DoorDash is Picking Up Packages for You

On January 3, 2023, DoorDash confirmed the launching of its newest service Package Pickup, enabling customers to return or ship parcels/ packages while relaxing in their homes. Although the app is well recognized for its rapid and effective meal delivery service, it is expanding its services to include package pickup and delivery at a nearby post office, USPS, or FedEx site.

Doordash Package Pickup

A successful beta test was conducted in March 2022, and the service is now being launched. It also seeks to give DoorDash delivery staff another source of income.

DoorDash spokesperson told Insider, “During pilot testing, we found that the period right after Christmas was, indeed, the most popular time for Package Pickup, with Dec. 27 as the most popular day the service was used.”

Following this, the spokesperson mentioned, “DoorDash is leveraging our existing logistics infrastructure to meet a new use case for consumers, especially relevant during a time when consumers are navigating stricter return policies, higher return rates, and shrinking return windows from retailers following the 2022 holiday season.”

Customers can pick up and deliver up to five packages in the same order for $5 for basic users or $3 for DashPass members as a launch offer. According to the release, users will receive a free package pickup for their initial order in January.

Users must first choose the Packages hub on the DoorDash main page before choosing the proper carrier from the list of FedEx, UPS, or USPS. Or they may just type “packages” into the search bar on the platform.

If the user has a QR code that they can send directly to their Dasher in the DoorDash app, they do not need to include boxes. But if they’re using a prepaid shipping label, they’ll need a box for the things that will be picked up.

Customers must thoroughly seal the item and affix a pre-paid shipping label, or if they have the shipping label’s QR code, they can give it to their DoorDash driver. But there is a small warning. Parcels must weigh no more than 30 lbs each, be valued no more than $100, and not exceed five packages each pickup in order to be picked up.

DoorDash is not the first service to incorporate a package pickup option in order to increase its profitability area. For a brief period starting in 2015 and operated by UberRush, Uber allowed users to return packages through its app. However, this service was discontinued in 2018. Similar to other delivery apps, Shyp provided a package delivery service but shut down in 2018 due to difficulties growing outside of San Francisco, where it was first introduced.

DoorDash confidently said in its press release that they expect the package delivery service to be a success. “We are excited to introduce Package Pickup as a seamless and efficient offering for those looking to make returns during the busy post-holiday season and throughout the year, The extensibility of our platform allows us to power all local commerce and local delivery needs, with this newest offering enabling us to meet time-starved shoppers wherever they are.” In a press release, Gagan Gupta, Product Manager at DoorDash, expressed.

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