and visual recognition tasks. All one needs to do is click a photo and upload it on the app, which further provides relevant search results.

  • Multilingual support on the app makes it easier to search for objects in their native language.
  • Delivers real-time search results and information about the identified objects including shopping links.
  • Integrated QR and Barcode scanner to scan codes on products and obtain detailed information, pricing, and customer reviews.
  • Voice search feature lets users describe an object verbally. CamFind then would process the voice command and display relevant search results accordingly.
  • Download the app from Google Play Store and App Store.

14. ASOS

ASOS | how to find clothes seen on tv shows

ASOS is a popular UK-based online fashion retailer that features a wide range of clothing, accessories, and beauty products from various brands, as well as its own in-house ASOS design line.

  • ASOS hosts over 850 brands and delivers to 242 countries.
  • Style Match visual search tool helps users find their desired outfits from the uploaded picture.
  • They offer options for different body types, including a plus-size range and tall and petite collections.
  • Fit Assistant helps potential buyers find their perfect fit.
  • Download the app from Google Play Store and App Store.

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We hope our compiled list of some of the best sites and apps helps you find clothes seen on TV shows. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments box below. Stay tuned to TechCut for more such recommendations.

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