Is Vencano a Legit Website?

While most people enthusiastically get on any clothing e-commerce website with extra offers to shop, this shopping endeavor can also take you to the shadiest websites running scams. Vencano is also one of the shopping destinations distrusted by people for its legitimacy. By reading this article, you will get to know if Vencano is legit or not and how to be safe if you decide to shop from such doubtful sites.

Is Vencano a Legit Website?

Is Vencano a Legit Website?

Are we not coming across several news articles mentioning incidents of people getting duped for big money while shopping online? It can also be you if you do not take any preventive measures before making any transactions. And we’re happy that you’re here to learn if Vencano is legit or not. So, let’s not waste any more time and get started!

Note: We do not endorse or sponsor the website mentioned in this article. Users should ensure the protection of their data for privacy or any data loss.

What is Vencano?

The Vencano e-commerce platform was founded in 2018 and became the hotspot in the online retail store of accessories, dresses, and shoes. The website allows customers to browse the vast online inventory. You can choose dresses and shoes from the large inventory. Exceptional customer service, affordable prices, and high-quality merchandise are the key pillars of Vencano. However, this e-commerce company Vencano doesn’t have any brick-and-mortar stores.

Vencano Website

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Is Vencano Legit?

Yes, Vencano is a legit website. While it does not have an eye-catching website or widespread publicity campaigns, it still has exclusive design options that will surely make you fall in love with it. People often get confused about its legality due to poor reviews from customers.

Is It Safe to Order from Vencano?

It depends. Vencano has a large customer base and the company is not tricking customers with its fancy website. Looking at Vencano reviews we can infer that customers have been receiving their packages. Vencano has over a thousand reviews and the company has an average rating of 2.8.

Although Vencano is a legit website, customers have many complaints. If we closely look at the rating distribution, we observe that either people love the website or they hate it, there is no in-between. Due to the mixed reviews, the platform either has the highest or the lowest rating which confuses new customers.

The people who rave about Vencano tell about the amazing collection of trendy clothes at affordable prices and the people who criticize the platform complain about the long shipping periods, dissatisfaction with the product, and poor customer service. The reviews received for the platform are completely opposite to each other.

Why Vencano is Cheap?

The clothing vertical of Vencano begins to form the factories of China. In China, employers can pay low wages to the workers according to the Industrial regulations and simultaneously expect a large scale of merchandise.

  • The companies combine cheap raw materials with cheap labor to cut the costs of their final goods. The consumers can feel the difference between the shirts purchased from the local vendor and those purchased from this e-commerce website.
  • The Vencano business model focuses on quantity over quality which results in large-scale production of goods, following the model of selling the products at very cheap rates while making a good amount of profit.

The other issue faced by Chinese companies is that marketing the good to customers residing in overseas countries becomes extremely difficult. The distance between where the products are manufactured and the destination where they’re sold is huge. The parcels take a longer time to reach the customers, and the people who ignore the descriptions before placing the order get surprised when their parcels do not arrive on time.

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Some Tips for Shopping at Vencano

Despite the problem people face with Vencano, like late deliveries and quality issues, some people are regular customers of the platform. They place repeated orders on the platform thereby proving their loyalty as customers. Follow the upcoming tips if you want to have a great experience at Vencano considering it legit:

  • Read the Local Reviews: As a responsible customer, you should always check the reviews from online sources about the platform, customer experience, and product quality. Try to gain reviews from people who live near your residence. In this way, you’ll get a clearer picture of how the company functions and what product quality they offer. Also, people living in different geographical locations may have different consumer experiences.
  • Check the Sizes before placing an order: Choosing the sizes online can be very difficult sometimes because it’s very hard to trust the universal sizes. Because the sizes in Western countries differ from the sizes in the rest of the world. It is advisable to go through the size chart before placing orders. Once you receive the wrong size, you have to face numerous challenges for exchanges and returns.
  • Read the descriptions: Before making the purchases, read the descriptions of the products you’re buying because the pictures of the products are often misleading. Different goods are delivered from different locations and products have different delivery dates. Give a closer look at the weight and the fabric type of the product. There are many products that look exactly like what you want, but when they get delivered, you may find out that the product showcased online is very different from what you actually received.
  • Exchanges cannot be expected: It is important that you receive the correct order at the first instance itself. You have to ensure that the sizing you chose is appropriate to your size. Also, keep in mind before buying a costly product that you must receive the correct product because the exchange process is a bit difficult when you buy products online. Vencano is less return or exchange friendly, according to the reviews.

As a first-time buyer, try out cheap products first to understand the user experience before you make huge or repeated purchases on the platform.

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Why You Should Go for Vencano?

There are plenty of reasons why Vencano is popular among customers. The benefits offered by Vencano are outstanding and every customer looks out for these only when they make online purchases. The following list contains the reasons why people consider Vencano legit for online shopping.

  • Delivery to your Door anywhere, anytime: Vencano puts the priorities of its customer first. The platform ships products all over the world. The platform has trusted logistics providers that operate internationally, and the customers are satisfied by the fact that their supplies can reach them according to their preferences.
  • Providing high-security portals that keep the interests of the customers safe: Online shopping can be dangerous in this modern era of Internet fraud. But this is not the case with Vencano because the platform offers a safe shopping environment to its customers. Secure payment methods are used to keep buyers safe from fraudsters. The bank details and other information of the buyer are kept secured in Vencano.
  • Affordable prices and high-quality craftsmanship: Vencano offers products at very affordable rates with high quality of the products. Therefore, Vencano is the best option available for smart buyers who want to get the best deal at affordable rates.
  • Taking care of the customers at every step: Vencano has a team of experienced service professionals that assist the customers at every stage. The platform takes care of the customers. And therefore, if the customer faces any issue, it is resolved at the earliest, enhancing the customer experience.


We hope you were able to understand whether is Vencano legit to shop from or not. You can decide this for any dubious website you come across with the help of the tips on being a smart buyer and customer mentioned in this article. Drop your queries and suggestions in the comments section below for us to know.

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